Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nandos+Focus Point+Pool+Movie=Sunday

Try to imagine the excitement I experienced on payday. The fate of a stack of cash *KACHING* in my hands. It's so tempting to use it up in a shopping mall, considering the fact that the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival is on now! Hands slightly itchy. Must save it for phone. Phone Phone Phone. No shopping! Must..... resist.....

So anyway, I did use a part of it. Can't possibly keep them all to myself now, can I? Part of the joy comes from sharing. As I was in a nice mood, I treated the family to a big meal at Nando's. Barely our second visit, we were strangers to what they had to offer. Or rather, the size of what we were about to order. Naturally, there were over-ordering. Again, naturally, I have an extremely elastic stomach, along with ample space in my jeans for waist expansion. Goodie, teeheehee~ Maybe its because I'm paying for it with my own sweat and blood, there were zero tolerance with wastage. Also, to make the best outta every single cent, I think I stirred up some unwanted attention when my bowl made several trips to the all-you-can-eat soup pot. Don't understand why people are pointing and talking about it. I'm not greedy, just hungry. It's legal! Says so on the menu, kinda like challenging me to eat as much as I can. Never seen a skinny girl with a big appetite is it?! Ish...

Recently, I've been having problems with my eyes. I couldn't see close stuff clearly, but likewise cannot be said for further objects. Turned out that I had the wrong prescription for my contact lenses. *TooT* England Optical! This time I went to Focus Point. Yes, the one who has Amber Chia for a spokesmodel. I don't think I can stand another moment's worth of blindness anymore. There's enough bruises on me already. Anymore to the collection, and I shall refrain from wearing skirts/ shorts for the rest of my life. The results from the computer eye-test (nearly 100% accurate)

Guidelines: R-right, L-left, S-shortsightedness / myopia, C-astigmatism (is that how you spell it?)

This is the result slip printed by the machine. The ones written in blue are the prescriptions on my glasses, by England Optical Group. Compare them, see the difference?

A shot of my spec's casing.

Damn right I see the difference CLEARLY. Its CLEAR that you guys suck. And this time, I made sure I'm not going to be CLEARLY dumb to believe you guys anymore. I got a fresh supply of contact lenses from Focus Point, at a much cheaper price too! By RM25 for 3 month's worth. Much to my delight, the lenses are manufactured by a very well established company, "Bausch & Lomb". A reduced cost without compromising the quality! This good deal mentally therapeutic! Now you boys understand why females indulge in shopping, and pride themselves with bargains? If females are willing to put up with your football and drinking, you should bear with our shopping.

Here's shocking news. My brother, he's only 10 yrs old. But his myopia is at -5.00 for one eye, and -1.00 for the other. Don't gasp, it's true. He's got one incredibly lazy eye there. Doesn't wear his specs frequently too. I wonder how he can still walk around half blinded on one eye. Can anyone tell me how to deal with him? My dad's pissed, and my mom's well, pissed too, both are stubbornly not in the mood to do anything other than scolding (aah, so it IS in my genes). Help me to help him. I can't do it alone. He's just as hard headed as I am.

We were due to watch Dragon Tiger Gate afterwards. While my siblings are all below 18, I arranged for them to watch The Shoe Fairy (starring Vivian Hsu) instead. In the end, only 3 of us managed to watch DTG, my dad, my cousin bro-Yew, and me. Dad was still a Thundercloud when we entered. Freaking dangerous man! Guess what? They asked for my ID prior to entry. My cousin (21 yrs old), and my dad was exempted. I broke out in cold sweat instantly. I'm not legally 18 yet. Just to be safe, I showed him the 88, covering the 1204-XX-XXXX that followed. Can't wait till the day I can walk in a cinema a proud over-18. I'm gonna flash my ID at every single attendant in sight, as well as all those almost-18 out there. I'm 18! See that? It says I'm 18! Nyahaahaahaa~

Rating: 7.5

An hour and a half later, the storm was gone. I was pleasantly surprised by the generous dose of efficient action scenes, CGIs, and the capable casts. The storyline wasn't weak, no draggy moments. Best part is, not insanely long like POC 2. Despite enjoying the movie, I can't say I enjoyed sitting for so long without visiting the ladies'. There is however one irritating element in the entire comic adaptation. It brings me to annoyance when I see their face covered by their hair. Felt like jumping into the scene with a pair of scissors to snip those strands off! Most of the casts are sorta good looking, they shouldn't be hiding their faces and expressions. With exception to Donnie Yen, who's a great actor who happens to be the raisin among the non-wrinkly grapes. The hair obscuring the face worked wonders, only for him. Worth a watch. Definitely.

