Thursday, September 25, 2008


"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.", quote from Lilian's messenger nickname.

You know, I couldn't agree more. This time I've gotta say what's on my mind.

In a few hours time, it's going to be 3 months and a week since the day that tiny Malaysian girl walked out of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 747 into the heart of UK. Please don't be surprised, it has been a very long time.

The time that has lapsed between then and now, has changed me. In ways that I cannot comprehend, in ways that surprise even myself. Oh what have I become?

Speaking of stupidity, it has sparked some new realization. No longer am I taking sh*t from asses that I have never been fond of in the first place. Shocking extreme. Looking back, I have no idea how on Earth I managed to tolerate such rubbish, on a regular basis.

Something about being wrongly accused, misjudged of my character by a gullible, insensitive individual tripped the fuse. These people never fail to amaze me with their incompetence in thought and speech coordination. It really is a wonder that they are still standing in front of me, very much not slapped to embarrassment, and still live to see how their asses (and the victims') are being covered up for the greater good. What's the use of the cerebrum and the cerebelum when it's not being used anyway, it's better off being donated to Neurology labs so they can carry more tests, and hopefully come up with a cure for stupidity, for human's sake.

And then there are some especially annoying ones, who falls for the slightest gesture of manipulation. Even I can smell it from a mile away, even if it wasn't targeted at me. Idiots who live on one side of the story and reject plausible justification ought to be shot in the head and be fed to the piranhas. At least some good will come out of it. Little Amazon fishies gets enough to eat, hence delaying their extinction.

Today, I'm proud to have stood up for myself and not being pushed around.

I will only say this once. Don't talk c*ck to me. And I mean it. This girl has evolved.

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LiliaN said...

oooo.....never expected that anyone would pay attention to my msn PM's. Anyway, you go girl! Stand up for yourself! Shit happens everyday, just remember to bring your toilet