Monday, August 25, 2008


I would've taken more pictures at work, but our dispensary is extremely busy and I couldn't find much time to spare... In addition, some pictures cannot be taken due to patient confidentiality mumbo jumbos... Like I have mentioned previously, they can be pretty fussy about everything. If they acted like that in Malaysia, I think they would've been kicked out of the shop la.

Our humble Hereford abode for 8 weeks in its neatest state.
Don't start imagining how it usually is.

This picture is randomly stuck here for no apparent reason.

So yeah, the mysterious Sugar daddy I've been talking about and the Chinese Takeaway will be stripped of their anonymity in this entry!

Gorgeous double rainbow view from New Jasmine House, the chinese takeaway.
Squint and you'll see the second one above the clear one.

First and foremost, we must introduce the Mrs.Boss of New Jasmine House, Hereford.
Aunty Mun Yee who's originally from Hong Kong, but is permanently staying in UK now because her husband owns several restaurants here.

Followed by some exclusive behind the scenes footage of what goes on behind the walls in a Chinese Takeaway.

Uncle Sugar's freshly roasted duck, that I have posted with the sole purpose of making you drool.

The professional Head Chef himself, the chef behind the duck, Sugar (58 years old)!
They call him Tong Gor, Ke Wei calls him Lao Hu Li, but we just call him Uncle.
Born in KL, lived in Ipoh, Penang, worked in hotels in Malaysia and Indonesia before settling in UK. Behind us, is the pot of Briti-fied Curry.

Ah Wan, 32, a fellow dragon from Hong Kong. A serial smoker, but also guilty for pampering us with chocolates, ice-creams, and Hong Kong dramas. You see, from this picture you can see that I have gained some weight, standing in at 45 kgs now. By the way, if you like my top here, it only cost me 1 pound from H&M, children's wear 11-12 years.

Ah Fai from Henan, China.
Looks like those BBB, Big Bellied Buddha, not Blood-Brain Barrier.
No angle is gonna make me look like Mary-Kate Olsen sized now.
What you can't see, is that I have a belly full of fruits from the orchard, hehehe.

Counter of New jasmine House.
Very chinese decor.

With Master Boss, Asa Chung, born and bred in UK, rugby coach.

Okay, finally got Leng Chai.
Joshua Knight, 16, whose ambition is to be a pilot, and seems to think we're only 14.
Syoknya dipeluk leng chai!!! *melt like butter*

And then there's another big family at the other branch, New Jasmine House, Credenhill branch.

Ah Ping, an original Fook Chow fella from China, as original as my grandad, hehehe.
Rough on the outside, but actually very soft on the inside, a soft tummy that loves soft porridge =)

Now this Mafia looking fellow is Ke Wei, from Shanghai, China. Uncle calls him Da Ben Dan. Now, he is the only person in this entire family which I have problems communicating with. Oh God, that Shanghai accent is nothing I can handle.

Ah Fong Jie, who has just recently came back from Malaysia. She gave us Mooncakes, Kai Zai Peng, Heong Peng and kacang putih.....! Not only that, see how much Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat and Fried Chicken Wings she made for us...

My favourite chicken wings.
Glutton caught red handed.

Next Entry: Fruit Orchard.

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