Following that, we proceeded to dinner. Someone suggested Esquire Kitchen, and there we were. I do not fancy that place. The food is pricey, yet it doesn't taste up to its price. Ambience? Not my favourite. Nothing spectacular, really. Ever wondered why you don't find table cloths on the tables in EK? Take a look at the green chequered uniforms the waitresses are wearing. The following is a conversation that took place. Identities are not revealed.

" Why are the waitresses wearing table cloths? They should take them off and lay them on the table. That should encourage more customers" *smirk*
" No way. The sight of the waitresses not wearing table cloths are gonna turn away all of the customers!"
*Takes a good look at the waitresses, and found that most of them are aunties who wouldn't survive a single second in a beauty pageant. The image of saggy assets comes to mind*
"Absolutely agreed." *shudders*

I wonder if the one in charged of staff management is blind.
Crime #1: Bad taste in uniforms.
Crime #2: Non-beauty queens for waitresses are okay. But those with looks that is capable of driving customers away? Bad business strategy.

Just when I thought the world has gone mad, the last German Grand Prix in Hockenheim proved otherwise.

Kimi Raikkonen of the Mclarens started race from POLE POSITION! That's his first this season. Personally, I feel that his MP4-21 has been obstructing him from showing his true potential on the circuits. It even cost him the Drivers Championship. Gah! He's his brilliant self today! Note how he overtakes Webber and Button, simply superb! He managed to salvage the last spot on the podium despite encountering technical difficulties (all the team's fault, not the driver!). There was a complication with tyre replacement, a slight hydraulic problem (I heard), time unreasonably consumed when refuelling at the pits, making 3 stops throughout the race. Besides that, it is observed that Bridgestone tyres have the advantage over Michelin ones in warmer weathers. Hence the 1-2 victory enjoyed by Ferrari. See what I mean? Kimi deserves so much more. MUAHAHAHA... Alonso drove so badly today. That should keep the cocky Spaniard grounded for a bit. It shows that his skills are not as good as everyone thinks, as they forget about the Renaults having a good car. If not for Fisichella, Alonso would've lost more than 6 points in his lead over Schumacher. Ahah! But all eyes are on Kimi now, the hottest F1 property with the top 3 car manufactureres dying to have him on their team next season. Who's the boss now, Alonso?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Relaxation Extreme!

"Ah moi.....! "

I hate these moments. You know some morons are asking for trouble. A sense of irritation brewed inside me. I glanced briefly in the direction where that call came from. And to do that, I turned my head to my right, then downwards.

A clique of teenagers that appears to be of Malay descend, squatting neatly in a row on the pavement, whistling and coaxing in my direction. Sigh... another bunch of good-for-nothings. I rolled my eyes and looked somewhere else, attempting to give them the idea that I'm not about to entertain them. Sure enough, they gave up pretty fast, for they soon realised they ain't gonna get the slightest bit of fun outta me.

Seriously, don't they have anything better to do? I find it so degrading that they are doing this to themselves. What benefits do they get outta this anyway? I'd sure like to know if there ARE any. Surely they can't fish a number like that? If they could the girl who gave it must've been devastatingly desperate. The sight of them is beyond annoying, besides being terribly embarassing. Several red haired angmohs never stopped staring. My instincts told me to crawl under the nearest bench to hide my face there. Sadly, the ostrich's method of "hide-my-head-in-the-sand-so-I-don't-see-anything-means-nothing's-happening" does not apply in reality. This is a common piece of Malaysian public I would love to blanco off with a large, stinky bucket of invisible paint. I bet if I had given them a good hard kick in the asses, forcing them onto the railway to be run over by the train, the huge crowded they would've have applauded me. Heck, I may even be conferred a title by some Malay royalty for Selfless Act of Public Service. (p/s: I want the YB Tan Sri title, Datuk sounds too old, Thank you.)

