Friday, August 08, 2008

british intelligence

Hiya, it's me again. Boy oh boy, my blog is so pictureless now, I feel bored my self. Nevertheless it's still my only vent.

If only idiotic customers are my vents. Muahahahaha.... They become a pool of melted gooey butter... that I'll scoop up, then incinerate them into pure black carbon. My evil thoughts go wild these days.

The people here, they have no idea how bloody pampered they are. They would make a huge f*cking fuss, insisting to have caplets, instead of tablets, of the SAME drug, mind you. WTF right? I can't swallow the tablets they say. FYI, caplets are tablets, shaped like a capsule. You still gotta swallow it for goodness sake. If you refuse to swallow, then wait to die la. Fussy betul.

What's a little sacrifice if it can save your life?

Another thing. Oh gosh, this is going to come out sounding absolutely harsh and cruel. But I swear I mean it in a logical way.

You know the whole point of evolution and extinction, is the survival of the fittest by eliminating weaker competition right? If a mutant species cannot cope with its environment, it will just die off, so resources would be saved for the fitter species, that has a better chance of survival and reproduction. Simple logic ya?

It's not that I have no heart, but seriously, the number of diabetics, and other medical conditions which requires lifelong medical aids, are way too much. This abnormal gene, is draining the government of precious resources, giving chances to opportunistic, and money minded manufacturers, and well, dragging evolution down. Logically, they are a burden to man kind, no? But it is out of the kindness of our hearts, knowing that they cannot choose their fate and that they also deserve a normal life, we help them however we can. Sigh. When you think about it? Why would a mother be cruel enough to produce a child, a poor child to be born with such genetic defect, to a world where he has to be reliable to lifelong medical aids, in other words, to suffer?

I'm doubting if we're doing the right thing.
Food for thought.

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