Saturday, September 27, 2008

touring my room

As promised, you are all invited to embark on a journey to discover Ling's Lair. At Broadgate Park, Larches, Flat 6 Room 8. I'm not going to hide my address because there's no way you can get anywhere near my place anyway, muahahahaha. You can't enter Broadgate Park (BGP) without a Swipe Card after hours. Even if you could, you can't enter Larches without a PIN. Even if you could, you can't find my room without getting lost first. And even if you could, I will never open the door because I have a peep hole to know it's you. Bleah =P

That's going to be the door that you're gonna try to knock one day. On it, is the hole which I am going to use to know it's you standing ouside. That's not my jeans hanging there, my legs are longer! Teeheehee. Just kidding. But those really aren't my jeans. Daddy, Wah, your pictures are on the board as well! Can you spot them?

That's my favourite side of the room, where the beds are. The design is a genius, there's a secret compartment underneath the mattress for my luggage bags and secret candy stash to live!
Gotta love the HUGE wardrobe that I'm gonna fill after the Autumn/Winter Fashion Sale!
*twirls around in the huge space between the beds*

And on the serious side of the room is our work stations, and the mini-kitchen that comes as part of our studio. There's a decent sized fridge, 2 hot plates, a water boiler, a sink with hot water, a bad-cooking-smell-absorber, and a microwave oven. That little rice cooker over there used to be my mom's and was not part of the studio package. Still, not too bad, eh?

Viewing the same space from another angle.
Here you get to see ample drawers and shelves for keep-and-never-throw kind of people like me. And then there's also the mini dining table for two.

How my toilet looks like, just in case you're wondering. Shower's behind the door.

Who said my bed was the pink one. *shivers* Shame on you.
How is it possible to sleep in such girlie comfort? My reversible M&S bedset in coffee and cream is more like it ;) Oh, I get the morning sun and cold first too =( The radiator's on the opposite end of the room, underneath the large noticeboard with lots of pictures.

My prized possession, 10kg of Thai Jasmine Rice, which my roomie painstakingly carried home which is 45 minutes away from the wholesaler, on foot! It went for 12 pounds or so, came free with a big bottle of Oyster Sauce =) Things we would do for rice. Potatoes are so bad for me, makes me grow fat too fast that the fat goes to all the wrong places *thigh*, I mean, *sigh*

Shelf No.1: Some toothpaste, deodorants, body lotions, and shower gel freebies from the Fresher's Fayre
Shelf No.2: We bought 2 cartons of Kinder Bueno (Total of 60 packets) from the wholesalers for 18 pounds to share with some friends. Muahahahaha, we're should have our very own Choc Soc (Chocolate Society in BGP)

I want to digress!
So basically Fresher's Fayre is all about the clubs and societies in uni. There are so many, and so weird you can't even imagine. so to attract people to their booths, they give out FREEBIES! Here's some of them in one breath!

Choc Soc, Cheese Soc, Massage Soc, Pharm Soc, Neuroscience Soc, Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Soc, Dance Soc, Latin and Salsa Soc, Break Soc, Mussoc, Band Soc, Rock Soc, Jazz Soc, NuFood, Nottingham Malaysia Soc, Japanese Soc, BruNotts, Chinese Soc, Nordic Soc, Russian Soc, Viet Soc, UNICEF, St.Johns, Marrow, Diving, Swimming, Gliding, Snow Sports, Boating, Horse Riding, Photography and etc.

Some furry friends given out as promotional soft toys.
We have LOADS between us.

One years supply of candy, chocolates and pens.
I'm so going to be diabetic and obese at this rate.
Must eat before they expire!

That's how many FREE PENS.
Don't think I will need to buy anymore for the academic year *SMUG*

Besides that we also get HEAPS of student discounts and student vouchers, which I'm going to take advantage of. Among them we're getting free Domino's Pizzas. Here's my lunch. Anchovies and Cheese Pizza. That's some big ass ang moh sized anchovy. Like a cross breed between salted fish and Asian anchovies. UBER TASTY lo!!! Must try this flavour ok.
One pizza deal down, I have 3 more free pizzas to redeem before the vouchers expire on 7th October. Muahahaha. And there I'll move on to FREE Subway Sandwiches, then McDonald Deals...

