Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marche Movenpick

Being unusually generous, I decided to treat Fluffy to good, and I mean, really good, sumptuous meal at Marche Movenpick, The Curve. Short glimmer of honesty, I've been having Marche cravings, hence I decided to ruin Fluffy's diet by bringing him along. The diet which he GLADLY abandoned for GOOD FOOD, the magic word.

Not to mention a rare opportunity for me to post up some pictures in this photo deprived blog... Blame the exams okay? Out of 100 shots of myself, 80 looks like Zombie Ling, 10 looks like some Wrinkly Ol' Ling, and the remaining 10 are Panda Lings. How to post without giving everyone a halloween scare???? *depressed*

The breathtakingly beautiful sight of The "Christmasy" Curve. So beautiful right? The things people do to attract business... They even hired a snow making machine, showering The Bazaar visitors with sudsy snow... absolutely romantic! *squeals*

At Marche...
Rule #1, always take a walk around, surveying all the available food and queue lengths. Use this data to plan what you're going to eat, and in what proportions, to achieve the maximum intake of a large variety of food, with minimal $$$ where the stomach size is the limiting constant.
This is something I religiously obey as it's useful for people like me who does not have "The Bottomless Pit" for a stomach, and a Money Tree in my backyard.

My weird outfit for the day. Was coughing (and still coughing) as a stress symptom, didn't want to add a cold to the already suffocating situation. So I wore a jacket. Oh and that's HoneyDew Juice in my hands =) which was lovely, not overly diluted, nor excessively sweetened =)

Rule #2, Save your drinks to cleanse your palate, to take in the full flavour of the food. Too many drinks, especially creamy ones brings premature fullness, and a hefty bill too *yikes*
This is one rule that I still find it difficult to follow, not when the drink tastes great!

The first thing that caught my eye in my Surveying Walk, MUSHROOMS... Sautéed Mushrooms!
Mr.Mushroom Chef was just removing the mushrooms from the hot pan, when we came, the aroma made my knees go weak *droolz* I swear. This steamy, creamy bowl of mushrooms is the tastiest, juiciest, yummiest fungi I have ever had, and only for Rm8. The moment it landed on my tongue, there were fireworks exploding in my mouth, and I think I heard the Hallelujah Chorus too... It was simply orgasmic, Fluffy went for second helpings without a second thought ( also partly because he's not picking up the tab mah...)

Rule #3, Try not to overdose on you favourite food. Too much a of good thing, and the uniqueness fades with it. I personally prefer to savour the everlasting impression of the flavour, until the next time Fate decides to reunite us again.

Gravad Lax Rosti, and Fresh Caesar Salad.
The salad was totally delicious, it's in the dressing... By the way, the serving is actually much larger, the both of us are hungry hyenas who forget about everything else, ie: taking pictures, when we see food. A perfect combination of some of my favourite foods, POTATOES and SALMON!!! Don't care if potatoes makes my bum bigger. It's already looking disproportionate, I'm sure a little bigger wont make any difference *self comforting* Although I usually prefer to take salmon raw, this is cooked just right, with the wonderfully, slightly crispy rosti. Although I did make an error in judgement here, observe the next rule.

Rule #4, No matter how fantastic starch based food tastes, take in small amounts, or take them later, because they are very very filling indeed! Makes you feel full, and then you lose your appetite for more food.

Highlight of the day


Marche's X'mas special, Wagyu Beef Steak!!!
Don't know what exactly is this, except that it's a slightly more high class slab of cow flesh... That tastes so heavenly YUMMY..!! Not exaggerating here, this IS the most amazing piece of cow I have ever eaten *skips around in excitement* Medium rare makes it so juicy and tender, the flavour melts on your tongue then fills the mouth and the nose. Just makes me chew it forever and ever, extracting every bit of it holiness, before swallowing. This slab in the picture costs about 40 bucks, but the fact is, it's so totally worth every cent!
Rule #5, take you time to eat and indulge in that heavenly taste, but not too long or the food will get cold, or in my case, Fluffy will eat 'em all up.

The intricately decorated Christmas tree sitting in front of our table, next to the window to a beautiful view of The Bazaar. We had a good seat, away from the heat of the cooking, and the noise of the food stands. Somewhere that's a little bit quieter, with a good view, and much cooler too.

Rule #6, always find seats away from food stalls/stands, where there is a queue of curious people. I don't know about others, but I dislike people staring at my food, or the way I eat, makes me very uneasy, spoils the tasting experience. Can't play feeding with Fluffy with everyone staring, right? Yes, I'm very protective of my food.

A happy, poser, who had just had tasty food =)
Look at those swollen, dark eye bags, I have no shame posting this up.

