Thursday, September 06, 2007


These are the times when I truly appreciate studying something related to the health profession. Times when I'm down with bugs, big nasty ones too. The added benefit of being able to self diagnose and self prescribe, wow, can you imagine that feeling?

Still, having parents and being still a student, no one trusts your judgement. There you go, the cons of being young. But when I sit back and think of the future, where you are paid to know about people's condition, giving them your advice, and telling them what to do (and they will do it willingly, no questions asked), I can't help but smile with a thermometer between my lips. Ahhh... life IS good =)

Dragged to the clinic on a rainy day with a piece of Bye-Bye-Fever firmly stuck on my forehead, I remember. I had a splitting headache, so excruciating I stood dumbfounded at the reception, because I forgot how to register myself. Thank goodness Mom came to my rescue. The fever and the headache brewed in my head an entire afternoon, when I was home alone, and the thermometer locked away. By the way, I got the whole package, fever, headaches, cough, flu, sore throat. As my mom likes to say,"Why do I get these things instead of striking the lottery!". So true, they both boil down to pure chance, why do good things never happen. The usual routine ensued. She calls my name, I told the doctor how awful I'm feeling right now, he performs "The Stethescope Ballet" and pulls out Mr.Ear-Thermometer-Thingie, gives the this-looks-pretty-bad frown, scribbles the infamous handwritting, and off I go. That's like, I don't know, 10 minutes?

I can't be bothered with all that stuff. It's the stuff that they're going to be dispense later on that interests me, aye fellow Pharmacy peeps? Prior to collection, I had a mental account of the possible meds that I'm going to be relying on. Of which, is correct for 3/4 of them. Not too bad, nyahahahaha... You're probably thinking, it must've felt amazing and proud, and blah blah blah. I actually thought, WHAT? You're charging me this much for THESE? I'm better off buying just these at the pharmacy. Sheesh. The extra cost was all for a reassuring effect on my parents, that they have a calculated professional medical opinion. Bah, it's bloody OVERRATED, and definitely OVERPRICED!!!

It's been 5 days now, I'm already out of meds, but the coughing still persists. So annoying! It's like...

"What did she say to her lover just now?" (on TV)
"You lah, cough so loud for what, now we'll never know."

Home bound for days, without much mood for anything, I worked on something that's gonna be oh-so-amazing! I've nearly completed an update template!!! I'm not a web designer, so please don't expect something spectacular, and tell me how awful it is. Frankly, I'm quite pleased with it, so please be gentle when you break the bad news to me ya? I don't guarantee that I won't do anything to you if you weren't gentle enough *pout*

Just building up the anticipation XD

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