That, was on Saturday, on my way back from MidValley. I thought I felt exhausted, as I didn't felt as chatty and upbeat with my so called "date". In the end, I ended up at the florists having a lovely time chatting with the girl who covers the rest of the week. Ahh~ the wonderful talent we have embedded in our XX chromosomes. Girls can talk about absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime. This little trip to my workplace, has been rewarding. I left refreshed, rejuvenated, reenergised, and was given this free...

Looks too good to be eaten right? Yummie... CHOCOLATE cupcakes! For sale at the florists only on weekends, RM 2.50 a piece. Listen on, not only did I got these FOC, I even got another batch on Sunday! Imagine the satisfaction just indulging in those tempting looking treats all weekend. Sinking your teeth into fresh, chocolatey, soft, sweet, calorie-full little devils. Hmmm... heavenly!

"Chat & Eat Therapy" worked wonders, I tell you. I shed my weariness in the locker room for my swimsuit and into the pool I go. 10 continuous laps without losing my breath and no aches. The result is miraculous. To maximise my self-spoiling weekend, I pampered myself further. While I was in Mid Valley, I couldn't resist this...

Facial mask, at RM 5.90, plus 20% discount, suitable for 2 applications. What a deal! I've never been a big fuss with all this beauty thing, but it's an affordable luxury in this case. Try it! Chuck it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before slapping it onto your face. I don't particularly feel any drastic difference on my skin. Being the critically realistic hope-crusher that I am, I don't give a damn bout what they say on the back of the sachet. I regard those crap as bullshit. However, I must compliment its fragrance and the feeling it induces the moment it touches my skin. Smelt great, felt even better. Who cares if those masks don't do magic? This is the price I'm willing to pay for 20 minutes of bliss.

Felt ridiculously happy the rest of the day, smiling away for no apparent reason, looking extremely bonker-ish, like those you would find in psych wards. Didn't even throw a tantrum when I found out someone has been nipping away at one of my chocolate bars. I felt like, how could've I have been so weirdly happy? It's so fake, like I was on morphine, heroine, or whatever kind of drugs. But hey, I ain't complaining. Lol... No wait, I REALLY need to be put under 24/7 surveillance. Its abnormal behaviour we're talking about. I may have lost some screws out there this time, with the over-indulgence. Is spoiling myself badly a bad thing on its own, in the first place?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Revenge of the Sprinklers

Being a teenager... It's all about learning to get out of bed. Whether willingly, or rebeliously. When the sun rises, and not when it's about to set. With or without the infamous "5 more minutes, zzz..." mumble. Doesn't matter if you do it with 5 alarms or not.

I don't know what happened this morning. Did Mr.Sun crash onto the North Pole? Or Donald Trump go into bankruptcy? Maybe Casanova got resurrected? I actually woke up, all by myself, 5 minutes earlier than I should.

Wierdness, ain't it? But no matter. Since I'm up, I might as well go shower, surprise my bosses for once. Good idea? Nooo... Bad idea.

For those who don't know, I cycle to work. The journey's a joy every morning. I get to feast my eyes with gorgeous golfers greens (hopefully my blindness reduces with such large doses of the shade), find new "hi pals" in the regular joggers/ cyclists/ maintenance staff, even meeting some local birdies (I especially love Baldie, the BALD myna, lol, it never fails to meet me every morning). I though I knew every thing I had to know along my track... until this fateful day.

This is the first time I've out on the tracks so early. It was about 8.45am, I think. On both sides, are the grass lands dedicated to tee off-ers. What I'm cyling on, is actually the buggy track, no more than 5 feet wide. The sun was bright, the breeze cool, the grass green, Baldie as bald as ever... I was a happy girl, humming to my favourite Jim Brickman piece.


Oh my gawd, Jim Brickman is coming to town! Can you believe it? Jim Brickman okay? One of the greatest pianist EVER! Dear Mr.Brickman, sir, I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!

Ahem, now that I've got it out of my system, let's continue.

