Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marche Movenpick

Being unusually generous, I decided to treat Fluffy to good, and I mean, really good, sumptuous meal at Marche Movenpick, The Curve. Short glimmer of honesty, I've been having Marche cravings, hence I decided to ruin Fluffy's diet by bringing him along. The diet which he GLADLY abandoned for GOOD FOOD, the magic word.

Not to mention a rare opportunity for me to post up some pictures in this photo deprived blog... Blame the exams okay? Out of 100 shots of myself, 80 looks like Zombie Ling, 10 looks like some Wrinkly Ol' Ling, and the remaining 10 are Panda Lings. How to post without giving everyone a halloween scare???? *depressed*

The breathtakingly beautiful sight of The "Christmasy" Curve. So beautiful right? The things people do to attract business... They even hired a snow making machine, showering The Bazaar visitors with sudsy snow... absolutely romantic! *squeals*

At Marche...
Rule #1, always take a walk around, surveying all the available food and queue lengths. Use this data to plan what you're going to eat, and in what proportions, to achieve the maximum intake of a large variety of food, with minimal $$$ where the stomach size is the limiting constant.
This is something I religiously obey as it's useful for people like me who does not have "The Bottomless Pit" for a stomach, and a Money Tree in my backyard.

My weird outfit for the day. Was coughing (and still coughing) as a stress symptom, didn't want to add a cold to the already suffocating situation. So I wore a jacket. Oh and that's HoneyDew Juice in my hands =) which was lovely, not overly diluted, nor excessively sweetened =)

Rule #2, Save your drinks to cleanse your palate, to take in the full flavour of the food. Too many drinks, especially creamy ones brings premature fullness, and a hefty bill too *yikes*
This is one rule that I still find it difficult to follow, not when the drink tastes great!

The first thing that caught my eye in my Surveying Walk, MUSHROOMS... Sautéed Mushrooms!
Mr.Mushroom Chef was just removing the mushrooms from the hot pan, when we came, the aroma made my knees go weak *droolz* I swear. This steamy, creamy bowl of mushrooms is the tastiest, juiciest, yummiest fungi I have ever had, and only for Rm8. The moment it landed on my tongue, there were fireworks exploding in my mouth, and I think I heard the Hallelujah Chorus too... It was simply orgasmic, Fluffy went for second helpings without a second thought ( also partly because he's not picking up the tab mah...)

Rule #3, Try not to overdose on you favourite food. Too much a of good thing, and the uniqueness fades with it. I personally prefer to savour the everlasting impression of the flavour, until the next time Fate decides to reunite us again.

Gravad Lax Rosti, and Fresh Caesar Salad.
The salad was totally delicious, it's in the dressing... By the way, the serving is actually much larger, the both of us are hungry hyenas who forget about everything else, ie: taking pictures, when we see food. A perfect combination of some of my favourite foods, POTATOES and SALMON!!! Don't care if potatoes makes my bum bigger. It's already looking disproportionate, I'm sure a little bigger wont make any difference *self comforting* Although I usually prefer to take salmon raw, this is cooked just right, with the wonderfully, slightly crispy rosti. Although I did make an error in judgement here, observe the next rule.

Rule #4, No matter how fantastic starch based food tastes, take in small amounts, or take them later, because they are very very filling indeed! Makes you feel full, and then you lose your appetite for more food.

Highlight of the day


Marche's X'mas special, Wagyu Beef Steak!!!
Don't know what exactly is this, except that it's a slightly more high class slab of cow flesh... That tastes so heavenly YUMMY..!! Not exaggerating here, this IS the most amazing piece of cow I have ever eaten *skips around in excitement* Medium rare makes it so juicy and tender, the flavour melts on your tongue then fills the mouth and the nose. Just makes me chew it forever and ever, extracting every bit of it holiness, before swallowing. This slab in the picture costs about 40 bucks, but the fact is, it's so totally worth every cent!
Rule #5, take you time to eat and indulge in that heavenly taste, but not too long or the food will get cold, or in my case, Fluffy will eat 'em all up.

The intricately decorated Christmas tree sitting in front of our table, next to the window to a beautiful view of The Bazaar. We had a good seat, away from the heat of the cooking, and the noise of the food stands. Somewhere that's a little bit quieter, with a good view, and much cooler too.

Rule #6, always find seats away from food stalls/stands, where there is a queue of curious people. I don't know about others, but I dislike people staring at my food, or the way I eat, makes me very uneasy, spoils the tasting experience. Can't play feeding with Fluffy with everyone staring, right? Yes, I'm very protective of my food.

A happy, poser, who had just had tasty food =)
Look at those swollen, dark eye bags, I have no shame posting this up.

Some camwhoring while we digest some of our food...
Rule #7, take some time off to digest, there is no prize money for speed eating. After digesting there will be more space for more food!!! Yay, MORE FOOD!

And for dessert, Fruity Crêpe with Chocolate Ice-Cream.
Freshly prepared upon request, it's filled with generous portions of sweetened mangoes, kiwis, and bananas with cream, artistically topped with Strawberry and Chocolate syrup. Just for contrast, a scoop of cold chocolate ice-cream to complement the warm crêpe. *Kiss my fingers* Ooh la la~~

Amidst the beautiful decorations, there' s a pale sickly looking zombie...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008 everybody.
I pray that I will be able to start it with good health, and less pimples.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today I'm proud to announce that the following post was inspired by someone. I'm sure that person would be proud to know that =)

You know it's pretty funny that some people have the wrong opinion about my blog.

I started this right after my A Levels, and to my own surprise, I was able to commit and persevere to this date. Yeah, so it's not Pulitzer material, it's not great, I don't have 5 digit visitors per day like Kenny Sia, or catchy ads loitering around my blog. And most importantly, I'm perfectly happy with the way it is, and I cannot ask for anything better.

For starters, I'm not blogging for commercial purposes, like alot of them do now. Those who wants be part of the newfound road to fame and fortune, I'm not one of them. Creating a sexy image, bimbo image, for attention? Not me either, I'm a plain jane and I'm not ashamed of it.

Let me correct the people who thought wrongly of me. I think alot. Crappy stuff, whinny stuff, emotional stuff. Before this, I had it all locked up inside me with no vent. Having this new black hole where there's endless capacity for me to throw everything inside, is the most amazing thing that I've ever done for myself. This is the outlet that I've always needed. And the best part is, I can finish my dumb stories in anyway I like, without anyone snapping at me or making comments prematurely. There are also times when I'd like to spread my sometimes quirky ideas, but with good intentions. This is the platform for me. Really.

So some people disagree, or they think my ideas suck. You know what? I can't be bothered. These ideas are entirely mine. This blog is mine. Heck even the coding for this template is mine. In this simple website I have dedicated my energy, committed to it, taking it as a responsibility. Instead of throwing a few lines, and abandon it when I get tired of it. I'm not that kind of person. Even if no one cares to appreciate this to that level, I'm cool with it, as long as I can hold my head up high as a proud owner of this blog. But I do get offended when people judge me wrongly, or when they tell me what I shouldn't write about. Hello? Whose blog is this again? I talk about my thoughts, not others, not yours. I'll be happy to know when other people agree, I would also like to know when other people disagree. However, just because I write about stuff that people disagree about, doesn't mean they do not deserve to be displayed.

I believe this blog is entirely, me. It reflects the true me. And I choose to share it with the world. Now, who has the right over my intellectual property? I would really like to know.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


It's easy to make a promise. But no one said it would be easy to keep one.