Some camwhoring while we digest some of our food...
Rule #7, take some time off to digest, there is no prize money for speed eating. After digesting there will be more space for more food!!! Yay, MORE FOOD!

And for dessert, Fruity Crêpe with Chocolate Ice-Cream.
Freshly prepared upon request, it's filled with generous portions of sweetened mangoes, kiwis, and bananas with cream, artistically topped with Strawberry and Chocolate syrup. Just for contrast, a scoop of cold chocolate ice-cream to complement the warm crêpe. *Kiss my fingers* Ooh la la~~

Amidst the beautiful decorations, there' s a pale sickly looking zombie...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008 everybody.
I pray that I will be able to start it with good health, and less pimples.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today I'm proud to announce that the following post was inspired by someone. I'm sure that person would be proud to know that =)

You know it's pretty funny that some people have the wrong opinion about my blog.

I started this right after my A Levels, and to my own surprise, I was able to commit and persevere to this date. Yeah, so it's not Pulitzer material, it's not great, I don't have 5 digit visitors per day like Kenny Sia, or catchy ads loitering around my blog. And most importantly, I'm perfectly happy with the way it is, and I cannot ask for anything better.

For starters, I'm not blogging for commercial purposes, like alot of them do now. Those who wants be part of the newfound road to fame and fortune, I'm not one of them. Creating a sexy image, bimbo image, for attention? Not me either, I'm a plain jane and I'm not ashamed of it.

Let me correct the people who thought wrongly of me. I think alot. Crappy stuff, whinny stuff, emotional stuff. Before this, I had it all locked up inside me with no vent. Having this new black hole where there's endless capacity for me to throw everything inside, is the most amazing thing that I've ever done for myself. This is the outlet that I've always needed. And the best part is, I can finish my dumb stories in anyway I like, without anyone snapping at me or making comments prematurely. There are also times when I'd like to spread my sometimes quirky ideas, but with good intentions. This is the platform for me. Really.

So some people disagree, or they think my ideas suck. You know what? I can't be bothered. These ideas are entirely mine. This blog is mine. Heck even the coding for this template is mine. In this simple website I have dedicated my energy, committed to it, taking it as a responsibility. Instead of throwing a few lines, and abandon it when I get tired of it. I'm not that kind of person. Even if no one cares to appreciate this to that level, I'm cool with it, as long as I can hold my head up high as a proud owner of this blog. But I do get offended when people judge me wrongly, or when they tell me what I shouldn't write about. Hello? Whose blog is this again? I talk about my thoughts, not others, not yours. I'll be happy to know when other people agree, I would also like to know when other people disagree. However, just because I write about stuff that people disagree about, doesn't mean they do not deserve to be displayed.

I believe this blog is entirely, me. It reflects the true me. And I choose to share it with the world. Now, who has the right over my intellectual property? I would really like to know.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


It's easy to make a promise. But no one said it would be easy to keep one.

I don't know how other people interpret a promise. And frankly, I don't care, it's their right, they get to choose whatever suits them best. When someone promises me something, I expect them to follow my definition of a promise.

Everybody says stuff. Not everyone mean it all the time. I would say I disapprove of it, but it would make pretty much everyone else in the world very guilty. Let's just put it this way, we're all adults. When we say something, we have to mean it. Especially men. Oh, what's that cantonese chinese saying again? It goes something like, "gong dak chut, yiew jo dak dou". It means, if you have the balls to say it out loud, you must be able to do it. (The balls part is actually of my own addition, nothing to do with the saying.) I have lost trust in everyday words, I don't take them into heart 99% of the time. First of all, I HATE (with capital letters) getting disappointed. But when someone is gentleman/ gentlewoman enough to keep his/her word, I will be very pleased and that would make my day.

Ok fine, there are exceptions to it. There are, however, circumstances where words can't be kept for a million and one reasons. Humans are getting so creative, every new excuse seems so much more high tech than the other.

And then humans decided to come up with a concept of "Promises". A stronger level of words, more reliable than just saying. When someone promises, someone really means it, and will do it. It's something we can trust to happen, something we can rely on, something we can have confidence in, something that won't disappoint. Supposedly. By my definition, a promise should be kept at all times, no exceptions, no matter what. Yes, it is that sacred to me. If one is not sure that the promise can be delivered, don't make me a promise. I'd rather the person just "say", rather than "promise". Spare me of the disappointment, else I would feel like I'm being cheated to. Imagine having your spirits lifted up so high, giving you hopes, only to crush it all later on. The only excuses I would take for breaking promises are, family emergencies, when someone is in danger or when a life is at stake. Rain, traffic jams, exams, forgot-to-do-my-laundry, as excuses are unacceptable. Hey, it's not my fault that you're disorganized. When you make me a promise, I expect you to sincerely want to make something happen, by hook or by crook. At least, show some initiative and eagerness.

