Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nandos+Focus Point+Pool+Movie=Sunday

Try to imagine the excitement I experienced on payday. The fate of a stack of cash *KACHING* in my hands. It's so tempting to use it up in a shopping mall, considering the fact that the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival is on now! Hands slightly itchy. Must save it for phone. Phone Phone Phone. No shopping! Must..... resist.....

So anyway, I did use a part of it. Can't possibly keep them all to myself now, can I? Part of the joy comes from sharing. As I was in a nice mood, I treated the family to a big meal at Nando's. Barely our second visit, we were strangers to what they had to offer. Or rather, the size of what we were about to order. Naturally, there were over-ordering. Again, naturally, I have an extremely elastic stomach, along with ample space in my jeans for waist expansion. Goodie, teeheehee~ Maybe its because I'm paying for it with my own sweat and blood, there were zero tolerance with wastage. Also, to make the best outta every single cent, I think I stirred up some unwanted attention when my bowl made several trips to the all-you-can-eat soup pot. Don't understand why people are pointing and talking about it. I'm not greedy, just hungry. It's legal! Says so on the menu, kinda like challenging me to eat as much as I can. Never seen a skinny girl with a big appetite is it?! Ish...

Recently, I've been having problems with my eyes. I couldn't see close stuff clearly, but likewise cannot be said for further objects. Turned out that I had the wrong prescription for my contact lenses. *TooT* England Optical! This time I went to Focus Point. Yes, the one who has Amber Chia for a spokesmodel. I don't think I can stand another moment's worth of blindness anymore. There's enough bruises on me already. Anymore to the collection, and I shall refrain from wearing skirts/ shorts for the rest of my life. The results from the computer eye-test (nearly 100% accurate)

Guidelines: R-right, L-left, S-shortsightedness / myopia, C-astigmatism (is that how you spell it?)

This is the result slip printed by the machine. The ones written in blue are the prescriptions on my glasses, by England Optical Group. Compare them, see the difference?

A shot of my spec's casing.

Damn right I see the difference CLEARLY. Its CLEAR that you guys suck. And this time, I made sure I'm not going to be CLEARLY dumb to believe you guys anymore. I got a fresh supply of contact lenses from Focus Point, at a much cheaper price too! By RM25 for 3 month's worth. Much to my delight, the lenses are manufactured by a very well established company, "Bausch & Lomb". A reduced cost without compromising the quality! This good deal mentally therapeutic! Now you boys understand why females indulge in shopping, and pride themselves with bargains? If females are willing to put up with your football and drinking, you should bear with our shopping.

Here's shocking news. My brother, he's only 10 yrs old. But his myopia is at -5.00 for one eye, and -1.00 for the other. Don't gasp, it's true. He's got one incredibly lazy eye there. Doesn't wear his specs frequently too. I wonder how he can still walk around half blinded on one eye. Can anyone tell me how to deal with him? My dad's pissed, and my mom's well, pissed too, both are stubbornly not in the mood to do anything other than scolding (aah, so it IS in my genes). Help me to help him. I can't do it alone. He's just as hard headed as I am.

We were due to watch Dragon Tiger Gate afterwards. While my siblings are all below 18, I arranged for them to watch The Shoe Fairy (starring Vivian Hsu) instead. In the end, only 3 of us managed to watch DTG, my dad, my cousin bro-Yew, and me. Dad was still a Thundercloud when we entered. Freaking dangerous man! Guess what? They asked for my ID prior to entry. My cousin (21 yrs old), and my dad was exempted. I broke out in cold sweat instantly. I'm not legally 18 yet. Just to be safe, I showed him the 88, covering the 1204-XX-XXXX that followed. Can't wait till the day I can walk in a cinema a proud over-18. I'm gonna flash my ID at every single attendant in sight, as well as all those almost-18 out there. I'm 18! See that? It says I'm 18! Nyahaahaahaa~

Rating: 7.5

An hour and a half later, the storm was gone. I was pleasantly surprised by the generous dose of efficient action scenes, CGIs, and the capable casts. The storyline wasn't weak, no draggy moments. Best part is, not insanely long like POC 2. Despite enjoying the movie, I can't say I enjoyed sitting for so long without visiting the ladies'. There is however one irritating element in the entire comic adaptation. It brings me to annoyance when I see their face covered by their hair. Felt like jumping into the scene with a pair of scissors to snip those strands off! Most of the casts are sorta good looking, they shouldn't be hiding their faces and expressions. With exception to Donnie Yen, who's a great actor who happens to be the raisin among the non-wrinkly grapes. The hair obscuring the face worked wonders, only for him. Worth a watch. Definitely.

Following that, we proceeded to dinner. Someone suggested Esquire Kitchen, and there we were. I do not fancy that place. The food is pricey, yet it doesn't taste up to its price. Ambience? Not my favourite. Nothing spectacular, really. Ever wondered why you don't find table cloths on the tables in EK? Take a look at the green chequered uniforms the waitresses are wearing. The following is a conversation that took place. Identities are not revealed.

" Why are the waitresses wearing table cloths? They should take them off and lay them on the table. That should encourage more customers" *smirk*
" No way. The sight of the waitresses not wearing table cloths are gonna turn away all of the customers!"
*Takes a good look at the waitresses, and found that most of them are aunties who wouldn't survive a single second in a beauty pageant. The image of saggy assets comes to mind*
"Absolutely agreed." *shudders*

I wonder if the one in charged of staff management is blind.
Crime #1: Bad taste in uniforms.
Crime #2: Non-beauty queens for waitresses are okay. But those with looks that is capable of driving customers away? Bad business strategy.

Just when I thought the world has gone mad, the last German Grand Prix in Hockenheim proved otherwise.

Kimi Raikkonen of the Mclarens started race from POLE POSITION! That's his first this season. Personally, I feel that his MP4-21 has been obstructing him from showing his true potential on the circuits. It even cost him the Drivers Championship. Gah! He's his brilliant self today! Note how he overtakes Webber and Button, simply superb! He managed to salvage the last spot on the podium despite encountering technical difficulties (all the team's fault, not the driver!). There was a complication with tyre replacement, a slight hydraulic problem (I heard), time unreasonably consumed when refuelling at the pits, making 3 stops throughout the race. Besides that, it is observed that Bridgestone tyres have the advantage over Michelin ones in warmer weathers. Hence the 1-2 victory enjoyed by Ferrari. See what I mean? Kimi deserves so much more. MUAHAHAHA... Alonso drove so badly today. That should keep the cocky Spaniard grounded for a bit. It shows that his skills are not as good as everyone thinks, as they forget about the Renaults having a good car. If not for Fisichella, Alonso would've lost more than 6 points in his lead over Schumacher. Ahah! But all eyes are on Kimi now, the hottest F1 property with the top 3 car manufactureres dying to have him on their team next season. Who's the boss now, Alonso?

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