I don't know how other people interpret a promise. And frankly, I don't care, it's their right, they get to choose whatever suits them best. When someone promises me something, I expect them to follow my definition of a promise.

Everybody says stuff. Not everyone mean it all the time. I would say I disapprove of it, but it would make pretty much everyone else in the world very guilty. Let's just put it this way, we're all adults. When we say something, we have to mean it. Especially men. Oh, what's that cantonese chinese saying again? It goes something like, "gong dak chut, yiew jo dak dou". It means, if you have the balls to say it out loud, you must be able to do it. (The balls part is actually of my own addition, nothing to do with the saying.) I have lost trust in everyday words, I don't take them into heart 99% of the time. First of all, I HATE (with capital letters) getting disappointed. But when someone is gentleman/ gentlewoman enough to keep his/her word, I will be very pleased and that would make my day.

Ok fine, there are exceptions to it. There are, however, circumstances where words can't be kept for a million and one reasons. Humans are getting so creative, every new excuse seems so much more high tech than the other.

And then humans decided to come up with a concept of "Promises". A stronger level of words, more reliable than just saying. When someone promises, someone really means it, and will do it. It's something we can trust to happen, something we can rely on, something we can have confidence in, something that won't disappoint. Supposedly. By my definition, a promise should be kept at all times, no exceptions, no matter what. Yes, it is that sacred to me. If one is not sure that the promise can be delivered, don't make me a promise. I'd rather the person just "say", rather than "promise". Spare me of the disappointment, else I would feel like I'm being cheated to. Imagine having your spirits lifted up so high, giving you hopes, only to crush it all later on. The only excuses I would take for breaking promises are, family emergencies, when someone is in danger or when a life is at stake. Rain, traffic jams, exams, forgot-to-do-my-laundry, as excuses are unacceptable. Hey, it's not my fault that you're disorganized. When you make me a promise, I expect you to sincerely want to make something happen, by hook or by crook. At least, show some initiative and eagerness.

So what do you call a promise that has not been fulfilled, although there were plenty of excellent opportunities that the promise could be made to happen.

Broken or unaccomplished?
If it's unaccomplished? When will it be considered broken? Is it when I'm dead, and the promise has 0% chance of happening?

P/s: I'm on holiday now, wee~ Semester 3 is finally over, and dreadfully, exams are in January. Will be nerding, and whining on my blog more often now =)

Friday, December 14, 2007


It's been long, very long.

Feeling my fingers dancing on the keyboard as if on instinct, I'm amazed. My ears are awakened, carefully listening, delicately coordinating my next move. I decided that I would not use a book. It would be a lie if I claimed that it is a voluntary response. Because it's not. The music that it sung, so familiar and yet so strange. I've not played it, nor heard it in years. My first few touches were awkward, and the rest just sprang into life... Oh, how I miss that feeling.

For months, the piano has been staying put, pretty much untouched, until today. And yet it is still gleaming. My mom made sure that it's constantly polished and dusty, so it can always be ready, ready to be played, ready to create music. Mom has been telling me that she hasn't heard me play in awhile now. Since the commencement of my course last September, I regret to say that I've not spent much time on my piano, that has been with me for as long as I can remember. That is when I started exploring the mobile world of the guitar. Even during my lessons with Eric, I can't help but to imagine the keyboard on the fretboard.

What else do I remember? I remember loathing piano classes because they're a pain, amongst art classes, mental arithmetic classes, tuition classes, school classes, etc. I remember my fingers slipping and stumbling on the keyboard the moment I realise that someone is watching. I remember quitting piano classes to commit into cheerleading, a sacrifice I made for a spirited team of 20. I remember regretting that I quit, and started to play on self initiative. I remember playing nearly everyday in the wee hours of the morning during SPM, to relieve my stress. Yes, I remember. The songs that I've played. Richard Clayderman, my favourite.

Today I played again. It is a feeling unrivalled by the guitar. Definitely.

Monday, December 10, 2007

car accident

So I got into a car accident today. One of the cars was badly dented. Traumatised, I rummaged through my bag looking for my handphone. All I could think of was to call my boyfriend, to tell him that I was OK. No one was badly hurt, as the 2 drivers started to negotiate. Before I knew it, the other party was busy recruiting their people by the dozens. Without even glancing, I sighed. We are only a group of 5 female students. How can we possibly go up against such a large group of menacing looking people.

It rang... *thanks goodness*
No one picked up.

I tried again... It's still ringing *hopeful*
Still no one picked up.

I lost count of how many calling attempts I made. All I can remember was that none of the calls were answered.

And so I sat there, staring at the arguing, unrelenting drivers arguing in the rain. Cold and wet, I felt useless and scared. Partly grateful that no one was hurt, and that I can live a moment longer. What's next?

An hour later, he finally called.

"I was waiting for my phone to charge."


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to me


Nyahahaha... secret code! Okay, so it's not so secret. It's so freaking easy almost all of you with a brain can figure it out. Just wanna say it's "secret" because I want to syok sendiri, teeheehee...

Thank you everyone! Fluffy, my dear family, my lovely housemates, my coursemates, my unimates, my guitar kaki(s), my chatmates, my college mates, my high school friends, and even elementary school friends, and other people whom I don't recall how we met, for making my day so absolutely special! But to some, I just want to say sorry, because, CELCOM HAD A NETWORK DISRUPTION ON 04/12/2008 12 AM TO 6 AM ! For those who tried to call, or sms during that period, I'm sorry but I never got it. I didn't realise that till the next morning when some people was surprised that I didn't reply... with the exception of one person, who was emo because I didn't reply! Hahaa.... Who? Big hint, EMO.

BIG THANK YOUs, I LOVE YOUs to all! It really mean alot to me *sob sob*, and I'm really touched! Muaxes to all!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

deleted post

Thank you for all your concern and comments. I'm feeling much better now, knowing I have friends out there who care about me. Unfortunately, I've developed a splitting headache even Panadol can't cope with. Speaking of Panadol, my house ran out of Panadol supplies because my domestic helper seems to ask for it very often. Drug addict in the house! It totally gets on my nerves even more, when I can't get drugs when I need them. Shall try to get my hands on some Ibuprofen later.

The previous post has been removed due to sensitivity issues.

On a lighter note, I had a great BBQ party that helped lift the depression. So now, it's no longer depression, it's been promoted to confusion. Well, better than nothing huh. Everyone else please stay happy...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boots placement

OMG I'm so utterly flabbergasted! (cheh, already starting to use British slang...)

I can't believe that I was actually offered a placement with the Alliance Pharmacy and Boots Summer Placement Programme 2008! This is absolutely unexpected!

Thinking back, I submitted my application about 12 hours before the deadline, with the form getting through after a third round of submission. I thought it was a sign, that it was not meant to be, I was pretty upset at that time. The deadline was 7th November, and today is the 21st. Just 2 weeks later, the offer email popped up in my email to my delight. *squeals* Better still, Say Yuen is also one of the lucky few in our class to land an offer so we get to go together! *Double Squeals* I say this is the next best thing after my Biotech scholarship offer from Queensland U.

