Sunday, August 31, 2008

kimi contaminant


What a horror to wake up to! The first thing I saw on my computer is a Facebook friend request from someone named KIMI XXX ...

All the hairs on my body stood up. I repeat, all!!! Even the little ones in my nostrils, my ears ... everywhere! In the display picture, I see an Chinese Malaysian dude, with tanned skin and black hair. 100% not Kimi Raikkonen in a Malaysian disguise. *FROWNS*

I don't mind when people go messing about with their names you know. But when it comes to really foreign names, especially FINNISH names, especially x 100 Kimi Raikkonen's name, I just get awfully agitated. It doesn't suit Asians at all, not to mention contaminating Raikkonen's good, glorious name.

No wonder Kimi's been having hiccups for the past few races. *Ahem* Got people messing around with the prosperity of his name.

For heaven sake, leave the ang moh names, especially unconventional ones like Finnish names, to the ang mohs. What's wrong with our names? My British colleagues have no trouble calling me Ling, monosyllable, easy to remember (The Ling in sterLING, muahahaha, perasan betul).


On another note, it's Hari Kemerdekaan today. Hey, I do remember okay! Even though I'm seas away from home. It's never been a big deal for me, I mean, it's just another holiday to me. Sigh, generations like me are bad for the country. Sometimes, I feel like the country is bad for me as well. I don't know. But since, I'm Malaysian anyway, I have to celebrate this occassion, eventhough I'm in a rainy London now.

-I could sing Negaraku at the top of my voice underneath the Big Ben, or...

-Wear my "I'm in an illegal gathering of more than 3 people without a permit" and lepak Malaysian style in front of the Malaysian Embassy, or...

-Buy Malaysian Style Satay Sauce from Tesco, and cook something with it, or...

-Stream ERA FM on my computer all day, broadcasting the likes of Sudirman crooning on some loud speakers on the streets of London or...

-Call up all the 51 year olds in UK and tell them they're as old as Malaysia, or...

-Call out all the Malaysians I know in London for a celebratory durian feast
(available for sale in China Town) outside Buckingham Palace, or...

-I can do nothing about it, because no one cares about Hari Kemerdekaan here.

Yes, I think that's what I'll do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fruit Orchard

Towards the end of our stay in Hereford, we were given the most amazing country experience! The plan was to visit a PYO (pick your own) Fruit Farm, to gawk at berries hanging on their stems. Time was what we had, so we took a leisurely 1 hour walk. A walk through the best of British nature, with plenty of subtle surprises.

A beautiful green tunnel, no explosives required :)
I feel so little. Oh wait, I still am little, hehe.

Vast fields of golden hay

Random scenery picture.
It's gorgeous isn't it? This is what you're missing out on if your English Experience is based entirely on London.

Posing with a green apple tree.
I had a bite of it, but ugh, it tastes better cooked in a pie.

That's blueberries for you.
I used to think that they grow on bushes, but strangely, they grow on scrawny trees in a pot.
Well, we picked at least one berry from each pot anyway, ahahaha... Practically grabbing left and right, stuffing my mouth like clockwork while walking, you don't wanna know how we looked like.

Met some very friendly horses along the way, reminds me of Alice from my last horse camp.

Baa Baa the black sheep is not giving me any wool.
Because we snapped her behind.

Golden pears, looking like irregularly shaped balls.
You know what I mean.

Beetroot, unearthed for a shot, then replanted shortly after.

A single heart shaped strawberry, amongst the unripened ones.

I had a bite, and got inspired.
Advertisement for Mac. Hehehe.

Fresh leafy veggies...!

Some wild raspberries we saw on our way there.

That plant is f**king bigger than my head!

Onion rings earrings.

How can something as smelly as an onion grow such pretty blooms?
Sorry, I am biased against onions.

Other fruit/veggies that are available in this farm.
Actually we have to pay for what we want to take out of the farm.
But we don't have to pay because we take them out with our stomach =P

Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Naturally, I chose the onion-free path.

You there tomato! Don't you dare grow near me.
I don't eat you.
Now everyone knows I don't like eating veggie.

But I do like posing with them!

The farm also has a pair of donkeys.

A couple of pigs, that stink oh so bad.
If only they smell like siew yuk all the time...
They'd be extinct in no time! Muahahaha...

Super fat chickens!!
Reminds me of my ol' pet rooster, Cuckoo... *mourns*

I like this horse the most, see, purposely come near and pose for the camera.
Not to mention, we are wearing the same colours as well!
Since we know each other so well, she's my new BFF!

They know an animal lover when they see one =D
Although one did attempt to chew my jacket out of curiosity. But I believe they're probably saying they can't resist me. LOL. Or that they really are goats that will eat anything.
Best pet to have if you have lots of homework. *winks*

Stupid lame thing.
Thought I might as well have a go since I've come all the way.

With Fong Jie who so kindly brought us for a Fruit buffet.
We left with a belly full of fruits, and not a penny less!

I hope you're terribly sick of me now, because you should really avoid my next entry. Bimbo-ness and blond moments will flood the next post, taken all in the famous Madame Tussauds.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I would've taken more pictures at work, but our dispensary is extremely busy and I couldn't find much time to spare... In addition, some pictures cannot be taken due to patient confidentiality mumbo jumbos... Like I have mentioned previously, they can be pretty fussy about everything. If they acted like that in Malaysia, I think they would've been kicked out of the shop la.

Our humble Hereford abode for 8 weeks in its neatest state.
Don't start imagining how it usually is.

This picture is randomly stuck here for no apparent reason.

So yeah, the mysterious Sugar daddy I've been talking about and the Chinese Takeaway will be stripped of their anonymity in this entry!