The scene was like sooo perfect, but something just has to go wrong! Guess what? The sprinklers came to life! Must be some high end super efficient sprinklers there. They spray FAR and WIDE... even gardens nearby and the BUGGY TRACK was affected, although it is considered to have exceeded the bounds of where the grass is. GAH! What I encountered was nowhere near a sprinkle, nor a drizzle. The hell it's a SHOWER! I may not be familiar with how this sprinkler system works, but I'm undeniably not enjoying the extra shower all the way to the florists'. Must the sprinklers work for sooo long each time? Or some dude turned it on, on purpose? To make things worse, I didn't tie my hair as it was still damp from my shower (the one I had at home) and allowed it to fly behind me as I cycle, creating that dramatic scene we always see on the telly (with a cheerful melody), while hoping for it to dry. Lo and behold, I arrived to work semi-drenched. Patches of dark wet spots on my outfit, hair limp and wetter than before, out of breath as I pedalled with all my might, determined to get away from those dratted sprinklers ASAP. Thank God, I got there in one piece! One slip on the slippery path, and I could've fallen straight into the nearest pond.

I suspect it must've been that Indian maintenance tambi. A week ago, he was sweeping the buggy track when I came along. Please note that I AVOIDED him by cycling slightly onto the grass. So nice of me risk a slow, bumpy ride to save him the trouble of avoiding right? His jackass of a boss scolded him for not giving priority to the resident. Hello? Not my fault, I'm innocent! He gave me dirty looks everytime I see him afterwards. What kind of attitude is that? Ish! Thus, it is immensely likely that he has access to the sprinklers as its part of his maintenance job. Grrr... Yet, I have no evidence. Considering I had a reasonably good day at work today, I shall forgive him *beams*

Okay, I was just kidding. Chances are that the sprinklers are timed to operate at a certain time.

Lesson learnt. I will not be early anymore. Being early does not pay, plus being late is fashionable. So why bother?

Friday, July 14, 2006

My Virgin Attempt at a Chiffon

I'm slacking so much lately, I have stuff to blog about, and yet, there isn't enough motivation in me to get my effectors to work. Geez... Will someone please force me to do some work?

Yes, I am perfectly aware that the following is so horribly outdated. Anyway...

Kudos to Italy, the reigning Football Champion!

This shot is dedicated to their mind blowing success...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Courtesy of Leong. Nyahaahaahaa...this is football fever. The proud Italian flag, made of banana leaf (green), tissue that's stuck on the leaf with who-knows what (maybe someone's mucus), and curry that came with Leong's thosai. So what if we don't have an Italian flag to wave when the Italian dudes are high-ing about their victory, resulting in an abundance of ''Brokeback'' scenes (Shaun's idea), on television? We have an ''edible'' Italian flag on a shiny thosai plate to wave around with, LOL. It's one of a kind =P

On the controversy revolving Zidane's illustrious career, I have something to say about that. I admit that I wasn't overly upset over the football great receiving a red farewell gift from the referee, that's because I'm on the Italian's side. However, I did manage to observe some ridiculous attitudes from people, not just here, but world wide. This dramatic scene...

...sorta reminded me of Nicol David (our national squash champ)and the Brazilian football team, Ronaldinho especially. When these professionals are performing at their peak, winning tournaments, breaking records and so forth, everyone ADORES then. They get titles, cash, prizes, endorsement contracts, praises, publicity, blah blah blah. It's as though they are being worshipped as a God. That's fine. But when on one dark day, they just failed to shine like some super lightbulb. From then onwards, everything goes downhill... FAST. People get disappointed, thus lashing out harsh criticisms, insults, and blames these poor fellows. Come on, they ARE humans after all. They make mistakes, they experience being under the weather, they maybe unlucky, but they did NOT ask to perform badly. If given a choice, surely they wouldn't have chosen to disappoint the public? People should realise that the players themselves get upset too. By highlighting their faults on headlines as well as tarnishing their reputations in every way possible, isn't going to help at all. What's done is done. Bloody public you're just making the situation worse. You all are like daggers stabbing the already wounded players, literally forcing them out of their field. Is that how you treat a hero that once made all of you proud? What about all their previous hard earned achievements? All erased because of a casual, unintentional error? I scoff at the public's ungrateful demeanor. I wonder if anyone thought of nursing these embarassed professionals to rediscover their touch. For that, I believe that Zinedine Zidane deserves his Golden Ball award. This, from a non-France fan. In my opinion, Zidane did not deliberately knock Materazzi in the chest. Honestly, who would want to have head contact with a sweaty, stinky, sticky and dirty player? (hey, he might have BO too, for all you know), and a striking RED card on his last international appearance, with a big and shiny golden trophy that coincidently resembles his bald head at stake? I do believe that he has been provoked, and out of anger, the beast in him has been unleashed. Psychologically speaking, people do lose their heads for certain reasons. When that happens, the surge in emotions will trigger instinctive responses, similiar to reflexes. Even the trained will then be powerless to resist it. Obviously, Zidane is still upset about the ordeal. As an Italian fan, I still gotta say that I am ashamed that Materazzi did not show any signs of remorse.