I'm not going to act, or try to hide my excitement, else I will be one of those fakers around... Just want to share some joy for a change, instead of sharing the pain =)

Apparently, I'm going to be working at Herefordshire, England for a minimum period of 8 weeks. This rural county on the West of England, somewhere towards the Welsh border is a scenic countryside which was home to some of England's finest poets. Stuff to expect there would be fruit orchards, dairy farming, vineyards, chapels, cottages, 16th century architecture, charming sceneries, poetry festivals, and music festivals. Yup, its pretty much a 'kampung', and the hourly rate is not as generous as London... but I will be earning more than Rm1.5 k per week, so I don't care. Everything in London is expensive anyway, plus how many tourist get to boast about going to the REAL English countryside, an Enid Blyton like setting? This is such a fairytale...

A good number of people have been quizzing me about my decision of not going to London. The next time someone ask me that, I have decided that I'm going to just answer, "Elementary, my dear Watson", because I'm too lazy to answer and I want to sound smart (but actually I'm not so smart) . That's Sherlock Holmes' famous quote for you literature noobs out there. To put it simply, adaptation takes time, and so does settling down at a foreign UFC (Unknown Fattening Country). In addition to that, London is reputable for its fast-paced, high quality, and expensive lifestyle. The majority of people there would either be really fussy, busy or plain bossy. Now, we wouldn't want any complaints from any meanie who decides to make our lives terrible now would we? Besides, if the pharmacy ain't going to be busy, it means more time for me to learn from my tutor! Anyway, I'll be working on trying to live solely on my paycheck, so somewhere with low living costs would definitely put me in the right direction =)

And let me just add, that I will be leaving in June'08 for this. That means shortly after my Sem2 exams in May, provided that I can pass them *SIGH* But before that, there's visa issues to settle, air ticket hunting and lotsa shoppingggg~~~ Another plus-sized problem to deal with now *sulk*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Broken Bed

Lately my baby Bernard has been working awfully hard, and so I decided to treat him to his favourite Lavender Oil Massage... He came to my room after dinner, and took a seat on my bed. Then... *PIIIIAAAAKKKKKK*

Yup, you guessed it, my bed broke. There goes my dream of Bernard picking me up on a great white stallion. I know I'll definitely feel guilty for life if the stallion was left with a broken back... I'm not particularly upset about it right now. Come on, not every guy can break a bed by sitting on it okay? Beware, if you bully me, I shall make my baby sit on you. It could be your back next, muahahahaha... I'm so mean, and I'm proud of my occasional mean streak!

The support of the plank-like thingies fell off, nails and all. That means the only real solution is to import my daddy all the way from Sungai Buloh to Semenyih, with his trusty Bosch and tools. So since we don't have anything of the sort, we had to resort to something else. Lynette has some pretty neat hammers, but the damage was pretty unforgiving...

In the end this is what we worked out... Should be able to stand till my Super Daddy comes to my rescue... provided that I keep Bernard away from it... Oh well, I can just hope that I can get some sleep tonight, despite the painful creak of my injured bed.

Despite my baby breaking my bed, and my baby sucking my socks into the vacuum cleaner... For all the weird things that you have done. I love you baby. I love the way you try to fix stuff for me, the way you always want to make everything better for me... I love you for who you are. And these are the times when I just adore you for you being, well, you =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well since the BERSIH topic is hot on everyones mouth right now, I figure I'd join in the fun in the debate and discussion just for fun, lol...

I'm not a major fan in politics, so maybe I can shed some light through a less biased perspective on the matter.

First and foremost, I think its a pretty stupid ordeal. No offense to supporters of either side. I mean, seriously, don't you all have better things to do?

Watching the news coverage on Al Jazeera, (hohoho, Malaysian Media not reporting the incident at all, I wonder...) I heard the words, "This is democracy, Malaysian Style", followed by the footage of the event, large trucks armed with water cannons (damn lame ok? Like playing waterguns in Sunway Lagoon) showering the sea of yellow, in a feeble attempt to disperse them. MALAYSIANS! You should be ASHAMED of yourselves! Embarrassing yourself on international TV? Tsk, tsk tsk, there's nothing proud about showing the world that we're fighting among ourselves!

Think about it. The water is better off sold to Singapore, cheating in more of their currency. At least they're paying for the water, and people who are out there enjoying free showers don't. Wasting precious water like that, shame on you, think about the children in Africa who barely have clean water. The number of police recruited to do silly stuff like playing water with the citizens, forming road blocks and being human barriers are absolutely ridiculous! I mean, WE ARE THE TAXPAYERS, and we're paying them every hour to do silly stuff like that? Oh man... they're better off patrolling the streets of ChowKit catching China prostitutes (yes, it's personal and I hate them so much) and illegal DVD vendors. But don't do that too often lah, where else am I gonna get my supply from. If I were you, I'd hold a free Siti Nurhaliza concert nearby, since you're willing to spend the money anyway. I'm pretty damn sure that would be more effective than playing water games and road blocks. And damn, if the people want to gather and waste their time, let them do it, why do you care? Perhaps you have something to hide, I don't know. Either way, this is overreacting.

Not forgetting the huge load of people who ditched work, home, and family to walk there for a free shower, really free hor? Don't you have work to do, or kids who needs fetching, prayers to perform? (from morning till 4.30 pm, I think the Muslims are required to pray like 2 or 3 times?) I don't see how that is noble to turn up in yellow showing support by ditching all your other responsibilities behind? What about the shops that closed for the day, fearing the worse? It's not fair for them to sacrifice their income for your needs. Register this in your brains, while you were squeezing through the horrible traffic, sweating under the hot sun, and being tortured by water cannons , chemicals, the leaders you are fighting are enjoying a GLAMOROUS JOB, happily being interviewed by Al Jazeera like a celebrity, and meeting The King. In the meantime, your innocent compatriots get arrested for no plausible reason. Did your hero politician see the police to rescue you? No... I don't think so, haven't heard of it, correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, I think it seems that the 30,000 to 40,000 turn out was being used! What good is the politician when he ends up creating a lot of mess that you have to pick up after, in the name of justice for all? It doesn't make any sense to me. You don't even know if you're fighting for the right thing!

This paragraph applies for supporters of both sides. Sure, you know about one party's flaw. But what makes you so sure, that the other is not just manipulating you into neglecting the fact that they may be the worse off than your current target?

Have you forgotten about the people who need to get to work, get somewhere in time urgently? These road blocks could be ruining lives! Ambulances are not on strike, as well as the fresh organ delivery service! I dare not even starting counting the number of people who could die during the congestion for the SELFISH purposes of the government and the people. Your stupid strike is NOTHING, compared to the lives at stake. Malaysians are so shallow and inconsiderate, these are times when I'm embarrassed to be one.

Don't give me he said what, or who is better. ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS. They are in fact power hungry creatures who will do anything, and I mean anything to get what they want. People you've got to STOP BEING MANIPULATED BY POLITICIANS to achieve THEIR GOALS. In fact, we should be the ones manipulating the politicians into doing what WE want them to do, or what they PROMISED to deliver.

At the end of the day, you will ask, so this election discrepancy issue, how do we solve it? Well, you got the memorandum to the Agong didn't cha? I'm pretty sure there are other ways to get it to The King, without recruiting such a large number of people, as long as you know the right procedure, and The Network. People these days just don't seem to ask nicely for something... You're not much better off pressuring The King to do something you know? I don't understand why you all have to wear yellow, shouting "Daulat Tuanku", when The King have to make you go through all this before he decides to receive it. He could be enjoying the real life drama in the comfy palace. If he really wanted to do something for your side, he would've heard about the rally that was about to happen, and could've announced to receive it the MORE PEACEFUL way, without the people.

