Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Half-way through House MD Season 3, I couldn't resist but to take a small peek into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The urge was killing me. Once I've succumbed to the temptation, there was no turning back. I only fell deeper and deeper into the story which I have loyally followed for the past few years.

It's difficult to review without revealing spoilers. So I invite whoever that is interested to discussion about the book to talk to me online.

All in all, this is one hell of a book. Everything that has happened over the past 6 books have finally made sense. The progress of the fiction was very well planned, with LOADS of action involved. It changes your perception on some characters, while Rowling guarantees a whole of deaths. She's sooo evil, killing off some of the most well-loved characters. Isn't it nice, I mean, you get to kill as many as you want like the tradition Chinese Emperor, and end up richer than the Queen of England. Sweet!

She looks like royalty already. Lookie at her BLinGs... So flashy huh? Everyone wants to be an author now, lol!

Definitely a must-read! For those who doesn't want to buy, find me ;)
Don't ask me for spoilers, I will knock you on the head with the hardcover version of it.
(I'm serious)
If you have read the earlier editions, and do not plan to continue, go flush yourself down the toilet bowl.

Now I can go back to House MD Season 3 in peace!

Monday, July 30, 2007

New Specs

I know I'm pretty blind, gonna be eligible to challenge the bat's eyesight soon. Since it's more or less out of my conscious control, I've decided I might as well go blind gracefully (excuses...) My eye power is ridiculously horrible okay? *Depressed* Couldn't see with my old glasses anymore.

Don't have to remind me that I'm a poser, this is an old photo.

Emporio Armani frames that I love so much, made of lightweight titanium, a perfect complement to my thick and heavy lenses. Branded frame at 50% discount! It's nearly impossible to resist. I know I'm so cheapskate, lalala... Hey, but the entire thing cost me nearly Rm 1k, still... England Optical is such a rip off, with all their "your power is too high, lenses have to import" crap, made me wait a week in blindness somemore! Hmph!

It's been loyal to me for the past 2 years, serving me with
R: myopia -6.75, astigmatism -0.75
L: myopia -6.75, astigmatism -0.25

Probably its the increasingly intense studying that I've been doing in recent years that increased my power a current all-time high of,
R: myopia -7.50, astigmatism -0.25
L: myopia -7.25, astigmatism -0.25

Noticed that my shortsightedness has increased, but my astigmatism didn't? In fact, if you had paid any attention to the numbers in purple, you would've noticed a DECREASE in my astigmatism! By 0.50! Is this a miracle or what? Whoopee...

Normal soft contact lenses only serve you by degrees of shortsightedness. That's means if you want your contacts lenses to serve both the myopia and the astigmatism, be prepared to fork out at least twice the amount of money.

That means, with reduced astigmatism, I should encounter less problems with my pair of Normal Soft Contact Lenses, as long as I obtain the correct prescription *maniacal laugh*

That aside, I need a new pair of glasses, so long my loyal old armani. Hello, new specs!

In my dear Fluffy's car, hugging a pillow that stinks like Fluffy XD
GA Blue half-rimmed frame + multi-coated plastic lenses = Rm199
High Index Technology 3.67 = Rm 250

(High index is freaking expensive, I am mad to pay rm250 just for thinner and lighter lenses)
Total Bill = Rm 449
10% discount = Rm 44.90
(because my dad bought himself Xerox Sunglasses, he looks like Louise Koo now)
Grand Total = Rm 404.10

All this from Focus Point, One Utama. Screw England Optical, I hope no one buys from you again.

So how do I look?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

End of compharm intern & HP

FYI, I've just quit my internship due to bad weather, literally. Of late, I've been feeling under the weather, must be due to the annoyingly frequent downpours that soak me all the way down to my underwear everyday. Gotta get from my workplace to the car you see. With 2 days left, and a bad case of cough and flu in the morning, might as well quit it, or every customer I service will be coming back the next day for Panadol Cold & Flu. Although I must say, it's good business *sniggers*

In the meantime I shall kick back and relax with some warm lemon honey, with my copy of ....


This should do me some good. Snuggling under my covers reading my pirated copy of Harry Potter. Can't wait to see who dies this time. Rowling seems to be having so much fun killing her characters at will, and the Order is holding Lord Voldemort responsible for their misery. Can't they see the real evil is none other than Rowling? Wakakaka....

Book Review and New Glasses post follows...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kids these days

*Big Big Sigh*

As a firm believer in good old fashioned values, I'm sad to say that it's facing extinction. To this day, approximately 18.5 years, there was never a moment in which these values have failed me. It is really a shame that society have come to this state, when humans have evolved into such selfish and ignorant creatures.

