Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back to School

Week One came and left. But boy oh boy, tons of stuff happened all week. I don't even know where to start. Emm, to begin with, we get another brand new set of 6 modules, 5 of which will be tested at the end of the semester *holy momma, I'm gonna be so dead* only 1 lab module this semester. Dr.Morris managed to convince us that it's going to be so much fun, lovingly cultivating our very own bacterias, just to figure out the best way to kill them later on. They're supposedly harmless with the right precautions, but I'm pretty sure how I can make them harmful, lol. Beware, if someone ever steps on my tail, I might just release my very own army of bacteria on you. Wonder if my bugs will become SuperBugs if I grow them with Mozart, nyahahahaha....

My room on Ground Floor, No. 33.

My tiny room, which unexpectedly manage to accommodate so much of my junk. There's a big ass mirror, because I'm so vain, a big plastic container of emergency (Read: Junk) food, cartoon boxes of various misc junk, a shelf for books, a table, a chair, a bed, my gorgeous curtains, I love them so much, etc... Oh there's also an attached toilet right next to the shelf, which it beyond the boundaries of this photo =)

From another angle, you get my modest budget bed, a mobile drawer, a portable wardrobe, and a sister trying to prank the other sister. Not bad right? There's enough space in between the bed and the table to fit another mattress should anyone wishes to bunk in *wink* Rm 110/ month for this room. Is that a deal or what?

The days were spent loitering around Semenyih, till this day, we're still shopping for groceries, and other stuff to fill the house, and our stomach of course. One hungry day, we decided to have dinner early, before going home. By early, I meant before 6pm. We visited one of Nottingham-mers usual restaurants, Restoran Kawan Kita. This is one very peculiar experience!

They normally open at 6pm, but we were 10 minutes early, stumbling into a crazy, drunken karaoke session in the restaurant, in which, the boss was an eager participant. Tipsy and a little high, the Boss was happy to invite us in, provided we didn't mind a short wait till the workers start turning up. His mates left after another song or two, with a "Customers are more important excuse". And so, he turned to us for company *Gulp* I was terrified, talking to a drunken 60-ish old man, especially when there's only 5 of us, all girls =S Lilian and Lynnette's advice was to just nod, and entertain him, while the alcohol wears off. For awhile, it didn't happen. The next thing that happened, was the old man carrying out a jug and glass set. He wanted to give it to us, as a token of appreciation. Goodness! He is so officially drunk. Old chinese restaurant bosses don't go running around giving teenage female customers gifts!

My heart nearly leap out of my throat. Then he insisted that we play Heads or Tails with his 50 cent coin, so that we won't fight over who's getting this "wonderful" gift. *sweat* The result turned out to be 3/5 of us successfully guessed the outcome of the coin toss, to our resentment. You'll never guess what he did next. He gave this set to Say Yuen, went into his kitchen, and came out with another identical set, as well as a huge box of Tie Kuan Yin chinese tea of the Jiu Ding Xiang brand. The second set went to me, while the tea was presented to Lilian. He's uber super drunk. At that point, we were already stunned, and confused. This uncle just won't leave us like that. He added that JuLi and Lynnette, despite losing out in the coin toss, must have consolation prizes, so that they won't have any hard feelings about it. Into the kitchen he went again, and reappeared with yet another box of tea for Lynnette, and an electronic hand dryer for JuLi. It was as if he was pampering us, even insisted that his Captain takes our orders. Gosh, never felt so awkward in my life. All of this from one DRUNK boss.

The Gifts.
We tried to return it to by going through other sane staff, but they just wouldn't take it back, afraid to go against the boss' orders. Surely we don't really deserve this, our bill was only Rm 30+, I'm sure the gifts are worth more. We had no choice but to walk out with a huge box in our hands, each. Till this day, it's still sitting comfortable on our living room floor, quite untouched. What are we supposed to do with these?

Hand Dryer close-up, with the chinese name of the restaurant written on top.

Lilian excited to explore her new gadget... The Hand Dryer.

Week One ended with the Finale, which includes an array of performances at the Amphitheater. Word is, the SA spent Rm 10, 000 only the lightings and equipment. Which created quite a wonderful effect all night =) Fluffy delivered a very good performance, along with Eric, Aaron, Milor, and Kamalis. To be honest, this is the best I've seen thus far, bearing in mind that the boys only had about 4 days of officially practice together. Kudos! We also had Urban Groove, mini Urban Groove kids, Pakistani dances, and Botswanian rappers to spice up the night!

There you go, the crowd, the Admin Building amidst the special effects.

The gig itself. I have no idea, why my camera caught it when the effects happened to be MIA at the moment.

I would say it was a good way to end the opening week. The days that lie ahead are not going to be as exciting, especially when everyone starts catching the nerding bug again. Oh well, at least I can still see some Pharmacy peeps coming out to enjoy what Uni Life is all about. Purely by chance, I wasn't assigned any juniors for the Buddy Programme by Lady Luck. Maybe that's because they're not really a junior to me, technically, lol, since I'm possibly younger than half of them XD A typically Nottingham-ish sight to end this post...