I'm not taking sides, and I feel that I'm seeing the clearer picture here. Both sides on the BERSIH issue are declared VERY GUILTY on my blog. The End.

* This entry is not be taken seriously. Food for thoughts, complimentary of The Ling.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Welcome to my very first edition of , Word of the Day. Inspired by all that is around me, especially the stuff I think about when I'm too bored waiting for that piece of shit to fall into the toilet bowl.

Word of the Day: Hypocrite

Wikipedia says:
"A hypocrite commits hypocrisy."
is the act of condemning another person for an act of which the critic is also guilty."

The Ling explains:
"Hypocrites are 50% of the people around us, whether you notice it or not. They often come conveniently in a package which consists of self centered-ness, cockiness, and a good deal of acting skills. These obnoxious people often talk too much for their own good, thinks they're all that, expecting the world to revolve around them. More often than not, they are actually the ones with the most flaws, and yet, they think of themselves as perfection brought to life. In actual fact, they are the perfect example to "empty barrels make the most noise". Normal habits include breaking promises, difficulty in being punctual, and a most admirable talent in creating an impressive amount of excuses that almost sound believable. Somehow, they make themselves sound so righteous, and they deserve exceptions. The professional hypocrite is capable of creating an impression that they are not a hypocrite at all, and hence is able to perform the crime in broad daylight without getting caught.

How to deal with Hypocrites:

If you're feeling nice,
Smile and laugh it off. That way you don't have to lie. If you lie, and agree despite the truth, that makes you no better than the hypocrite him/herself.

If you're feeling sarcastic,
Casually remind them with an excellent example of the criminal in action, and tell them what a great joke it was, that you nearly thought that the person was really a "hypocrite".

If you have a crush on that person,
You will think that person has no flaws, and you'll probably not realize that he/she is being a hypocrite at all. Just stare and drool since he/she is talking to you. Agreeing under crush-influence is excusable to a certain extent.

If you really hate that person so much you get constipation just thinking about that person,
Record that piece of conversation, and play it out loud (or repeatedly) the next time the crime is committed by the hypocrite."

Thank you for supporting my first edition of Word of the Day.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Don't Love You

There's this song that's pretty stuck in my head lately. Can't seem to get it out, yet I don't know the lyrics to it. The humming rang all day. Now that I've got the lyrics all figured out, I think I'm beginning to appreciate it better now. In songs, it has always been all about the lyrics for me.

Artist : My Chemical Romance
Song : I Don't Love You

Well, when you go
Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way

And after all this time that you still owe
You're still the good-for-nothing I don't know
So take your gloves and get out
Better get out
While you can

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did

Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading
So sick and tired of all the needless beating
But baby when they knock you
Down and out
It's where you oughta stay

And after all the blood that you still owe
Another dollar's just another blow
So fix your eyes and get up
Better get up
While you can
Whoa, whooa

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did

Well come on, come on

When you go
Would you have the guts to say
"I don't love you
Like I loved you

I don't love you
Like I loved you

I don't love you
Like I loved you

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

"Tanggal dua puluh lima, bulan sepuluh, lima puluh tujuh...
lahir bapa saya, hari jadi dia,
sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka....!"

I gotta admit, that's fits Sulaiman's Tanggal 31 song pretty well XD I LOVE IT!!
*syiok sendiri*

My beloved daddy turns the big FIVE-O. Psst, don't say F-I-F-T-Y, he said it makes him sound old... And so, in place of the traditional cake and the home cooked dinner filled with all the goodness my mom can afford to throw into the wok, we decided to make it BIG, as in REAL BIG~ So unlike our simple, chin-cai style, but people is turning half a century old mah!

With over 20 guests in total, we celebrated at the renowned japanese restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel, ZIPANGU.

Zipangu, by Nadaman.

The amazing array of wine surrounding us upon entry. The alcohol lover in me just can't resist it. If I were to rob anywhere once in my lifetime, I would rob this wine collection and I just know that I will die happily ever after.

We sneakily got the waitress to reserve a reclusive corner of the restaurant with a little more space for our monkey business privacy. Ironically, a high class restaurant like this does not offer any private function rooms for booking. We were seated behind some water feature decor, really far away from the food. I guess it allowed us time to digest a little between our buffet rounds =) I was so disgustingly bloated, after like 3 rounds.

Some of the yummy super uber fresh sashimi, 4 thumbs up (from both hands and feet, no kidding) for their fresh salmon! I such a glutton for raw salmon that I chowed down so much that I thought I was gonna suffer from diarrhoea later on for raw food overdose. To announce something that I'm very proud of achieving that day, I ATE FRESH OYSTERS! Without the least urge to throw up! This is only my second attempt and I finally get to savour the real satisfaction, the reason behind the incredible popularity of Oyster lovers worldwide! Okay, maybe the other reason lays in the aphrodisiac part of it. But taste too you know? Sucks to think that I sunk my teeth into not-so-fresh oyster on my first attempt, it was so horrible I shied away from the fresh seafood palate for nearly a year. Oh, I missed out on so much potentially juicy and yummy oysie babies!

Types of salad available are more than I can count with the fingers on your hand. Unless of course, your hands are actually live tentacles, then you wouldn't have any fingers to count with in the first place.

I didn't bother to take too many pictures either, forgive me. I become especially fickle when distracted by a yummylicious japanese buffet spread. Stomach more important, hehe. It has been tortured with Semenyih food long enough. Several times during the day, I reminded Bernard to take the pictures, and he too didn't take much. He's too occupied with his Salmon Head to bother about me I guess. Again, he has failed to give me the photos I need. To hell with the lot of it, I shall just blog without. It has happened so often that I've grown numb to it. That's what happens when he's too busy, with what I have no idea, must be something extremely important, more important than me of course...

My dad's birthday cupcakes! Cute huh? Yeah I know it's real colourful, and kiddie, and girlie... We're celebrating a 50 year old's birthday like it's a 5 year olds. Lol, he'll always be a little boy to us, let him reminisce the past 50 years of life with this. This is the future of birthdays I tell you. Not only are they so adorable, they are handy, no plates, no cutleries, no tissue, no knife, easy to take away and best of all, no arguments about wanting a bigger or smaller size! Anyway, these cupcakes were ordered from my previous florist boss, so far I've got some people really interested in these little cuties. They are definitely more affordable than those from Bisou or any other specialty house, but I guarantee they are as yummy, if not yummier! Hence, I shall give you all the contacts...

Purple Butterfly Flowers & Gifts
Valencia Sungai Buloh.
Call Suan, 012-2687566.

A last picture of myself, my outfit and the water feature. I really do think I look pretty tall here XD Too bad it didn't turn out well.

That pretty much concludes it. For those who attended, please ask me for the pictures directly, I'm too lazy to upload the high resolution ones =P Saving my fats for a better reason *wink*

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kimi Raikkonen, The World Champion!

The race started on a Sunday night, when I'm already in Bandar Sunway Semenyih. I long to watch the final race. Despite the many cold buckets of water that I've received, yea thanks so much guys, I knew I just had to watch it. The closest I got to watching the race was on 's Live Timing feature. Even that itself had me biting my nails in excitement. And then I found this article that says it all. Celebrate, for Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari is The World Champion!

