Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome Cronus!

Here I'd like to introduce a new member to my small family of technology gadgets. Meet my latest crush, my spanking new external hard drive, Cronus! It's about time I got one of these, to store all my sloppy series and camwhoring masterpieces, and for back up purposes. Probably the only reason I'm willing to spend a few hundred on this is because I just got some $$$ from PTPTN XD

Note to self: Keep large amounts of money out of reach, ie. in fixed deposit, because having money is a catalyst in stimulating evil shopping spree thoughts. Oh dear, I should forget about spending it on the perfume I love so much, new shoes, and new bags. People, please keep me away from shopping malls!

My beautiful Cronus. It contains a 120GB Western Digital HDD with 3 years warranty, Rm 235.

The beautiful, white, 2.5 inches Cooler Master casing Rm 75, that comes with a stylish insulating carrier, it's very own cleaning cloth, iron- meshed sides silent cooling design, shock absorbing features and 1 year warranty. Isn't it so shiny and lovely, that you just cannot resist it?

The total was supposed to come up to Rm 314, but the kind salesman let me have it at Rm310. Imagine that previously some mean salesman tried to sell me the same casing and Samsung HDD for Rm330. Evil Low Yat fella. I know I splurged a little on the casing, but knowing myself, a regular, low quality, ugly casing just won't do for a vain klutz like me. I need the extra protection, to protect the HDD from myself. Teeheehee~

Credits go to dear Fluffy, who drove me there, bargained, enquired and wasted time to entertain his dumdum girlfriend all afternoon =) I'm a happy girl.

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