Why did the duke ducks-of Nottingham cross the road?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back in Semenyih

I'm now officially, and finally back in the ulu Semenyih town, to some's delight, nyahahahaha... I know some of y'all think I'm having too long a holiday, thinking, "this girl doesn't need to go back to uni". Well your wishes are answered, I'm back already, in the land of work and unholy internet connection! So again, blog updates will be slowed down.

The rented house in Bandar Sunway Semenyih is better than expected. Really. Uni mates, you can find me at No.33, Jalan Sunway 6/6. I got the downstairs room with attached toilet =( Not my choice initially... After awhile, I kind of like it. To begin with, the room wasn't so tiny after all, pictures soon!!! Being downstairs, means a decent water pressure for showering, and not as Fluffy puts it, "like piss". Yeah, so I'm rather pleased with it. No complains here...

Trying out Aaron's cool shades, but Brian says I look like a grasshopper -.-"

All of last weekend and this week, there was a massive amount of cleaning going on. Don't think I've cleaned so much in my life. Curse dust! Why can't they stay away from my house! And then there was my volunteering for The Help Squad, which is pretty fun! Except for the part where I sweat in the same T-Shirt for those few days. Should've given us several Free T-shirts!

With Josh who've just graduated E&E at none other than Nottingham. So nice of him to pay us a visit, more like, pay the new hot chicks a visit, teeheehee... So yea, that's my smelly free T-shirt... So called 'S'-sized...

Brian T, first picture with him, makes me wonder why I haven't taken a picture with him before. But these guys had to take pictures when I'm sweaty and worn out...

Brian trying to seduce Fluffy. I'm okay with guys being "attached" to my bf. If I find out you're a girl in disguise, you're dead meat. Muahahaha...

I enjoyed the interaction, with students and parents alike. Yet again, Karma has proved itself. Must've been the good things that I've been doing. A parent bought me lunch! Also because of my job, I got my registration, and ID activation done in less than 5 minutes, along the way, nicking some of the excess folders and free pens along the way. Shhhh.... lotsa extras you see, might as well use them =)

My Pharmacy juniors are fantastic! There are definitely more guys, thank goodness, and lots of pretty girls, who will live up to our senior's reputation. They greatly outnumber us seniors, so I think we should all be very very careful haha! On Friday we had a special Ice-Breaking session just for our dear juniors, during which I got soaked to the skin due to crazy Semenyih weather. Cold and wet, Fluffy came to pick me up with a towel, so sweet...

I foresee a fantastic year ahead =) so looking forward for Week One to start right now, and for Lilian to come join us together with Juli, Lynnette and Say Yuen...!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


These are the times when I truly appreciate studying something related to the health profession. Times when I'm down with bugs, big nasty ones too. The added benefit of being able to self diagnose and self prescribe, wow, can you imagine that feeling?

Still, having parents and being still a student, no one trusts your judgement. There you go, the cons of being young. But when I sit back and think of the future, where you are paid to know about people's condition, giving them your advice, and telling them what to do (and they will do it willingly, no questions asked), I can't help but smile with a thermometer between my lips. Ahhh... life IS good =)

Dragged to the clinic on a rainy day with a piece of Bye-Bye-Fever firmly stuck on my forehead, I remember. I had a splitting headache, so excruciating I stood dumbfounded at the reception, because I forgot how to register myself. Thank goodness Mom came to my rescue. The fever and the headache brewed in my head an entire afternoon, when I was home alone, and the thermometer locked away. By the way, I got the whole package, fever, headaches, cough, flu, sore throat. As my mom likes to say,"Why do I get these things instead of striking the lottery!". So true, they both boil down to pure chance, why do good things never happen. The usual routine ensued. She calls my name, I told the doctor how awful I'm feeling right now, he performs "The Stethescope Ballet" and pulls out Mr.Ear-Thermometer-Thingie, gives the this-looks-pretty-bad frown, scribbles the infamous handwritting, and off I go. That's like, I don't know, 10 minutes?

I can't be bothered with all that stuff. It's the stuff that they're going to be dispense later on that interests me, aye fellow Pharmacy peeps? Prior to collection, I had a mental account of the possible meds that I'm going to be relying on. Of which, is correct for 3/4 of them. Not too bad, nyahahahaha... You're probably thinking, it must've felt amazing and proud, and blah blah blah. I actually thought, WHAT? You're charging me this much for THESE? I'm better off buying just these at the pharmacy. Sheesh. The extra cost was all for a reassuring effect on my parents, that they have a calculated professional medical opinion. Bah, it's bloody OVERRATED, and definitely OVERPRICED!!!

It's been 5 days now, I'm already out of meds, but the coughing still persists. So annoying! It's like...

"What did she say to her lover just now?" (on TV)
"You lah, cough so loud for what, now we'll never know."

Home bound for days, without much mood for anything, I worked on something that's gonna be oh-so-amazing! I've nearly completed an update template!!! I'm not a web designer, so please don't expect something spectacular, and tell me how awful it is. Frankly, I'm quite pleased with it, so please be gentle when you break the bad news to me ya? I don't guarantee that I won't do anything to you if you weren't gentle enough *pout*

Just building up the anticipation XD