"Finally, after two near-misses, Kimi Raikkonen has his very own world championship. It may have been a long time coming but what a one to win. By bettering double world champion Fernando Alonso and the sport’s newest superstar, Lewis Hamilton, Raikkonen has secured Ferrari their first driver title of the post-Schumacher era and denied former team McLaren their only compensation from a difficult season.

Back at the season-opener in Australia, Raikkonen was already looking like a champion-in waiting. Taking pole, victory and fastest lap to boot, he dominated the Melbourne race weekend. Of course, the McLaren duo were also in the mix, as was Raikkonen’s team mate Felipe Massa, but it was the Finn who looked to have the advantage.

Fast forward to mid-season, however, and it was different story. As Hamilton, Massa and Alonso traded wins, Raikkonen seemed to slip by the wayside. Struggling to adapt to the new Bridgestone tyres, the 28-year-old went six races without a victory. With less than half the points of championship leader Hamilton, his title chances looked decidedly bleak.

For one thing, luck seemed to have deserted him. An electrical failure in Spain and an accident during qualifying in Monaco were just two of the mishaps which seriously dented Raikkonen’s mid-season challenge. A faulty wind tunnel back at the factory was also wreaking minor havoc on Ferrari’s programme of development.

But just as matters looked to be irretrievable, fate moved in his favour. In France, whether down to clever strategy, hard work or just plain good fortune, Raikkonen began to look at ease in the F2007. Backing up his victory at Magny-Cours with another in Silverstone, a revival was on the cards. Even the hydraulics failure at the Nurburgring did little to dent Raikkonen’s resurgence. With the impetus on his side, the quietly determined Finn hauled in valuable points to close on leader Hamilton.

Although reliability problems continued to plague the Italian squad, it was Massa who seemed to bear the brunt of their effects with the Brazilian’s title fight eventually petering out after his suspension strife in Monza. Raikkonen’s charge, meanwhile, was unrelenting. With his title hopes further strengthened by dominant victories in Belgium and China, the Finn arrived in Brazil for the final race of the season still in the running.

Seven points adrift of Hamilton, and three shy of Alonso - he needed a victory to seal the deal. He had history on his side, however. Back in 1986 - the last time three men were still in contention at the season finale - outsider Alain Prost had taken the championship in Adelaide after a sterling drive for McLaren, pushing out Williams team mates Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. In Sao Paulo, Raikkonen was favourite to win the race, but his title hopes would rest just as heavily on the performance of his rivals. But as with Prost, it all came together. He won the race, with team mate Massa protecting him in second. Alonso had no answer to the Ferraris’ pace and gearbox gremlins demoted Hamilton to seventh.

Despite Raikkonen’s title challenge taking some severe knocks in the early stages, the ‘Iceman’ has fought back with admirable determination. Against the odds, he has done it. By outstripping team mate Massa, taking on the might of the McLaren duo and muscling his way into the title showdown in Brazil, Raikkonen has shown himself not only to be a worthy replacement for Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, he has also proved himself a worthy world champion. Congratulations Kimi!"

Taken from, The Official Formula 1 Website.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome Cronus!

Here I'd like to introduce a new member to my small family of technology gadgets. Meet my latest crush, my spanking new external hard drive, Cronus! It's about time I got one of these, to store all my sloppy series and camwhoring masterpieces, and for back up purposes. Probably the only reason I'm willing to spend a few hundred on this is because I just got some $$$ from PTPTN XD

Note to self: Keep large amounts of money out of reach, ie. in fixed deposit, because having money is a catalyst in stimulating evil shopping spree thoughts. Oh dear, I should forget about spending it on the perfume I love so much, new shoes, and new bags. People, please keep me away from shopping malls!

My beautiful Cronus. It contains a 120GB Western Digital HDD with 3 years warranty, Rm 235.

The beautiful, white, 2.5 inches Cooler Master casing Rm 75, that comes with a stylish insulating carrier, it's very own cleaning cloth, iron- meshed sides silent cooling design, shock absorbing features and 1 year warranty. Isn't it so shiny and lovely, that you just cannot resist it?

The total was supposed to come up to Rm 314, but the kind salesman let me have it at Rm310. Imagine that previously some mean salesman tried to sell me the same casing and Samsung HDD for Rm330. Evil Low Yat fella. I know I splurged a little on the casing, but knowing myself, a regular, low quality, ugly casing just won't do for a vain klutz like me. I need the extra protection, to protect the HDD from myself. Teeheehee~

Credits go to dear Fluffy, who drove me there, bargained, enquired and wasted time to entertain his dumdum girlfriend all afternoon =) I'm a happy girl.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mom's recovery

I wish to send out a simple thank you note to all who have supported our family, during the past week or so. It is in these moments that we truly appreciate having real friends who help us go through the rough bits of our lives.

For those in the dark, lately, my mom has been diagnosed with hypertension, hyperthyroid and lumps in her breasts. This led to a major change in her lifestyle, and a recommended surgery following clinical confirmation of the lump.

Mom has recovered from the surgery pretty well, and is off running her daily errands as usual. There is basically no significant changes in her boob size =P Further lab analysis concluded that the mass removed is a normal fibroid, or a benign tumor that should not be of any concern. She's on other medications and supplements for her other conditions right now.

The recent body checkup at Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) revealed so many underlying conditions, that we were previously unaware about. So I urge everyone to please go for regular checkups, for health's sake. Perhaps, being aware of all these stuff, has made everyone of us more conscious about what we're doing to our body. The food we make ourselves eat, the conditions we force our own body to go through. It's time to remember that we're not God, and our body really is very vulnerable. Now that she's eating better, exercising more, learning new ways to control her condition, she feel healthier than before, and feeling good about herself again.

Breast Cancer is becoming a freakishly common affair among us now. Recently, I received generous support from friends who comforted my anxiety with real life stories, about people around them who are survivors. It goes to show that everyone, even men, are at risk. It can be prevented with early detection, so please, advise the people you know to go for frequent mammograms.

Again, I'm so glad I have good buddies who hang with me through these times, especially my beloved Fluffy and his family, my wonderful housemates, and other close friends of mine. I love you guys so much, really appreciate your efforts and kind words. Muax!

Meanwhile, please, please, PLEASE eat healthy, live healthy! Don't we all want to live long enough to see who loses all their white hair (or real teeth) first?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Freakish Semenyih

I'm grumpy. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. Got woken up at an ungodly hour, 6 in the morning today! The house behind has a shrieking child crying his tiny lungs out in the wee hours of the morning. But boy oh boy, those are some powerful lungs, penetrating through walls and curtains into my previously serene room. Just to complete the equation, Mom scolded as loud, if not louder too. I like kids, but I'm not fond of parents that has no control over their child. ANNOYING~~~! Those cries sounded extremely awful, it sounds like abuse. It rang through my head all day, distracting my concentration in class, troubling my thoughts.

And that's not the only freakish thing happening in Bandar Sunway Semenyih. If you haven't heard, there was nearly a RAPE CASE in Phase 2. Apparently, some horny Indian fellow came disguised as a plumber in this house. The tenants, were mostly out, except for a female postgrad. That SoB tried to rape her, threatening her with a knife. Thank goodness she was a genius, by faking an asthma attack the guy was frightened to bits, and drop the knife. Our heroine then picked up the knife, chasing the criminal out of the compound. That, is really a close call. I can't guarantee that it's an accurate account of the incident, because when the words get around, people often tend to deviate from the truth.