Gosh, I'm still having football fever. Remind me the next time I start rambling about football again. F1 in Magny-Cours this weekend, wee~~

After a hectic week at work at the florist's, I'm super duper glad to have today off. I desperately tried to catch up on my sleep (still failing to break my personal sleeping record because I can't stand being hungry for so long). Since I've got so much time, I decided to embark on another culinary adventure! (pretend to be excited lah) There were several before, but I had not time to blog about it. Good news is, my previous attempt to bake Sheng a farewell cake turned out fine. Lol, he's still alive and should be in Australia by now. As for today, I tried my hand on something different. Tis, my mates, my virgin attempt at Citrus Chiffon Cake.

*drumroll please*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyone who's interested in a slice please visit me, lol. I guarantee personal nursing (by none other than moi) should anything happen to you while or after consumption. While stocks last! =P

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A MidValley Megamall Adventure.

Today, I didn't watch a plane. I didn't watch a bird. I watched....

SUPERMAN! (returns...)

Warning: Spoilers follow. Read at your own risk.

Generally speaking, this will be among the shows I will not give a thumbs up for, nor recommend it to others. And yet, it is not exactly the type which I would advise people to save the 10 bucks for other purposes.

Predictability is probably its greatest weakness. The whole damsel in distress, evil mastermind attempts to control the world, a hero appears in time to save the day drama, is getting way too old. Or maybe it's because I'm the one whose getting old, old enough to find this drill no longer amusing. It's lame for heaven's sake! I don't know about you, but I absolutely detest seeing girls being stupid on screen. Personally, I would prefer Smallville's choice of cast and plot. For one, Smallville has a better looking Lex Luthor *wink winkz* That one hour of Smallville is definitely more worth watching as compared the movie which is in excess of 2 hours.

Let me first stress that I'm fully aware that it's a comic adaptation, with all these hocus pocus supernatural elements tagging along as a package. But basic logic? Did the director think audiences these days are that dumb? In that case, people, we're underestimated. Though not everyone may have high IQs, there are certainly somethings that even babies know that it doesn't make any sense. For instance, the scene where Superman gently floats downwards with the intention of spying on Lois' family. He's descending, hence, the cape should flap upwards, and not fall limply along his back, pointing downwards. Bad CGI. Also, bullets cannot penetrate The Man of Steel, right? I can perfectly understand Superman being bullet-proof and all, but his tight blue suit being bullet resistant too? Likely, if Superman used some high tech material for his outfit. Now if we fast forward to the scene where Lois tried to remove Kryptonite from his body, you'd probably notice that the scissors cut through Superman's suit to reveal some bare naked skin. Can anyone explain to me how is it remotely possible that the suit can be bullet-proof (I don't see any holes formed when Superman faced the machine gun) and yet be vulnerable to a pair of common scissors (operated by a woman of ordinary strength)? Common sense!

A sudden surge of inspiration in the middle of the movie (some scenes just make me yawn) lead me to two brand new theories to explain Superman's appearance.

Why does Superman's hair stay sleek and in place, especially that little curly cluster on his forehead, with so much flying and saving going on at the same time?

He's Superman. He's an alien, with alien organs behind those muscles. Chances are that he has some super-sebum glands on his scalp, functioning to furiously release enough oil to hold every single strand in place while Clark Kent changes into those blue tights. This should explain the super sleek hair-do everytime he's in that blue outfit. As for the no mess look maintained even on flights, those oil are likely to be hyper adhedsive too, to keep those strands from straying. I'm afraid I have yet to be able to explain that little curl. I'm guessing he did that with the help of saliva and a little twirl of his finger. Superman may just want to act cute like tawanese/ japanese bimbos too.

Why is Superman wearing his red underwear outside?