Other than pens, furry toys, and candies, university students are known to indulge in other vices.
Such as gambling! Free shot cup from ALEA casino. When I bring it to ALEA, I get free shots. Simple.
And then university students also love SEX, hence the FREE Strawberry flavoured dotted condoms, with compliments from the Student Union Entertainment Team.
Followed by Lipgloss, which is a website that warns about STDs.

Why work when you can get things FREE as a student?!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.", quote from Lilian's messenger nickname.

You know, I couldn't agree more. This time I've gotta say what's on my mind.

In a few hours time, it's going to be 3 months and a week since the day that tiny Malaysian girl walked out of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 747 into the heart of UK. Please don't be surprised, it has been a very long time.

The time that has lapsed between then and now, has changed me. In ways that I cannot comprehend, in ways that surprise even myself. Oh what have I become?

Speaking of stupidity, it has sparked some new realization. No longer am I taking sh*t from asses that I have never been fond of in the first place. Shocking extreme. Looking back, I have no idea how on Earth I managed to tolerate such rubbish, on a regular basis.

Something about being wrongly accused, misjudged of my character by a gullible, insensitive individual tripped the fuse. These people never fail to amaze me with their incompetence in thought and speech coordination. It really is a wonder that they are still standing in front of me, very much not slapped to embarrassment, and still live to see how their asses (and the victims') are being covered up for the greater good. What's the use of the cerebrum and the cerebelum when it's not being used anyway, it's better off being donated to Neurology labs so they can carry more tests, and hopefully come up with a cure for stupidity, for human's sake.

And then there are some especially annoying ones, who falls for the slightest gesture of manipulation. Even I can smell it from a mile away, even if it wasn't targeted at me. Idiots who live on one side of the story and reject plausible justification ought to be shot in the head and be fed to the piranhas. At least some good will come out of it. Little Amazon fishies gets enough to eat, hence delaying their extinction.

Today, I'm proud to have stood up for myself and not being pushed around.

I will only say this once. Don't talk c*ck to me. And I mean it. This girl has evolved.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broadgate Park

Alas, my days of moving around has ended! Days of London-Hereford-Ledbury-Nottingham, BE GONE!


And then I appear at my spanking new Broadgate Park Twin Ensuite Studio! Setting me back at 3200 pounds a year, it is worth every single penny!

Click to have a virtual tour of my room.
(Well, not exactly my room, but nearly. Will take more pictures of my REAL ROOM when I'm done putting everything away)

Just want to brag and say that I *heart* my new room, muahahahaa...

Oh and did I mention I just bought this super rock chick lookin' leather jacket? If Grace hadn't spotted it, I wouldn't have given my heart (and my money) for this baby. Lol. Love at first sight? Maybe. But I needed another jacket/coat for autumn anyway because one would just not suffice.

Taa-daa... I don't know why it looks so pale in the picture, I swear it looks way more gorgeous through a live eye than through the camera's lens. It's actually a golden brown hue with this mysterious sheen that glows when the fabric catches the light. Awesome. And this is THE LAST size 8 on the shelf. We're fated =)

Also while we were exploring around the shopping haven of a city centre, we came across something peculiar...

Aren't they cute. One bird on each alphabet.
And boy, do those pigeons know their branded perch!

The International Welcome Week has just concluded, so it's one big kick from our Summer Holidays back to the lecture rooms for us *CRY* The Welcoming Programme itself has been awesome, and I found myself more spontaneous and sporting than ever. Among the highlights of the activities I participated are:

An ice-breaking sort of event, The Barn Dance.
I've never held so many guy's hand in one night. I must've had more than a dozen different partners! Some are cute, some are sweaty, some are too tall for me, some are sweet. We held hands, galloped, circled, danced and did everything else as we were told. In the end, he night left me flushed, blushed and breathless.

Loosening up my bones during club night at Oceana.
Thank goodness for the fog. You should've seen those eyebags.
Clockwise from left: TseKai, Rachel, Sara, YitLing, Simon, Myself, ChongNgie, Bernard, OJ, Smirnoff Ice No.1, Smirnoff ice No.2
Credits to Brian and Bernard for the Smirnoff Ice and Vodka Apple, and Simon and KarYong for the photo.

Some of my new (possibly genetically modified) woolly friends at The University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonnington Campus.

Courtesy of the University, every new international student is provided accommodation at the Catered University Halls, that's Derby Hall Room D18 for me.

One of our dinners.
Battered Pollock, Peas and Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Rice, Bread and Butter Pudding.