On another completely different location, our university, there was also an accident, involving a Toyota Vios, which turned turtle right beside the homes of The Ducks of Nottingham. Some say it belonged to a lecturer, while the others suggest a female undergrad. That's a reckless driver for sure. By the way, there was no collision. Only one car that has managed to flip itself upside down. How many ways can you drive a car in the narrow, bump-full, windy road in the university? I don't understand how it happened, but it's freaky.

What is this place that I'm living in? I want to make it out of here alive... *cry*

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back to School

Week One came and left. But boy oh boy, tons of stuff happened all week. I don't even know where to start. Emm, to begin with, we get another brand new set of 6 modules, 5 of which will be tested at the end of the semester *holy momma, I'm gonna be so dead* only 1 lab module this semester. Dr.Morris managed to convince us that it's going to be so much fun, lovingly cultivating our very own bacterias, just to figure out the best way to kill them later on. They're supposedly harmless with the right precautions, but I'm pretty sure how I can make them harmful, lol. Beware, if someone ever steps on my tail, I might just release my very own army of bacteria on you. Wonder if my bugs will become SuperBugs if I grow them with Mozart, nyahahahaha....

My room on Ground Floor, No. 33.

My tiny room, which unexpectedly manage to accommodate so much of my junk. There's a big ass mirror, because I'm so vain, a big plastic container of emergency (Read: Junk) food, cartoon boxes of various misc junk, a shelf for books, a table, a chair, a bed, my gorgeous curtains, I love them so much, etc... Oh there's also an attached toilet right next to the shelf, which it beyond the boundaries of this photo =)

From another angle, you get my modest budget bed, a mobile drawer, a portable wardrobe, and a sister trying to prank the other sister. Not bad right? There's enough space in between the bed and the table to fit another mattress should anyone wishes to bunk in *wink* Rm 110/ month for this room. Is that a deal or what?

The days were spent loitering around Semenyih, till this day, we're still shopping for groceries, and other stuff to fill the house, and our stomach of course. One hungry day, we decided to have dinner early, before going home. By early, I meant before 6pm. We visited one of Nottingham-mers usual restaurants, Restoran Kawan Kita. This is one very peculiar experience!

They normally open at 6pm, but we were 10 minutes early, stumbling into a crazy, drunken karaoke session in the restaurant, in which, the boss was an eager participant. Tipsy and a little high, the Boss was happy to invite us in, provided we didn't mind a short wait till the workers start turning up. His mates left after another song or two, with a "Customers are more important excuse". And so, he turned to us for company *Gulp* I was terrified, talking to a drunken 60-ish old man, especially when there's only 5 of us, all girls =S Lilian and Lynnette's advice was to just nod, and entertain him, while the alcohol wears off. For awhile, it didn't happen. The next thing that happened, was the old man carrying out a jug and glass set. He wanted to give it to us, as a token of appreciation. Goodness! He is so officially drunk. Old chinese restaurant bosses don't go running around giving teenage female customers gifts!

My heart nearly leap out of my throat. Then he insisted that we play Heads or Tails with his 50 cent coin, so that we won't fight over who's getting this "wonderful" gift. *sweat* The result turned out to be 3/5 of us successfully guessed the outcome of the coin toss, to our resentment. You'll never guess what he did next. He gave this set to Say Yuen, went into his kitchen, and came out with another identical set, as well as a huge box of Tie Kuan Yin chinese tea of the Jiu Ding Xiang brand. The second set went to me, while the tea was presented to Lilian. He's uber super drunk. At that point, we were already stunned, and confused. This uncle just won't leave us like that. He added that JuLi and Lynnette, despite losing out in the coin toss, must have consolation prizes, so that they won't have any hard feelings about it. Into the kitchen he went again, and reappeared with yet another box of tea for Lynnette, and an electronic hand dryer for JuLi. It was as if he was pampering us, even insisted that his Captain takes our orders. Gosh, never felt so awkward in my life. All of this from one DRUNK boss.

The Gifts.
We tried to return it to by going through other sane staff, but they just wouldn't take it back, afraid to go against the boss' orders. Surely we don't really deserve this, our bill was only Rm 30+, I'm sure the gifts are worth more. We had no choice but to walk out with a huge box in our hands, each. Till this day, it's still sitting comfortable on our living room floor, quite untouched. What are we supposed to do with these?

Hand Dryer close-up, with the chinese name of the restaurant written on top.

Lilian excited to explore her new gadget... The Hand Dryer.

Week One ended with the Finale, which includes an array of performances at the Amphitheater. Word is, the SA spent Rm 10, 000 only the lightings and equipment. Which created quite a wonderful effect all night =) Fluffy delivered a very good performance, along with Eric, Aaron, Milor, and Kamalis. To be honest, this is the best I've seen thus far, bearing in mind that the boys only had about 4 days of officially practice together. Kudos! We also had Urban Groove, mini Urban Groove kids, Pakistani dances, and Botswanian rappers to spice up the night!

There you go, the crowd, the Admin Building amidst the special effects.

The gig itself. I have no idea, why my camera caught it when the effects happened to be MIA at the moment.

I would say it was a good way to end the opening week. The days that lie ahead are not going to be as exciting, especially when everyone starts catching the nerding bug again. Oh well, at least I can still see some Pharmacy peeps coming out to enjoy what Uni Life is all about. Purely by chance, I wasn't assigned any juniors for the Buddy Programme by Lady Luck. Maybe that's because they're not really a junior to me, technically, lol, since I'm possibly younger than half of them XD A typically Nottingham-ish sight to end this post...

Why did the duke ducks-of Nottingham cross the road?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back in Semenyih

I'm now officially, and finally back in the ulu Semenyih town, to some's delight, nyahahahaha... I know some of y'all think I'm having too long a holiday, thinking, "this girl doesn't need to go back to uni". Well your wishes are answered, I'm back already, in the land of work and unholy internet connection! So again, blog updates will be slowed down.

The rented house in Bandar Sunway Semenyih is better than expected. Really. Uni mates, you can find me at No.33, Jalan Sunway 6/6. I got the downstairs room with attached toilet =( Not my choice initially... After awhile, I kind of like it. To begin with, the room wasn't so tiny after all, pictures soon!!! Being downstairs, means a decent water pressure for showering, and not as Fluffy puts it, "like piss". Yeah, so I'm rather pleased with it. No complains here...

Trying out Aaron's cool shades, but Brian says I look like a grasshopper -.-"

All of last weekend and this week, there was a massive amount of cleaning going on. Don't think I've cleaned so much in my life. Curse dust! Why can't they stay away from my house! And then there was my volunteering for The Help Squad, which is pretty fun! Except for the part where I sweat in the same T-Shirt for those few days. Should've given us several Free T-shirts!

With Josh who've just graduated E&E at none other than Nottingham. So nice of him to pay us a visit, more like, pay the new hot chicks a visit, teeheehee... So yea, that's my smelly free T-shirt... So called 'S'-sized...

Brian T, first picture with him, makes me wonder why I haven't taken a picture with him before. But these guys had to take pictures when I'm sweaty and worn out...

Brian trying to seduce Fluffy. I'm okay with guys being "attached" to my bf. If I find out you're a girl in disguise, you're dead meat. Muahahaha...

