Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mom's recovery

I wish to send out a simple thank you note to all who have supported our family, during the past week or so. It is in these moments that we truly appreciate having real friends who help us go through the rough bits of our lives.

For those in the dark, lately, my mom has been diagnosed with hypertension, hyperthyroid and lumps in her breasts. This led to a major change in her lifestyle, and a recommended surgery following clinical confirmation of the lump.

Mom has recovered from the surgery pretty well, and is off running her daily errands as usual. There is basically no significant changes in her boob size =P Further lab analysis concluded that the mass removed is a normal fibroid, or a benign tumor that should not be of any concern. She's on other medications and supplements for her other conditions right now.

The recent body checkup at Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) revealed so many underlying conditions, that we were previously unaware about. So I urge everyone to please go for regular checkups, for health's sake. Perhaps, being aware of all these stuff, has made everyone of us more conscious about what we're doing to our body. The food we make ourselves eat, the conditions we force our own body to go through. It's time to remember that we're not God, and our body really is very vulnerable. Now that she's eating better, exercising more, learning new ways to control her condition, she feel healthier than before, and feeling good about herself again.

Breast Cancer is becoming a freakishly common affair among us now. Recently, I received generous support from friends who comforted my anxiety with real life stories, about people around them who are survivors. It goes to show that everyone, even men, are at risk. It can be prevented with early detection, so please, advise the people you know to go for frequent mammograms.

Again, I'm so glad I have good buddies who hang with me through these times, especially my beloved Fluffy and his family, my wonderful housemates, and other close friends of mine. I love you guys so much, really appreciate your efforts and kind words. Muax!

Meanwhile, please, please, PLEASE eat healthy, live healthy! Don't we all want to live long enough to see who loses all their white hair (or real teeth) first?

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