Superman is intent on creating a new trend, just because he's such a popular icon everywhere. He could be considering his own line of clothings for all we know. A less glamorous explaination would say that, since he's in such a hurry to change every single time, he just happens to forget that underwears belong inside, and not outside (Martha, you're not doing a good job at raising people's son, are you?) An even more ridiculous reason would be that, he wants all eyes fixated on that stikingly red area to show off the bulge. And while his nemesis is busy concentrating on somewhere else, the enemy is distracted, leaving the enemy more vulnerable to Superman's attacks.

Ingenious, I know. Thank you, thank you, I don't deserve the applause, really.

That's acceptable. Overall, the movie did fairly well, I guess. There were some unexpected twists and surprises (especially Jason!) along the way. Those being the only reasons I stayed till the end of the show.

Immense pangs of guilt now flood my heart. I have a confession to make. I ACCIDENTALLY molested a Hakka Ah Pek today. If given a choice, do ya seriously think I'd go molest some old man? Chris Pine from Princess Diaries 2 and Just My luck sounds more like a potential victim, heh heh *evil glint in the eye* Nah~ just kidding, I wouldn't like to molest anyone. Men, basically have nothing much to offer, in my opinion. Digression aside, the KTM was unsually congested, with people flooding the train from every single station. As each station passed, I felt the public closing in on me, to the extent of being too close for comfort. Eventually, I was forced to lean on a piece of glass for support, at the same time trying to avoid being too close to strangers. Too my distaste, it worsened. I had two big, burly, fat and hairy strangers with large beer bellies on both sides, with me sandwiched in between. They were so terribly close that if I had turned my head in either direction, I would be less than 2cm away from their chest. Ewww... they came with a hint of body odour (BO) too! *grumbles about my height under my breath* Then, *BUMP*, I lost my balance, I had to look for something to grip before I fall onto any one of those BO dudes (double eww). I reached behind to find something to grab, yay, I found one and regained my balance. But then it felt kinda odd. I took one look, gasped and let go. It was the hand of that Hakka Ah Pek who had been conversing loudly in his mother tongue all journey. Given that he's an Ah Pek, it's a forgivable offense. I apologised profusely, feeling sorta ashamed of myself, secretly praying that this is not one of those perverted Ah Pek who thought I was on to him or something. Thankfully for me, he gave a shy shrug and turned away. WHEW! what a relief! Expectedly, the rest ride wasn't all that smooth. Clinging onto the sides of that piece of glass wasn't the most comfortable thing to do, but it's miles better than molesting another by accident! Sheesh, I can't seem to be able to wash that thought outta my brain. It's rather disturbing having that awkward moment to replay over and over again in my brain. Argh, these are times when I just wish that my memory sucked.

Being Part of Working Class

I'm a Desperate Teenager.
Unless my insatiable hunger for this black beauty is fulfiled.

Incredibly sexy, no?

The great lengths I have undertaken to realise this vision of mine include getting my arse to work the hours. Not just one job, heck no, that's not enough. There're two.

Having been through the early stages of these jobs, I thought it'd only be appropriate that I blog about it. It rightfully deserves a spot in the Ling-O-Logy archives. So, here goes...

The Classifieds section the The Star was the one which brought me hope *eyes gleaming with tears and light radiating from my copy of The Star newspaper*... I had my heart set on a teaching job, but somehow an ad for a florist appealed to me even more. In the end, I got it! And for that, I have to thank a certain person who stood me up last thursday. That allowed me to attend the interview that day! What are the odds?

What can I say? My bosses are such darlings! And I totally love them. They took such good care of me, besides being extremely patient teaching a noob how to do flower arrangements, corsages, bouquets, ribbons and etc. Courses like these costs a fortune outside, and I get paid while learning? I think I've just hit a jackpot. 3 days a week, 9 hours a day, with moderate customer turnout rate, it's the perfect one for me. Bonuses include knowing some taitais, datuks, basically the rest of the neighbourhood and adorable caucasian kids! Oh, and did I mention Suan and Lawrence were such amiable people who gave me toys, cupcakes and roses too? Boy, though the wage isn't alot, I sure ain't regretting this! Alot of effort have been invested in this job. For instance, tangling all my fingers together trying to create that ribbon, instead of knotting them together, waking up early, forcing rusty leg muscles to cycle my lazy bum there, struggling to keep those dratted eyelids from coming into contact with each other and more which, I can't recall in the mean time. I'm brain juice deprived.