I enjoyed the interaction, with students and parents alike. Yet again, Karma has proved itself. Must've been the good things that I've been doing. A parent bought me lunch! Also because of my job, I got my registration, and ID activation done in less than 5 minutes, along the way, nicking some of the excess folders and free pens along the way. Shhhh.... lotsa extras you see, might as well use them =)

My Pharmacy juniors are fantastic! There are definitely more guys, thank goodness, and lots of pretty girls, who will live up to our senior's reputation. They greatly outnumber us seniors, so I think we should all be very very careful haha! On Friday we had a special Ice-Breaking session just for our dear juniors, during which I got soaked to the skin due to crazy Semenyih weather. Cold and wet, Fluffy came to pick me up with a towel, so sweet...

I foresee a fantastic year ahead =) so looking forward for Week One to start right now, and for Lilian to come join us together with Juli, Lynnette and Say Yuen...!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


These are the times when I truly appreciate studying something related to the health profession. Times when I'm down with bugs, big nasty ones too. The added benefit of being able to self diagnose and self prescribe, wow, can you imagine that feeling?

Still, having parents and being still a student, no one trusts your judgement. There you go, the cons of being young. But when I sit back and think of the future, where you are paid to know about people's condition, giving them your advice, and telling them what to do (and they will do it willingly, no questions asked), I can't help but smile with a thermometer between my lips. Ahhh... life IS good =)

Dragged to the clinic on a rainy day with a piece of Bye-Bye-Fever firmly stuck on my forehead, I remember. I had a splitting headache, so excruciating I stood dumbfounded at the reception, because I forgot how to register myself. Thank goodness Mom came to my rescue. The fever and the headache brewed in my head an entire afternoon, when I was home alone, and the thermometer locked away. By the way, I got the whole package, fever, headaches, cough, flu, sore throat. As my mom likes to say,"Why do I get these things instead of striking the lottery!". So true, they both boil down to pure chance, why do good things never happen. The usual routine ensued. She calls my name, I told the doctor how awful I'm feeling right now, he performs "The Stethescope Ballet" and pulls out Mr.Ear-Thermometer-Thingie, gives the this-looks-pretty-bad frown, scribbles the infamous handwritting, and off I go. That's like, I don't know, 10 minutes?

I can't be bothered with all that stuff. It's the stuff that they're going to be dispense later on that interests me, aye fellow Pharmacy peeps? Prior to collection, I had a mental account of the possible meds that I'm going to be relying on. Of which, is correct for 3/4 of them. Not too bad, nyahahahaha... You're probably thinking, it must've felt amazing and proud, and blah blah blah. I actually thought, WHAT? You're charging me this much for THESE? I'm better off buying just these at the pharmacy. Sheesh. The extra cost was all for a reassuring effect on my parents, that they have a calculated professional medical opinion. Bah, it's bloody OVERRATED, and definitely OVERPRICED!!!

It's been 5 days now, I'm already out of meds, but the coughing still persists. So annoying! It's like...

"What did she say to her lover just now?" (on TV)
"You lah, cough so loud for what, now we'll never know."

Home bound for days, without much mood for anything, I worked on something that's gonna be oh-so-amazing! I've nearly completed an update template!!! I'm not a web designer, so please don't expect something spectacular, and tell me how awful it is. Frankly, I'm quite pleased with it, so please be gentle when you break the bad news to me ya? I don't guarantee that I won't do anything to you if you weren't gentle enough *pout*

Just building up the anticipation XD

Friday, August 31, 2007

Quote from The Dance of Passion






Somehow I find this speech extremely insightful, and thoughtfully phrased. It might seem like it's ice on the surface, but what lies beneath is unfrozen water. Many will find that I often have a tendency of thinking too much, I prefer to think that I enjoy reading between the lines.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rats other than Ratatouille

He nearly died to become a chef.

I nearly died watching him dying to become a chef.

And one guy who sat next to Bernard nearly died watching this movie.

Don't get me wrong. Ratatouille is undoubtedly a very pleasant, non-18PG, kids friendly Disney animation. It's definitely not one of those Korean horror movies where characters jump out from the screen to stab you with a kitchen knife either. At least, that's not how we nearly died. Good news is, no one died. Thank Brad Bird for not killing Little Chef. Thank me for not killing the guy next to Bernard. And last but not least, thank the guy for ruining my otherwise perfect movie experience.

Remember the Digi ad right before shows, saying "Thank you for turning your phone into silent mode" ? The one with one of Digi's florescent yellow aliens right next to some Ah Beng looking moron who thinks he's the Tai Kor? If you think that's bad, you have yet to meet the worse. At least now we know that Ah Beng "got a hurt REAL BAD" *Quote Russell Peters* in the end.


Unfortunately for me, it's the open-my-mouth-out-wide-and-laugh-as-loud-as-humanly-possible species of laughter. Bad! Each laugh of his outdid his previous attempts, reaching out to every eardrum in the cinema. I swear I saw people in front looking back to identify the culprit. Generally, he's a Chinese Ah Beng-like dude in his twenties, rather thin, not too tall, with a date. I thought it's an unspoken rule that we all have to be quiet in the cinema? This mighty rude fella just wont stop talking nor laughing. Both of which were performed in higher than normal decibels. Damn! There went my hopes of having a pleasant movie from the middle seat of the last row of couple seats. What's the use of great seats, when you were seated right next to someone as annoying as that guy! I also paid Rm 11.00 for those seats. Why should I tolerate such stupidity? Why should he get away with making people in the cinema miserable?

I considered my options. He got me thinking about what I can do to him half of the time. See how irritating that is, when you can barely concentrate on the beautiful movie that's unveiling in front of you. Some of the time, I couldn't help but noticed that my hands were clenched into a fist in a feeble attempt to suppress my annoyance.

A) Discreetly hint that you're annoyed, like a loud Shhh..!, a "Ahem", or a "Can't hear lah"
B) Politely ask him to be more considerate
C) Ask for a staff to escort him to the exit
D) Have my boyfriend give him a very cold, menacing Mafia Boss look
E) Ignore him as I continue my movie with Hypertension.

I didn't want to cause a scene, he could probably be extremely unreasonable by arguing loudly on the spot. That would possibly destroy other people's movie experience too, which might be worse.

But if I don't try, I will never find out if I saved future movie go-ers from having to put up with his inconsiderate attitude. Hey, even his companion *I hope she's not his gf* seemed unamused, and embarrassed. If I were in her shoes, I'd run far far away that instant and never ever see him again. Oh, there is no way that I can tolerate someone like this.

I thought of an IDEAL Option F: The next time he opened his mouth to laugh, I'd throw in a popcorn of two into his smelly mouth and watch him run off to the toilet as he chokes it out. That had got to bring a few minutes of peace in the cinema. I'm pretty sure it wont kill him, if he's too stupid to choke out a popcorn, there's always the Heimlich Maneuver. I could make him swear never ever to make a noise in a cinema before saving him!

Nyahahahaha, am I an EviL GeniuS or what?

So how exactly do we deal with these people? Which option is the best decision?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gwen Stefani Live in Kuala Lumpur!!!

OMG Gwen is so amazing!
OMG I just saw my first concert!
OMG This could be the concert of a lifetime!

Yes, the entire night, my sentences were all OhMyGawd-ish. Bet Fluffy's real tired of hearing it by now. It was undeniably one of the most AWESOME night in my short short life *you all don't curse me so much ya, I wana live longer*

My Aunt Gabrielle scored 2 Gwen Stefani-The Sweet Escape tickets, Rm 285 seats by the way, for herself and her friend. Unfortunately, for unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to attend. Hence, the tickets barely made it into my hands! *Jumps around in delight* Even better, they were given to me as an early birthday prezzie. Long live Aunt Gabrielle!