Gorgeous double rainbow view from New Jasmine House, the chinese takeaway.
Squint and you'll see the second one above the clear one.

First and foremost, we must introduce the Mrs.Boss of New Jasmine House, Hereford.
Aunty Mun Yee who's originally from Hong Kong, but is permanently staying in UK now because her husband owns several restaurants here.

Followed by some exclusive behind the scenes footage of what goes on behind the walls in a Chinese Takeaway.

Uncle Sugar's freshly roasted duck, that I have posted with the sole purpose of making you drool.

The professional Head Chef himself, the chef behind the duck, Sugar (58 years old)!
They call him Tong Gor, Ke Wei calls him Lao Hu Li, but we just call him Uncle.
Born in KL, lived in Ipoh, Penang, worked in hotels in Malaysia and Indonesia before settling in UK. Behind us, is the pot of Briti-fied Curry.

Ah Wan, 32, a fellow dragon from Hong Kong. A serial smoker, but also guilty for pampering us with chocolates, ice-creams, and Hong Kong dramas. You see, from this picture you can see that I have gained some weight, standing in at 45 kgs now. By the way, if you like my top here, it only cost me 1 pound from H&M, children's wear 11-12 years.

Ah Fai from Henan, China.
Looks like those BBB, Big Bellied Buddha, not Blood-Brain Barrier.
No angle is gonna make me look like Mary-Kate Olsen sized now.
What you can't see, is that I have a belly full of fruits from the orchard, hehehe.

Counter of New jasmine House.
Very chinese decor.

With Master Boss, Asa Chung, born and bred in UK, rugby coach.

Okay, finally got Leng Chai.
Joshua Knight, 16, whose ambition is to be a pilot, and seems to think we're only 14.
Syoknya dipeluk leng chai!!! *melt like butter*

And then there's another big family at the other branch, New Jasmine House, Credenhill branch.

Ah Ping, an original Fook Chow fella from China, as original as my grandad, hehehe.
Rough on the outside, but actually very soft on the inside, a soft tummy that loves soft porridge =)

Now this Mafia looking fellow is Ke Wei, from Shanghai, China. Uncle calls him Da Ben Dan. Now, he is the only person in this entire family which I have problems communicating with. Oh God, that Shanghai accent is nothing I can handle.

Ah Fong Jie, who has just recently came back from Malaysia. She gave us Mooncakes, Kai Zai Peng, Heong Peng and kacang putih.....! Not only that, see how much Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat and Fried Chicken Wings she made for us...

My favourite chicken wings.
Glutton caught red handed.

Next Entry: Fruit Orchard.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Finally, I'm back in London after a fantastic 3 hour ride on a brand new National Express coach, with in-built toilet and fridge, LCD TV, driver with the most awesome voice, and uber comfy seats... ahhh... music to my bad back!

With an airplane like interior, French mademoiselle in the background.

Now that my working days are over for now, I shall take a short break myself, and let my pictures do all the talking for me. Get ready to get your bandwidth drained dry...

Ledbury bus station, where I spent one hour perching on every day, chatting up hot blooded Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian young men (boy oh boy, they are so good-looking that their broken English sounds so cute) and a good population of senior citizens of Ledbury. Especially the ones with hip replacements, they just love talking about their surgeries.
Pardon the gloominess, it rained shortly after the photo was taken. Typical English weather.
More emo than me, hmph!

Some random pink tree.

In case you're wondering if I have just taken the pictures off the internet.
Well I haven't. This is me posing with my Halloween-deco-to-be pumpkin prop.
More pictures on visit to fruit orchard in the next entry.

Brambles or English lavender grow everywhere in Ledbury. I would always pick a few strands of leaf to smell while I'm on my way to work, a little instant aromatherapy works wonders, hehehe. Just taking care to avoid the wasps. Nasty little things them. Sent many a swollen customer to us.

Boots The Chemist Ledbury. My workplace for 8 weeks.

My beloved dispensary, and my great tutor.
Everybody, meet Heather, my tutor, and in-house pharmacist.
Otherwise known as, Pre-reg of the Year. *smug*
She's so intelligent and efficient, I feel stressed just working with her. But it's been a humbling experience, to be able to learn from the best!

The Healthcare Counter.
By the way, this customer didn't got stung by a wasp in her tummy.
She's not swollen, she's just British. In case you're wondering.

With Dennis, The Notorious Area Manager who is turning 50 soon.
They say he doesn't smile like that often. I must've caught him on a good day then.
But I forgot to buy lottery that day. Sweat.

Chris, our jovial delivery guy who drops in twice a day to save Ledbury from Drug starvation.

Nothing is plain about Jane, funky grandmother with a pair of stylish reading glasses that will put my GA Blue and Giacamo Puccini glasses to shame.

Jenny the Store Manager, who loves Pandan Cakes, whom I have known only for half a placement because she was sent to Tewkesbury for a few weeks.

Al, our heathcare lady / make up lady / cashier / first aider.
She's doesn't believe that she's NOT less small, so I had to "hide" some of her behind me in order to get this picture taken. Oh I would give so much to be curvy like she.

Bubbly Hayley, whose gorgeous bags, stylish coats, I absolutely love!
We also share a passion for shopping at H&M.

Left: Lovely Becky who just recently got married. Sorry guys, she's no longer on the market.
Right: Model material Lydia, who is my aid to the top shelves.
Right most: Fresh Gluten Free Loaves.

Bill, the one who lets me in every morning, saving me from the cold.
He's my hero.

My regular bus driver, R.
See, UK drivers even dress smartly for work, tie and everything. Handsome leh...

Next entry: The Chinese Takeaway and Fruit orchard.