Tuesday, March 31, 2009

La La Locks

As promised, SURPRISE!!! I got my hair cut again! Well, actually I always DIY it in the toilet, but there's a huge difference this time =) Got tired of the short hair. AGAIN. Now you know I'm such a "hangat hangat tahi ayam" kind of person. I figured its too troublesome to maintain short hair now, because it looks terrible if it's not maintained on a regular basis. And I haven't got the money and time to keep it looking decent you see :/ However, it was good when I first got it.

Taa-daa...! Introducing La-La Ling.
(I lost my nose here, like The Phantom of the Opera, hahahaha)
This cut is actually inspired by the bold bangs that are so popular on the runway right now.

Tyra Bank's solid strong bangs.
Who said La-la hair can't be high fashion!

My hair was also massively layered on the back to give a more edgy look, in addition to a more voluminous effect. The reason why I love it a super-duper-lot is because now I don't have to groom my eyebrows anymore, because it's hidden! Muahahahahahaha....

Total cost = £32.40, and this one price includes...

Stylist : Shireen
Wash and shampoo
Finished with styling & straightening
All the extra products they use
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

I absolutely hate it when they charge extra for washing, and blowdry or even the extra bit of product they use on you. So this is ONE PRICE for the COMPLETE SALON TREATMENT, so you come out looking like a million bucks =) At the end of the day I lost count of how many products they used on my hair. There was at least 6 I'm sure. I thought they were really generous with their expensive products. To ensure that all their clients look good all the time, each hair cut comes with FREE UNLIMITED FRINGE TRIMS!!! Isn't this awesome? No more "bitten" looking fringe from our miserable toilet attempts. Fringe trims costs £5.00 in Beeston by the way.

I realize the cost is a little on the expensive side, especially for us students. But first, hear me out. Zullo & Holland is an award winning hairdresser in prestigious hair shows, its in the card. So basically its quality you're paying for. I am delighted with my cut because she gave me what I wanted. My stylist is amazing, and very pretty =) her name is Shireen. Ask for her.

Click the image above to go to their website.

Zullo and Holland
26 Upper Parliment Street
Nottingham NG1 2AD
Tel: 0115 950 4635

(same row as Burger King, beside Victoria Centre.)

£32.40 is basically the price for a Stylist. The price for Graduates are cheaper, and of course there are Director cuts if you have the moolah for it. Tell them you were introduced by me, I think you get some kind of discount as well. Newcomers and Students gets discounts as well =)

You're welcomed to go in for a free consultation with a stylist, and quotation as well. No pressure to commit to their services there. They are very busy, so make an appointment one week before.

Friday, March 27, 2009

lu la lu la lei song


"Loo La La Loo La La

Loo La Loo La Lay

Loo La Loo La Loo La
Loo La Loo La Lay

Loo La La Loo La La
Loo La Loo La Lay
Loo La Loo La Loo La Lay"

No, it wasn't meant to be the Numa Numa song. I've forgotten what it's called now, but it is one of the childhood songs that I used to sing... The song's in mandarin, that's for sure. But I can't seem to get the rest of the song, and yet this bit is on loop in my head. Replaying this bit over and over again, like a broken record.

How frustrating indeed!

To add salt onto wound, I am not inspired to study at all. I'ma just sit down and watch America's Next Top Model all day on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, I found this video incredibly funny that I couldn't stop laughing for a full 5 minutes.

Or maybe it's just my sick sense of humour, I don't know. And no, I did not and do not have the luxury of watching the every single episode of Desperate Housewives. Torrents and I don't get along very well >.<

There's gonna be a surprise tomorrow, I am not telling just yet, but I hope it will be a good one =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hairdryer on Easter Break

Just the other day I was blow-drying my hair, with a hair dryer of course. Duh. Normally it would take me slightly over 5 minutes, at max power.

Barely 2 minutes into my drying, it went... *CLICK*

*CHUG*...... *chug*.................. *dead*

I flicked the switches frantically, repeatedly manipulated the power supply, but NADAH.
I slapped it left and right hoping it will recover like how a telly does, but NADAH.
I tried cursing the hair dryer for a full 5 minutes while it cools down, but still, NADAH.
Feeling guilty, I apologized to my hair dryer for another 5 minutes, STILL NADAH.