The concert was supposed to be at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil, we got stuck in traffic jams, had a little directional problem, and parking confusion. It was all totally nerve wrecking, wondering all the time if we are ever gonna make it to see Gwen on time!

By the time we reached, I was so excited I felt goosebumps rising when I heard Gwen's melody being played as we were approaching the stadium. We had major problems looking for the proper entrance though, as each type of ticket has its allocated entrance gates. We were franctically looking around for the right gate, the right queue. Despite having about 7 gates, the queues were freaking long I tell you, could be as long, if not longer than your normal KTM train. After asking around for abit, a good man directed us to our gate, finally, hallelujah! Well what do you know, our entrance gate was the same as the VIP and VVIPs. Naturally, there were hardly any queue...Shiok!

Then there was a bouncer checking out tickets, I saw him groping my boyfriend's thighs and ass, to check his pockets. Ish, my boyfriend's not for him to grab, go grab some other gay men who loves being grabbed. That meanie sent us walking all the way back to our cars because cameras weren't allowed. Hmph! It was already 8.30 pm at the time... So sweating, and rushing we did all the way. And poor Fluffy sweated it out with me.

The cons of being an inexperienced concert go-er. I felt like I was being bullied.

15 minutes later, we arrived at the entrance, and was quickly let in without further ado. It could be that they want to rush everyone in because the concert's about to start. Celaka-nye, if I had known I would've just stood there a little while longer just so I can bring in my camera.

Thank goodness the concert has not started at all although we were about 20 minutes late! I was extremely suprised to see how close the seats were to the stage. Lookie at this picture, it was taken WITHOUT ZOOMING! First row on the First Floor, as SuAnn puts it "had damn good seats!! better than the media & vip seats -___- ".

With SuAnn, a blogger who happened to be Bernard's long-time pal. Friends who read KennySia's blog will remember her as the one who went on to conquer Mount Kinabalu with him. Feel so proud to have met her that day, turns out that she's a very warm and friendly person XD Isn't her SchoolGirl outfit just lovely?

You have gotta tell me it's fantastic, especially when the tickets are free, lol. We sat right next to Audrey and Lesley, both of them Aunt Gabrielle's pals, who were very friendly to us through the night, having met us the first time.

"Where's Gwen?"
"Must be looking for a tudung to match her outfits."
"Embraced the Malaysian Culture of Bad Timing."
"Forgot to change her watch to local time."

While waiting, naturally, we camwhored, to prove our very presence that night.

And then, the lights dimmed... Out came the band, the crowded screamed in excitement. But when they realised Gwen was not in sight, they died down a little. As if on cue, The Harajuku Girls appeared as well as 2 other male dancers to reignite the excitement, playing cop-and-criminal on stage for awhile, with the music growing in recognition, the crowd just got so excited...

When Gwen appeared right on time to sing the first notes of The Sweet Escape, the crowd erupted into a frenzy cheers and screams!

I have to admit, I lost my mind when I saw Gwen and the Harajuku Girls as they broke into The Sweet Escape and amazing dance moves! Fluffy must've been staring at me in disbelief while shielding his ears, lol!

Some of the best pictures of the concert from both my Sony Ericsson K610i, and Fluffy's Sony Ericsson K800i.

Batman Gwen ran from end to end on stage throughout, despite donning sky high heels.

Beautiful bright lights, so that we can all see Gwen clearly XD

Mobile musicians and entertaining dancers...

Connecting with the audiences... much to the spectator's delight =)

Despite being left alone by her dancers, Gwen single handedly kept the crowd going wild with her larger-than-life charms!

Gwen and The Harajuku Girls going Japanese...


Gwen at the other end of the Stadium, interacting with fans.

One bald lady with an amazing voice who was part of her entourage, sang duets with Gwen.

I ran out of ideas for captions... >.<

School children outfits!

Love this shot, with another Gwen on screen!

Closest I got to Gwen, she about 6 feet away only! I had a good look, and she looks GREAT upclose!

Some of Gwen's costumes for the night.

Thanks to some spoilsport authorities, they made damn sure that Gwen compromised her wardrobe specially for little Malaysia. Way to go, no wonder so many artistes prefer to perform in Singapore, leaving us International Artiste deprived. There you go, her modified costumes, hardly any bare skin, happy now? Well just so you know, Gwen still look downright sexy no matter what she wears or what you make her wear =P

From what I've heard, the costumes were from her L.A.M.B line of clothing. Photos were taken from a big screen near me to get a clear view of her and the outfits.

Gwen's version of how Prison Break characters should dress like.
Costume for Sweet Escape. FYI, the whole night, Gwen platinum blond hair was held in a simple ponytail, and she still looks lovely =)

Probably the sexiest costume of the night, sleeveless top with a Kimono ribbon!

I'm sure Gwen looks lovely even when she cooks baby food for Kingston.

If I'm not mistaken, this is for Luxurious.

Look at Gwen's belt... She performed hits such as The Sweet Escape, Rich Girl, Luxurious, 4 in the Morning, Hollaback Girl, Wind it Up, Early Winter, and more, all from her 2 solo albums LAMB and The Sweet Escape. So many hits from just 2 albums, I'm so very impressed.

Sorry that it's blurry, Gwen just wont stop moving, lol! She was running all over the stage all night. We could see that she was sweating from the screen, but it didn't deter her spirits in engaging with us!

Now this is the most revealing costume of all, baring her hands. Just a very short dress and black opaque stockings to cover her legs. In fact, that's what she wore the entire night, and white opaque stockings for the encore performance

Now this is interesting, Gwen came out with our Jalur Gemilang in her hand, told us what she's been doing in Malaysia, talked about Kingston's Step Grandmother, and told us we were practically relations! You can almost guess that the crowd went wild. She also wished us a Happy Independence Day. Lol, she really took her time to engage with us, and I was this close to thinking she was going all the way by singing Negaraku. Then again, I'm sure she doesn't want to end up like Namewee.

Casual Gwen in L.A.M.B apparel for Cool. She wore this when she ran right across the stadium! I thought they would've banned her from direct audience contact but they didn't. Gwen ran to the opposite end so that her fans could see her up close and personal, shake her hands and stuff.
I heard someone say "pay less for tickets but get more"

Gwen poses! Look at those muscles, not bad for someone in her thirties, eh? She left after this, and everyone went, WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!

Gwen came back for an encore performance in white stockings and gloves. We just couldn't get enough of her, hopefully the same applies to her too. She came back for 2 more hits! Encore videos, please scroll down. You see that blue-green thingy? That hideous glow stick belonged to some guy, it's so ugly it annoyed the hell outta me all night.

Videos captured with my Sony Ericsson K610i

I'm sorry that all the picture and video quality was not fantastic, in fact this is the best I can manage. With me not being a professional photographer and video recorder. I think it was quite decent, considering I captured this all on my phone.

Gwen singing Cool amongst fans.

That's The Harajuku Girls for you, and other dancers.

Gwen singing Watchu Waitin For *Full Song*

Gwen singing The Real Thing, my personal favourite.

Overall, the concert was a total blast, and worth every single penny (if I was paying for it). The energy, the beat, the music, the band, The Harajuku Girls, and last but not least, the artiste, Gwen Stefani herself made it all worthwhile. I'm proud to say this is my very first concert (Fluffy's too) and no doubt, it's going to be one of the finest I've ever attended!