Friday, February 25, 2011

What life is at the moment

Maybe some of you don't understand what's consuming me so much, that I'm not blogging, facebook-ing, or messenger-ing so much anymore.


How hard can work be? EVERYONE works.

Well let me tell you. I'm currently working on:

- My audit project poster & presentation
- My March Development Day coursework
- planning all the extra days I can do for the store
- planning all the off days I want to take in return
- processing my expense claims from the company
- applying for additional study leave
- keeping up with evidence reports and revision
- helping Magic Soc sell Gala Show tickets
- thinking about my future with the company

... and more.

My iCal is flooded at least till June its ridiculous. BUT THANK GOD FOR MY iPHONE & Mac Book Pro !!! My lifesavers. Syncing the messes of my life & plans, allowing access to internet and social network at any small window of time that I have, when I do have it.

And then are plans for the future. Not solid plans, I'm done with those. But I still do need a direction to follow, don't I?

Of course, not forgetting the silly crazy ideas that I sometimes have. That is precisely why I do find a sense of comfort in magic. Last weekend at Blackpool was a blast!

There were a handful of lousy performers, a pinch of pure brilliance, but still pretty darn amazing! There's just something that fills me with child like wonder, when I'm surrounded by magic. It brings it back to basics, where the performer executes an action deemed to be impossible, and entertains the audience. Unbelievable. A precious escape from reality.

Loved it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not posting

My first blog entry was early January, but now it's almost the end of February...

I promise that I really did want to blog! But just haven't got the time! I guess really had a proper holiday from everything.


Between my last blog entry and now, I have been in Oxford, London, Nottingham, Newbury, Blackpool, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur. For some destinations, I have been there more than ONCE. Oh boy. And that's just in a span of under 2 months.

I need to stop traveling. Because I don't have time. It's time now for me to get my head back into pre-reg. Not work. But pre-reg. Revising for my exams, completing whats left for registration in August! (And planning for my summer holiday, which is hopefully abroad)