Chicken Lasagne, Cauliflower and broccoli, Spicy Curly Fries and Chocolate Trifle.
The food is boleh makan lah. Thank goodness I'm not staying in the catered halls.
I didn't bother taking pictures of our breakfast, because we get the same old thing everyday.
A SINGLE Croissant, Oat with Double Cream, Banana/Orange/Apple, Assorted cereal with Semi-Skimmed Milk, Toast with assorted spreads, Tea/Coffee/Hot chocolate/OJ.
Boring, boring, boring, yucks, yucks, yuck.

Mummy, Daddy my connection in my room is FREE. Yes it means that I don't have to pay extra for it, but it also means that the line is not excellent. Sigh. I will try to online to skype with you guys ok. Muacks.

Monday, September 15, 2008

uni at a glance

After nearly 3 months of torturing myself with my own cooking, it has finally been upgraded to more than "Just Edible" to "Very Edible" standards. Will update again when I get promoted to the "Mouthwatering" status...

Curry Laksa, with taugeh.
Topped with fresh parley some more, just like the real thing, teeheehee.

Grilled Cajun Chicken, Gourmet Onion Omelette, Baked Butter Potatoes with Parsley,
Fresh Tomatoes and Stir Fried Super Mario Feed.
I'm telling you it doesn't just sound fancy, it tastes fancy too =)
(Especially after weeks of just boiled vegetable, bluek)
Yes, that's just one dinner for me.
And yes as well, potatoes *sick*

Once in awhile, we would indulge ourselves with something unhealthy, but much more tasty!
Nando's 1/4 Chicken - HOT! Slathered with Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce. Never thought I'd miss hot food but the kick from it was so awesome. I felt like home
Set me back by 4.80 pounds a meal. A price I was willing to pay to get away from my own cooking for awhile.

And when you fork out so much, you just don't leave any scrape of meat or drop of Peri-peri sauce behind.
I'm proud to say I devoured every micrometer square of the chicken without using my hands.
Dad, Mom, I know you will be so proud of me. Muahahaha.

Where I stayed for a week, Lenton Hurst.

You probably can't see it quite well, but that's stained glass on the windows
Check out the 1800s architecture, gets creepy at night though.

The all important Portland building, where the fees are paid.

The Original Clock Tower on Trent Building, Lake View
Not the ciplak Administration Building we have in the Malaysia Campus.

And the view from the clock tower which the Malaysian Campus tried to pirate with such failure.
Note the vague resemblance?
When we have a lake, naturally I would go look for my favourite lake dwelling friends.

At first, I found one...
Followed by a couple more.

And more...

And MORE...


Roast Duck anyone?
I'm sure Uni won't notice if there's one missing, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Another view of the lake.
Romantic or not! Makes a perfect venue for dating!
Even for making out between those thick vegetation, heh heh.
Or even *ahem* making love *ahem* if you dare.

The Holy Building for us.

Lastly, Squirrels roam the open land, while the ducks dominates the water.
Humans are the excess species on University Grounds.

Welcome to The University of Nottingham, UK Campus.

Friday, September 12, 2008

done with summer

I simply cannot believe it. On my last day (it's just a one week stint) I was given yet another bag of beauty products from Boots! Muahahahaha, I'm gonna have a massive collection soon. But this time, other than those pretty little bags, toiletries and limited edition make up, I was given a FULL SIZED Emporio Armani Eau de Parfum. I'm so so so so touched! Thanks to Laura the store manager, Darshna the pharmacist, Nick, Jan, Sue, Karen, and all the other super nice people at Boots Bingham! Now I feel compelled to go work in another store again...I may have left Bingham with a heavy heart, but my head and feet feels much heavier. My God! I've got them worn, weathered and blistered all over. No thanks to my current walk-o-meter. Buses are so excruciatingly expensive they cost me 6.30 everyday for a return to Bingham (using 2 buses) and 1 hour of precious sleep! And not to mention the wet spell that has hit England by storm, literally. Gotta hit the stores for warmer wear tommorow if I want to make it to the Welcoming Programme!

Uni is as big as Semenyih, and I'm not even kidding ya. Because. I. Got. Lost. In Uni. Embarassing much? At night some more. Remind me never ever to audition for The Amazing Race because I'm hopeless with maps at night. Not when I'm grouchy because every minute spent being lost, is a minute not contributing to my sleep. And that means I can't dream about my hot, young Bingham Xpress driver. He calls me duck =) I almost said, you're my duck too...