All I got was a foul burnt smell radiating from it's dead spout.

FYI, my hair belongs to the EXTRA FLAMMABLE category, where any hair dryer would burn my hair before it can be dried. (Maybe it's my amateur techniques, but I like blaming it on my hair quality, so whatcha gonna do about it huh?)

Upset, I mourned over my loss for 3 seconds before I laid it to rest at its usual resting place.

The next day, I decided that I should not give up on it. No, it means too much to me. (Actually, a new hairdryer costs too much for me =P nevermind that) And guess what?!

Whirring away and burning my hair for all its worth, like nothing happened. I was over the moon. Mucus of joy overflowed my nose as my nostrils were filled with burnt hair smell...

And then it hit me. My hair dryer just had an Easter moment. You know the whole died and resurrected thing. Pardon me if I didn't get it right, for I am not familiar with the Bible. But yeah. To put it in another way, my hair dryer just had a self-declared Easter break.

Silly ol' Hairdryer. If you wanted a break, all you had to do was ask mommy...


I find that a lot more things than expected, are akin to drug addiction. I'm aware that it sounds totally strange, but hear me out.

Drug addiction is where there is a substance, and someone who relies on it both physically and psychologically. My definitions?

Gives a temporary rush of euphoria, but ill effects are persistent and long term.
Something one can definitely live without, and be better off without as well.
It makes you crave for it for the high. After about 6 months of exposure, it makes you completely dependent on it. Because you let it penetrate your body and soul, it knows you inside out. Now you're nothing but a puppet on strings, susceptible to its manipulations on your body. It knows when you're trying to run away, it can pull you back easily because you've given it control of yourself.

Initially in it for the rush. But gradually becomes aware of the side effects after awhile. You want to stop, but you can't. It's almost like you're under a spell. No matter how hard you try, your body screams for it, dreams about it... until you can no longer take it, and go back to it.

It all makes sense now. So many things can be related to this, like trying hard to diet, or even like an unofficial relationship with a cheater. Things a 5 year old can tell you its OBVIOUSLY WRONG, but you still make excuses to do it anyway. It's a sign of poor will, and no dignity.

The solution is simple, and yet difficult. If doing it cold turkey is not an option, you need to summon the willpower to wean off your addiction. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure, and your other option will be none other than SELF-DESTRUCTION. All you need is to make the first step, and help will be there to guide you through it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

fire alarm and getting drunk

Easter break is ON!!! *applause* Back to blogging again. Hate it when I'm so caught up with work. I've got LOADS to say but they're all compressed inside me. I feel like an aerosol bottle. Depress me for a spray of frustration in your face.

PSSssttttt..... Long rojak post depressurised.

Broadgate Park (BGP) is getting on my nerves intolerably. I can't wait to move out of this dump. Really. On Monday, I was super horrified to find Broadgate Park seeking for nearly 700 pounds of extra payment. SHAME ON YOU. A money making company like you trying to rip us off? They insist on the entire block paying for extra cleaning/ damages incurred by a couple of bad apples I was unfortunate enough to live with. That's the most absurd piece of logic I've ever heard. Here's proof.

This is utter nonsense. How is that fair to any one of us at all?

Just last Tuesday, I was in the shower, happily smothering my hair with Olive and Ginseng shampoo (I swear it smells oh-so-good), lathering pink shower creme on my skin, doing my rendition of Britney Spears' Circus (it is beyond addictive <3). All of a sudden, the bloody fire alarm went off. Curses! Like, what am I supposed to do? Run out naked, maybe with a towel , into the 10'C air? I don't know. You tell me. Poll on sidebar. MUST DO.

Don't skip. DO POLL. I want to know what you think.

In case you're wondering, I took a sniff outside my shower. It wasn't my kitchen, great! I took 1 minute to wash off everything, put something on, and walked out dripping wet, and without any bra/underwear. Turns out that it is VERY COLD when I'm not wearing undies, it's not even funny. Allow me to defend myself by saying that I am scared of fire alarms ever since the day I set fire to my own kitchen. No joke. Bra or no bra, I will evacuate. Because I take ages to put them on. Ahem. Something to do with not wearing glasses when I get dressed, I suppose.

