Saturday, September 27, 2008

touring my room

As promised, you are all invited to embark on a journey to discover Ling's Lair. At Broadgate Park, Larches, Flat 6 Room 8. I'm not going to hide my address because there's no way you can get anywhere near my place anyway, muahahahaha. You can't enter Broadgate Park (BGP) without a Swipe Card after hours. Even if you could, you can't enter Larches without a PIN. Even if you could, you can't find my room without getting lost first. And even if you could, I will never open the door because I have a peep hole to know it's you. Bleah =P

That's going to be the door that you're gonna try to knock one day. On it, is the hole which I am going to use to know it's you standing ouside. That's not my jeans hanging there, my legs are longer! Teeheehee. Just kidding. But those really aren't my jeans. Daddy, Wah, your pictures are on the board as well! Can you spot them?

That's my favourite side of the room, where the beds are. The design is a genius, there's a secret compartment underneath the mattress for my luggage bags and secret candy stash to live!
Gotta love the HUGE wardrobe that I'm gonna fill after the Autumn/Winter Fashion Sale!
*twirls around in the huge space between the beds*

And on the serious side of the room is our work stations, and the mini-kitchen that comes as part of our studio. There's a decent sized fridge, 2 hot plates, a water boiler, a sink with hot water, a bad-cooking-smell-absorber, and a microwave oven. That little rice cooker over there used to be my mom's and was not part of the studio package. Still, not too bad, eh?

Viewing the same space from another angle.
Here you get to see ample drawers and shelves for keep-and-never-throw kind of people like me. And then there's also the mini dining table for two.

How my toilet looks like, just in case you're wondering. Shower's behind the door.

Who said my bed was the pink one. *shivers* Shame on you.
How is it possible to sleep in such girlie comfort? My reversible M&S bedset in coffee and cream is more like it ;) Oh, I get the morning sun and cold first too =( The radiator's on the opposite end of the room, underneath the large noticeboard with lots of pictures.

My prized possession, 10kg of Thai Jasmine Rice, which my roomie painstakingly carried home which is 45 minutes away from the wholesaler, on foot! It went for 12 pounds or so, came free with a big bottle of Oyster Sauce =) Things we would do for rice. Potatoes are so bad for me, makes me grow fat too fast that the fat goes to all the wrong places *thigh*, I mean, *sigh*

Shelf No.1: Some toothpaste, deodorants, body lotions, and shower gel freebies from the Fresher's Fayre
Shelf No.2: We bought 2 cartons of Kinder Bueno (Total of 60 packets) from the wholesalers for 18 pounds to share with some friends. Muahahahaha, we're should have our very own Choc Soc (Chocolate Society in BGP)

I want to digress!
So basically Fresher's Fayre is all about the clubs and societies in uni. There are so many, and so weird you can't even imagine. so to attract people to their booths, they give out FREEBIES! Here's some of them in one breath!

Choc Soc, Cheese Soc, Massage Soc, Pharm Soc, Neuroscience Soc, Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Soc, Dance Soc, Latin and Salsa Soc, Break Soc, Mussoc, Band Soc, Rock Soc, Jazz Soc, NuFood, Nottingham Malaysia Soc, Japanese Soc, BruNotts, Chinese Soc, Nordic Soc, Russian Soc, Viet Soc, UNICEF, St.Johns, Marrow, Diving, Swimming, Gliding, Snow Sports, Boating, Horse Riding, Photography and etc.

Some furry friends given out as promotional soft toys.
We have LOADS between us.

One years supply of candy, chocolates and pens.
I'm so going to be diabetic and obese at this rate.
Must eat before they expire!

That's how many FREE PENS.
Don't think I will need to buy anymore for the academic year *SMUG*

Besides that we also get HEAPS of student discounts and student vouchers, which I'm going to take advantage of. Among them we're getting free Domino's Pizzas. Here's my lunch. Anchovies and Cheese Pizza. That's some big ass ang moh sized anchovy. Like a cross breed between salted fish and Asian anchovies. UBER TASTY lo!!! Must try this flavour ok.
One pizza deal down, I have 3 more free pizzas to redeem before the vouchers expire on 7th October. Muahahaha. And there I'll move on to FREE Subway Sandwiches, then McDonald Deals...

Other than pens, furry toys, and candies, university students are known to indulge in other vices.
Such as gambling! Free shot cup from ALEA casino. When I bring it to ALEA, I get free shots. Simple.
And then university students also love SEX, hence the FREE Strawberry flavoured dotted condoms, with compliments from the Student Union Entertainment Team.
Followed by Lipgloss, which is a website that warns about STDs.

Why work when you can get things FREE as a student?!


amb3r1te said...

your freshers fair sounds familiar to mine! which city is your uni in? my room is a single and doesnt have the kitchen facilities in the room, but its still damn nice! =p

vertigonick said...

haha, nice post! In my college's hostel rooms, from the door just walk forward 5 steps and you've pretty much seen the whole room. T.T

TNH said...

Wow...your hostel really look nice..this is the enviroment which can improve our study.. take a look at my university and one of the hostel i stay.. the different is really big..

azrin said...

Looks really nice. Better than the one I had at UEL or worse, at University of Kent...

BTW, you think tradesmen can't enter the building..there is a secret code...which available for Royal Mail agency workers..

so beware..don't be surprised we are waiting for you...

azrin @