A pair of Mandarin ducks, heh heh. Ahem.
*slaps myself out of it*

But oh, he drives the bus so well, and the way he smiles
*slaps again*

Shall force myself to sleep now.
Note to brain: No dreams about bus driver tonight please, and thank you.

Friday, September 05, 2008


A Quickie for the night

I've just arrived in The University of Nottingham, you can all stop worrying now. And no, I didn't get lost-in-transit from London. Although the journey was mighty complicated.

About 4 days ago, I booked for a cab to take us to Victoria Coach Station. Over the phone, I distinctively asked for an Estate car to arrive at 8am. SHARP. Well guess what, at 8.10 am I was arguing with the operator of WestEnd Car Services. I'm most likely to be blacklisted off the black cab list now. Pun intended. The driver did finally find his way to our doorsteps at 20 past 8. Hallelujah. But surprise, surprise, he came in a 8-seater Volkswagen, that will cost us 31 pounds, instead of the Estate car that would've just cost us 23.74 pounds. How ridiculous is that? Since it's too late to change, we decided to load as much as we can, make the best out of the mess. True blue Malaysian, eh?

Over the phone, I was also told than it would take about an hour to get to Victoria Coach Station. It took us one and A HALF hours. Great. And we still have to tip our Ethiopian-with-Italian-heritage driver. (I make it a habit to get to know my drivers, in case they want to rob me or anything) Thankfully, he was burly, and we made damn sure our tips went a looooong way. It's all about value for money isn't it? There were 4 x 20kg suitcases, 2 x duvets, 2 x laptop backpacks, 1 x bag of books. There's no way we could've managed them alone.

The passenger-to-be-s in Victoria were terribly unfriendly, and ignorant of others. Fortunately for us, there were 3 gems amongst the rotten apples, who were kind enough to offer their big strong English arm *swoon*, to help the Malaysian Ah Moi-s in distress. I must say I've been very lucky to have met so many bless-worthy souls since my arrival. God must be watching over me, I'm sure. Promise I'll squash less bugs. After all, they're God's creation.

From then on, it was a smooth, albeit stuffy and rainy, ride ahead to Nottingham's Broadmarsh Bus Station, where Lulu and Elaine was there to meet us. So pleased I was to see them!!! They're probably not as pleased because they ended having to help us EXTENSIVELY with our luggage. In the RAIN. WITHOUT an umbrella. I owe them, BIG TIME. Thank you so much my darlings...!

It was a cab that I took from the bus station to Lenton and Wortley Hall, with a cab driver who is equally as lost as I am. Sigh, he found his way eventually. Thank goodness. Should he hadn't, I would be paying through the roof for the taxi ride. Fortunately for me, tipping is unnecessary in Nottingham, for every journey starts with a 2 pounds price tag. It came up to a hefty 8.50 pounds anyway. Sigh. I'm so broke now you have no idea. Gonna work myself to the bones to get it back then.

So yeah, at Lenton and Wortley Hall, I shivered as I struggled with 40kgs worth of luggage. No one was at the office, and there was no shade as well. To say I felt like a miserable wet chicken would be a serious understatement. By the time an officer did arrive, they came in pair. And I made them lug my heaviest luggages all the way into my room, muahahahaha.

By then, I was soaked to my skin, despite several layers of clothes. The cold was then quickly overcomed by an overjoyed me seeing Juli after so many months! That girl even taught me how to walk through the maze of roads in Nottingham. I feel so proud that she has managed to adapt so well in just a few days =) We made our way to Dunkirk (after I have had a nice warm bath of course) to Lulu and Elaine's temporary residence, where we had a smashing dinner consisting of Lulu's special chicken curry, and Elaine branded stir fried chicken, and cabbages! With RICE. Holy Moly, that was good, especially when it was followed by a long catching up session with the girls. And that reversed all that negative psychological effects that accumulated over the past 2 months. I'm not going to say that I'm lonely anymore. In fact, I'm surrounded by the most wonderful human beings over.

With that in mind (and the radiator on) , I shall sleep blissfully tonight.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

madame tussauds

As promised, I now have dozens of photos from the famous Madame Tussauds! The entrance tickets are pretty pricey though, I must admit. Paying so much just to spend hours walking in a building, posing, taking pictures, and see some fancy wax products. Sound ridiculous, but they say you haven't been in London unless you've drooled at Johnny Depp.