In the end? There was no fire. BUT. There was another fire alarm on Friday, and yes, A REAL FIRE just below my floor, no joke. It had to catch me at the most inconvenient time --- when I'm changing! What is it with fire alarms ringing when I'm bathing/changing/sleeping/eating ?! Can you say suay!

Negativity aside, SPRING has officially sunk in! The sun is shining, the ducks are mating, everything about Spring is simply amazing! Even some people are getting "in the heat", ya'know what I'm saying? Unusual levels of appearance consciousness, a need to go mate hunting...*hint hint*

Fields of white daffodils opposite Broadgate Park. Hell yeah the grass is greener over here!

Don't like white? Nature makes yellow daffodils too!

Oh, and I'm proud to say I fulfilled one of my New Year Resolutions already!

Not walking straight, calling skinny people fat, kind of drunk.

It happened at Pitchers & Piano, because Rachael, Sara and Elwin are going back for Easter. A perfect excuse to gather and drink. Hahaha. It's all part of embracing the local English culture of drinking *wink* Don't bother reporting to my parents about it. I've already confessed my sins to them prior to this entry. Of course, letting them find out first through a blog entry would a most disastrous thing to do.

The gang and half of our drinks for the night. More to come.
Myself, YitLing, Rachael, Sara, Elwin, Albert and Simon.
Kelvin, IngChang and Daniel were busy buying more drinks at this point in time.

A shot of tequila with salt and lime.

My new favourite alcoholic drink. Click for link to wikipedia.
The RedBull that came with it however pushed me straight into hyper mode. I suppose the caffeine content was too high for my tolerance, that I literally, just kept jumping, and jumping, and jumping on the dancefloor. I'm surprised they didn't just dump me on the dancefloor because I was too embarassing, hahahaha... Love you guys.

OJs tainted with vodka I think. Don't know how many shots went in there, along with some Jack Daniels on the rocks in the background, which I passed. The taste is way too foul for my liking.

The girls got drunk even before drinking, hahaha. They like my beef too =P
YitLing, Rachael, Sara.

Pinky me, blur looking Elwin, thirsty Albert and Poor Simon.
I like how this picture gives the illusion of me having a good complexion, but I dislike how it gives you all a good view up my nostrils =.=" In reality, I'm breaking out so bad, thank God for concealers.

Despite my red face, I can assure you that I was still thinking AND walking straight at that point. By that time, we've already had a few drinks, and there were plenty awaiting consumption on the table. At least we had the sense to cushion the alcohol with some McD's for supper!

I deem it as a camwhoring worthy moment as I have not had a McDonald's Happy Meal in ages. Kelvin just had to sabotage my attempts a gazilliion times. Grrrr... Bite you.

Serious note here.
I'd like to thank Albert and Simon specially, for supporting the drunken airhead all night, enduring her mindless rambles and streaks of "violence". For the record, you boys look amazingly fit and I mean it =D Honest. I look forward to living with you both next year, and I promise to be a good girl. A big shout out goes to Daniel, IngChang, and Kelvin as well, for sending me back to my room. Totally appreciate it. Oh, and I didn't mean it when I said I wanted to castrate someone. Heh heh.

No more drinking for me. At least for a month anyway. Hahahaha....

Interestingly, I dropped dead on my bed at 3am, only to wake up at 7am. Neither was there vomit nor any signs of a hangover as well. Powerful. I made myself a mental note to not take this as an excuse to drink more. But it tasted so good.... *slaps self*

In fact, the night actually started out by going to watch this musical, which is a university production. It was mind blowing, I should add. Fantastic costumes, promising talents, and music that lingers in your head. An impressive interpretation of Shakespeares' A Midsummer Night's Dream, worthy of note. Who would've guessed that it was the night I got drunk for the first time ever.

Children, it's not nice to not do your homework. Now be a good kid, run along and do the POLL on the sidebar, or the boogieman will make you.