I pity the future of society.

Kid these days are born into a world of luxury, where their parents are numbskulls who happened to earn big moolah. Before you shout at me, claiming that numbskulls do not earn big money, please allow me to express myself further. These numbskulls pamper their kids more than Paris Hilton pampers her royal Pooch, showering them with endless supply of cash, shielding them from responsibility. The end result would be mindless brats who think they are hell of a great, and worse still, recruiting and brainwashing innocents to become the bimbobots that they are.

Someone worth admiring, is the one who's able to depend minimally, and be as independent as possible. I find the ones who are truly great, can survive the best when everyone is forced to start from scratch.

The younger generation that I observe now, is simply pathetic. Never have I thought that those bimbos in American TV who walk down hallways with a "I'm beautiful, I'm rich and I'm popular" air, can exist in Malaysia. Okay, I know I'm plain naive. But I've never met anyone who's like that, seriously, up until recently. Will someone tell me why these people overestimate the power of being pretty/rich/popular?

Being pretty is an advantage, sure. It makes everything a whole lot easier, but it just ain't fair. And the guys are certainly not helping. Every girl deserves to be treated equally, given that the other circumstances are constants, without discrimination. Well, unless she has some serious attitude problem. If admiration is what you want to exploit from your beauty, then it's what you'll never get. When your beauty is rivalled, or when people get tired and bored of you, the consequences will likely be too severe to bear.

Some lucky, albeit undeserving souls are born into a life of luxury. Where everything is being done and prepared, where life is to be purely enjoyed. That's where it is wrong. These poor clueless kids walk around throwing bank notes everywhere they go, and they don't seem to be bothered by it. This idiotic clan of creatures spoiled the beautiful game of Truth or Dare. Daring another idiot to do some insane act for money, like say, kiss my smelly toes. Not a meal, not Rm1 nor 2, but up to 2 digits. That's one bet, from High School Kids. Did you know that the boyfriends also have to bribe their girlfriends with luxuries just so she'll stay back with him? If you ask me, I would say one is using the other to boost her popularity, and making use of the other guy. I also happen to know that these are done on a regular basis. I have nothing against rich people, it's just that a portion (I didn't say all) of them thinks they are way ahead of others, that just because they have the money, they get to treat everyone around like a dog who's hungry for doggie treats. How I wish I can throw their own money right in their faces. That'll show them that their money, I mean, their parent's money don't run my life.

Popularity, bah. Totally overrated. If you're an artiste, sure, that translates into *KaChinG* lotsa moolah in endorsements and sales. To a real common individual, however, what is the value of popularity. It barely has any significance. So you walk around with Roxy or Billabong, or even Armani and Chanel, PRICEY, hmmm... For the same amount of money, I can get a wardrobe full of clothes of various styles. Brands are just names that that stupid people who are brainless enough to fall for their marketing gimmicks. Talk about spending smart. People know who you are, so what? I bet they also know how big your breast looks because 90% of it is made of stuffed tissue rolls. Everyone also know how stupid you are chasing after all the above stated qualities that are useless in your life.

Ugh, I can't imagine how "pretty" society's gonna be in future. People that I have met all my life are nowhere near being this disgraceful. And I'm glad that they are practical and sensible. Honestly guys, you guys rock. All I can say is, you've been warned. Brace yourself as society self destructs.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Raikkonen wins French GP


Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, and Lewis Hamilton.
RaiRai and HamHam on podium, can I be any happier?

Starting from the second row of the starting grid, Kimi Raikkonen overtook Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes to take 2nd position from the start of the race. He was persistent and managed to maintain his position after his first pit stop when he rejoined comfortably behind Felipe Massa. The climax came when teamate Felipe Massa came out from the pits behind Kimi Raikkonen, releasing our champion into the lead, and his second victory of the season! With this win, Kimi is back as a title contender.

After 8 races, the victories are shared equally by 4 drivers, Hamilton, Alonso, Massa and Raikkonen with 2 victories each. Current Drivers Championship standings are Hamilton, Alonso, Massa and Raikkonen respectively, as Ferrari trails behind McLaren in the Constrctor's Championship. Full standings available, here.

The season continues with the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit.

July 8th, Sunday 02:00 - Qualifying (delayed), Astro's Ch82
July 9th, Monday 01:00 - Race Day (delayed), Astro's Ch82

Source: Astro Guide, July 2007