And so I have.
I love Mr.Sweeney Todd so much, but even the fake him is not looking at me.
Just as I suspected, he has a great ass. Hah! I knew it. I peeked it =P
What? Men SHOULD also have a great pair of ass that fills out the rear of his pants!

As if I own Tom Cruise more than Katie Holmes.
But you gotta admit, my height looks way better beside him, teeheehee...
But sorry, Scientology is not my thing. Off you go now, Tom.

The very tall, but apparently rather boobless Nicole Kidman.
No wonder Tom Cruise went out with me. Proof as per above.
I thought these wax figurines are life sized? Or did Ms.Kidman had a boob job after this figurine was made?

After the Kidman, here's the Jeniffer Aniston who separated with the gorgeous Pitt.
The Brad Pitt who went on to adopt a...

Ling Jolie-Pitt.
I was secretly adopted by the Jolie-Pitts way before Zahara or Maddox.
How do you think I managed to pay for university?

Move aside Victoria, you don't even have matching outfits with David Beckham.
Black hair, and white top is the way to go.

The Mad Woman herself, Britney Spears, with her locks intact.
A strand for USD$100. Any bidders?

Justin Timberlake saved the world in less than a second by standing beside me.
Of course, an eye-sore like Madonna will have to take 4 minutes to save the world.
Because its takes 4 minutes for her horrifying MTV to end.

Beethoven, the only figurine in this place that's shorter than I am.

Look Fluffy, I'm Steven Spielberg's next big star!
Megan Fox is so yesterday.

Robin William's asking me to dance with him.

That girl just wouldn't share Leonardo Dicaprio with me.
Sheesh. Talk about being over-possessive.

Mingling with God.
Morgan Freeman in all his holiness.

Oh wait, he's not a boogeyman, he's Daniel HarryPotter Radcliffe.
Wrong spell, heh heh.

Look who travelled back in time to date Henry VIII?
Don't worry Fluffy, I didn't have an affair with Henry in the 1400s.

"And I should've told you Vincent...
This world was never meant...
For one as beautiful as you"
Vincent van Gogh, painter of The Starry Night.

Kate was just a diversion for the papparazzis.
I am the one Prince William's really dating, behind Prince Charles' back.

Okay, so maybe Prince Charles and Camilla knows.
But they definitely like me more than Kate Middleton.
Why do you think she wasn't invited to the photoshoot *sniggers*
(The Royal Family is so gonna sue me for this)

I was just kidding. Young Prince Harry's more like it.
I like my boys bad... slurrrrps!!!

I'm the boss of Julia Roberts, hehehe...

Booty dancing with I-have-no-idea-who-but-her-body-rocks.
So does mine

Yes, working "it" like Christina Aguilera,
But mine tak cukup besar,
That's why I'll never be a star,
Or even buy a DD bra.
Nah, pantun for you, teeheehee...

Oliver Twist didn't just come to Charles Dickens without a muse you know?

"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time

And all of our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death.

Out, out brief candle

Life's nothing but a walking shadow
A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more

It is a tale, told by a fool,
full of sound and fury

Signifying nothing.
A man that needs no introduction, whose middle name is Literature.
I swear I recited the above by heart with no reference. Any mistakes? Let me know.
If you're a fan of his work, let me know as well =)

Trying to pout like Sarah Michelle Gellar.
No matter how much lip plumper she uses though, my lips are fuller.
Score! 1-0 to me!

Don't know who this romeo is. But I like men who knows his music.
(Fluffy don't be jealous, that's why I fell for you remember)

Hey Wayne Dugong Rooney, why are you celebrating, MU just lost to some miserable team!
I'm celebrating because I don't like MU anyway. Bleh.

My love, Michael Owen, during FIFA World Cup 2002.
I dumped him for Steven Gerrard when he left Liverpool for Newcastle.
Hmpf! Betrayer!

Mohammed Ali vs Bruce Lee Ling
Round 1

And finally, a tribute to the great woman herself, Madame Tussaud.

Whew, that's a total of 30 pictures!!! Can you imagine? I haven't been such a camera whore for so long! I guess some things never change. By the way, I don't know what got over me. I had no idea I am such a poser. Maybe it's easy to let loose and just work it when everyone else has no idea who you are, haha.