Whew. Now this long post felt good =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy and YouTube

I am currently up to my neck with work! Easter starts this weekend, and I'll be back because there's so much to blog about. Simply because I've been naughty, being up to no good very often lately. Heh heh heh. In the meantime, stay entertained with some YouTube videos. I won't be long I promise. Mwah.

Cutest singing sensation ever. Finalist of Britain's Got Talent 2006, Connie Talbot !

Proceed with caution beyond this point. Rated strictly 18-SX.

I hope you are entertained more than you are disgusted. Did you manage to see that turtle penis?

**UPDATE on Friday 30th March: XiaXue just blogged the same "Turtle Rapes Shoe" video! I can't believe it. What a coincidence!!! ^^

Thursday, March 12, 2009

getting married

Today my cousin is getting married.

I extended my congratulations and blessings in a little card more than a week ago. Hopefully she will get it, because I feel dreadful for not being able to attend the wedding, or even congratulate the happy couple personally.

(Royal Mail had better not redirect my mail to Indonesia again. Malaysia = Indonesia. Seriously stupid, don't know how to read is it?)

She's getting married to a man whom she loves. From what I've heard, the lucky guy comes from a good family, and pretty wealthy too. His family is also very welcoming to my cousin, even paid a hefty sum for dowry. No wonder my other similarly aged cousins are swooning in envy Word has it that he's left a pretty solid impression on the extended family members! It can't get any better than this I guess.

Anyway... ahem.
This wedding thing has got me thinking, hard.

In any case, this cousin of mine is female, and we don't have a large age gap. I can't help but to compare our lives at this significant turn of events.

While she's happily settling down with the love of her life , I am living my days as a bachelorette, unattached and uninterested in a relationship.

While she is walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown to say her vows, I'm slopping my way to the kitchen in my pyjamas to microwave leftovers for brunch.

While she is being congratulated on her happy occasion, I am being advised on intimidating patients with excessive honesty in counselling.

While she is kissing her groom, I am kissing my keyboard because I fell asleep doing Scripware -computer generated prescriptions.

I'm questioning my potentially pathetic present.

Sad as it sounds, I still insist on refusing to grow up. She has, and I think she is extremely brave. Marriage and responsibility is something I'm not ready to even think about. Has it already been more than 2 decades of life now? The days when I first put on my pink and brown kindergarten uniform didn't seem THAT long ago. Sigh. It's hard to accept that I am in early adulthood, reaching the end of student-hood, soon to join the hardworking citizens of the working class society.

To most women, she is having the ultimate fairytale ending, and I would be a complete disaster. I think this is another instance where I have failed to function as a female again. Personally I have dreams of becoming completely self sufficent, independent, to have abilities far more superior than any ordinary man and then some more.

Never once have I thought of having to marry a man for the sake of my living. Sure, having a partner to love is something I would welcome with open arms. However, my current prospects in the relationship department seems pretty bleak and hopeless. In spite of people showing interest, I've grown pretty numb in that sector to show any interest of that sort to anyone in return.

At the end of the day, I do want a baby of my own blood, more than a man in my life. The moment I become self sufficient, I shall go ask a genetically optimal suitor for sperm donation, because I want nothing less than the best genes for my baby. I don't need his love, I'm sure sperm is easier to ask for. For goodness sake, I'll even sponsor original DVD of his favourite pornography actress's work if that's what it takes for him to generate any sperm at all.

Despite my unconventional thoughts for my own life, I wish her the best, sincerely with all of my heart with the path she has chosen. As a cousin, I'm massively delighted that she has found what her heart desires. It must be truly blissful to marry someone you love. Because I know not every relationship can go that far.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hello Leggies!

UK is finally heating up! With the tempertures rising up to the late single digits in Celcius, sing: "It's getting hot in here (so hot) so take off all your clothes" And I did. Some of it anyway. Shed my long trousers in exchange for a skirt!