My pretty little workplace...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And look, the cash register! I now know how to use the cash register! Yay, me!

I'm afraid to say I don't have any photographs to show off my teaching "flair". First off, little Miss Tuition Teacher here wants to minimise the intimidation factor in class. (Although, I have no idea in what ways do a short, slender, and wacky me seem intimidating.) And by aiming a camera at the girls, followed by some furious snapping wouldn't help at all. Other than the fact that my room=classroom is a huge mess on its own, my camera has run out of memory. Lol. Mental note to self: cut down on the cam-whoring. See? I'm being such a considerate and caring young educator, LOL. Who else wants to hire me?

My weekends for this week, I'm proud to say they are comfortably occupied. Hurray for the revival of my social life! No more self-glueing my bum to my chair, while disintergrating in front of Zeus, my computer. No more sleeping more than 12 hours a day just because I'm so pathetic that I really have nothing else to do. I hope that Portugal will experience a revival to victory tonight too! Go Portugal tonight, Go Italy on Sunday night! Screw Germany (the germs), Screw France (the ancient-aged)!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rooney Vs Ronaldo

Warning: England supporters and Football haters may want to skip this entry to avoid high blood pressure.

Wayne Rooney [ENG] said he's going to break Cristiano Ronaldo [POR] in half the next time he sees him. I laughed my head off when I heard this on the radio earlier. Tsk tsk tsk, that's so UNSPORTING of Rooney now, isn't it? It's the same quality in him that earned him...


He carelessly trod on Ricardo Carvalho's [POR] groin *Ouch*

Verdict: Clumsy.

He pushed Cristiano Ronaldo [POR], for no reason. (I didn't see Ronaldo talk/ touch/ provoke him at all)

Verdict: Ill tempered, Unsporting.

He pushed Ronaldo in front of the referee, at the same time that he was being considered whether a carded should be awarded.

Verdict: Utterly stupid.

I would say that both teams were very evenly matched in terms of potential, as both teams had many chances of winning that game. In the end, Portugal won by penalty shootout.

Dear England fans, if you have ignored the warning above and is reading this now, you know this is the truth, Rooney ruined your team's chances *EVIL SMIRK*... Love, Me.

P/s: Yeah, I'm not a big fan of young Rooney, bear with it. Please allow me to stress that I do like several England players such as Gerrard and Lampard. Thus, this entry is directed at the player, not the England team. Yeah, i don't like him. Kill me.

Let's go back to the juicy part...

Introducing, Cristiano Ronaldo, standing tall at 1.84 metres, and weighing in at 75 kgs.

Second from Right. Check out those muscles. I know, he's an eye pleaser right?

Cristiano Ronaldo, remember the name.

Can't resist adding another =D

Let's not get carried away. Now meet Wayne Rooney, who's only a mere 1.78 metres tall, and check this out, weighs in at a whopping 78 kgs. If you compare them both, you'd realise that one is not only shorter, but heavier too, which makes him relatively fatter. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Blubber. That's what I see, kinda resembles a dugong, in my opinion.
Looks like Ronaldo's [BRA] not the only fat dude in the competition. Oh wait, Brazil lost recently right? In that case, both fat dudes did not progress. This shows that teams with (fat doesn't sound very nice, does it? I'll substitute it with a word that's less mean) less fit players, could be a liability for the team. Not only in terms of performance, but also the cost to sponsor an entire team, since they eat so much. That could've cost the team better shoelaces.

That being said, can you possibly imagine the shorter and stouter Rooney break Ronaldo in half? HAHA... big talker! It's so much likelier that Ronaldo break him into half instead.

Rooney brought all the mess to himself, and he's putting the blame on someone else.

Verdict: irresponsible

Did not learn from mistakes, holds grudge, and most probably seeking revenge.

Verdict: stubborn

*shakes head*

There. Rooney has sabotaged Ronaldo's future in Manchester United, and probably Manchester United's future in the English Premiere League as well. That's so evil of him. But then again, rumours have it that a move to Real Madrid is possible for Ronaldo! Wee~ that's where all the football greats of today are! So I guess Rooney's not that bad after all for paving a better road for Ronaldo to walk on. Bwahaahaahaa~ He's so gonna flush himself down the toilet bowl when he finds out what he has just done for Ronaldo.