Hello legs!
Long time no see, and you don't look half as bad as you do under the toilet lamp.
(Don't you dare enlarge the picture, I grained it for a reason =P)

I swear I haven't seen my legs like this for ages! Now that I've found a new "Full Length" Mirror using the reflection on my window (am I just too resourceful or what, hahaha!) a camwhoring session is compulsory to mark this landmark in time where I took vanity to a whole new level.

Just in case you were wondering why I'm wearing a skirt.
Because IT'S HOT!!! (Not me obviously, I meant the weather) So steaming hot these nights that I can barely fall asleep. Plus, why waste the generous hours of sun that we've been getting.

My poor legs have had enough being deprived of sunny rays and fresh air. It's horrifyingly porcelain pale I'm telling you. I dream of tanned latina legs that scream oh-so-sexy. But I know my legs are too short to even try to be sexy. Oh, and they've grown bigger =( Gotta do something about it before I get 2 x 100-year old tree stumps for legs. Nevertheless, doesn't hurt to keep it from looking worse hahaha.

So yeah, I've been stripping down to sleeveless tops and shorts (even skirts now) whenever I'm back into my very warm room. Stupidly angmoh-like, sunbathing in the Spring Sunshine... hoping for a more lively tone to my skin colour ( I'm starting to really hate being so zombie pale and lifeless ) , alongside Vitamin D mass production in The Skin Factory.

Pharmacy Ph-act of the Day
Dear Noobies, Vitamin D aides Calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth. Middle aged humans experience a halt to Calcium laydown in bones when Calcium stores reach their peak, while the elderly (especially women post-menopause) will then experience massive bone demineralisation as Calcium levels are released from bones and decreases , this leads to osteoporosis and susceptibility to fractures. To prevent this, maximise Vitamin D and Calcium exposure to your body before your Mid-Life Crisis.

I still want to be able to kick ass and have teeth when I'm 80. It is important for me to be able to pronounce "fuck you" properly when I'm elderly. Imagine an 80 year old scolding someone "luck you" instead of "fuck you", super embarassing lah! Please I don't want that to happen to me.

I can't believe that I just churned out an entire blog entry just on my legs when I'm not even proud fo them to begin with. But oh, I did miss seeing them so much <3 I should just dye my hair blonde to match my personality, really. Because then, I can blame the blonde moments on my hair colour, hahahaha!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

emergency update

I haven't updated in ages. There's not much to do, but I've been eating and sleeping plenty! Currently I'm looking for a weighing scale to see how much fatter I am.

The results of F-CUP Cookies are out!
My source has officially finished a box of low calorie cookies. She now claims to have gone from a measly 32A to a 36A! Apparently all you need is a box of it to go from a small A to a large A. But then again, 4 inches does make quite a lot of difference without going up a cupsize. Probably her ribcage grew as well. I wonder if there are fat deposits anywhere else (say for instance, at the booties) other than on the breast. God forbid the fat deposits to be at non-specific sites! Girls dream to be Busty, not Lumpy.

On another note, I've been savouring the luxury of having a large refrigerator and kitchen all by myself. Taking it too far even. There's this insatiable appetite in me, craving for my old Malaysian diet. As such, I'm been diligently and successfully churning out previously unattempted dishes such as Marmite Chicken and Lemon Chicken from my kitchen all week long. Due to a brief "dark period", I had a major shopping spree at Sainsburys buying whatever my heart desires. I just found out from Big Bird today, that my appetite is larger than I have perceived it to be, it takes 2 boys more than a week to finish 1kg of rice. As for me, well, one week will suffice. The prophecy that said "I will reach 45 kilos" shall materialise very soon, muahahahaha....

However, I have a new love in my life. It's TGI Friday's Jack Daniels Glazed Sirloin Steak with cheesy mash and seasoned vegetables. I asked for Medium Rare, and it was cooked to perfection!!! Brown on the outside, red and absolutely tender and juicy on the inside. HEAVENLY. I'm so in love.

p/s: I have given up on loving male humans, they are beyond cure. My new interest is now of the Bovine species. (YitLing darling muax.)

Strangely enough, I've been having a large share of blonde moments. Coupled with a strange urge to go blonde, I think I'm losing my marbles. So don't run away if you see anything strange with me.