So what do you call a promise that has not been fulfilled, although there were plenty of excellent opportunities that the promise could be made to happen.

Broken or unaccomplished?
If it's unaccomplished? When will it be considered broken? Is it when I'm dead, and the promise has 0% chance of happening?

P/s: I'm on holiday now, wee~ Semester 3 is finally over, and dreadfully, exams are in January. Will be nerding, and whining on my blog more often now =)

Friday, December 14, 2007


It's been long, very long.

Feeling my fingers dancing on the keyboard as if on instinct, I'm amazed. My ears are awakened, carefully listening, delicately coordinating my next move. I decided that I would not use a book. It would be a lie if I claimed that it is a voluntary response. Because it's not. The music that it sung, so familiar and yet so strange. I've not played it, nor heard it in years. My first few touches were awkward, and the rest just sprang into life... Oh, how I miss that feeling.

For months, the piano has been staying put, pretty much untouched, until today. And yet it is still gleaming. My mom made sure that it's constantly polished and dusty, so it can always be ready, ready to be played, ready to create music. Mom has been telling me that she hasn't heard me play in awhile now. Since the commencement of my course last September, I regret to say that I've not spent much time on my piano, that has been with me for as long as I can remember. That is when I started exploring the mobile world of the guitar. Even during my lessons with Eric, I can't help but to imagine the keyboard on the fretboard.

What else do I remember? I remember loathing piano classes because they're a pain, amongst art classes, mental arithmetic classes, tuition classes, school classes, etc. I remember my fingers slipping and stumbling on the keyboard the moment I realise that someone is watching. I remember quitting piano classes to commit into cheerleading, a sacrifice I made for a spirited team of 20. I remember regretting that I quit, and started to play on self initiative. I remember playing nearly everyday in the wee hours of the morning during SPM, to relieve my stress. Yes, I remember. The songs that I've played. Richard Clayderman, my favourite.

Today I played again. It is a feeling unrivalled by the guitar. Definitely.

Monday, December 10, 2007

car accident

So I got into a car accident today. One of the cars was badly dented. Traumatised, I rummaged through my bag looking for my handphone. All I could think of was to call my boyfriend, to tell him that I was OK. No one was badly hurt, as the 2 drivers started to negotiate. Before I knew it, the other party was busy recruiting their people by the dozens. Without even glancing, I sighed. We are only a group of 5 female students. How can we possibly go up against such a large group of menacing looking people.

It rang... *thanks goodness*
No one picked up.

I tried again... It's still ringing *hopeful*
Still no one picked up.

I lost count of how many calling attempts I made. All I can remember was that none of the calls were answered.

And so I sat there, staring at the arguing, unrelenting drivers arguing in the rain. Cold and wet, I felt useless and scared. Partly grateful that no one was hurt, and that I can live a moment longer. What's next?

An hour later, he finally called.

"I was waiting for my phone to charge."


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to me


Nyahahaha... secret code! Okay, so it's not so secret. It's so freaking easy almost all of you with a brain can figure it out. Just wanna say it's "secret" because I want to syok sendiri, teeheehee...

Thank you everyone! Fluffy, my dear family, my lovely housemates, my coursemates, my unimates, my guitar kaki(s), my chatmates, my college mates, my high school friends, and even elementary school friends, and other people whom I don't recall how we met, for making my day so absolutely special! But to some, I just want to say sorry, because, CELCOM HAD A NETWORK DISRUPTION ON 04/12/2008 12 AM TO 6 AM ! For those who tried to call, or sms during that period, I'm sorry but I never got it. I didn't realise that till the next morning when some people was surprised that I didn't reply... with the exception of one person, who was emo because I didn't reply! Hahaa.... Who? Big hint, EMO.

BIG THANK YOUs, I LOVE YOUs to all! It really mean alot to me *sob sob*, and I'm really touched! Muaxes to all!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

deleted post

Thank you for all your concern and comments. I'm feeling much better now, knowing I have friends out there who care about me. Unfortunately, I've developed a splitting headache even Panadol can't cope with. Speaking of Panadol, my house ran out of Panadol supplies because my domestic helper seems to ask for it very often. Drug addict in the house! It totally gets on my nerves even more, when I can't get drugs when I need them. Shall try to get my hands on some Ibuprofen later.

The previous post has been removed due to sensitivity issues.

On a lighter note, I had a great BBQ party that helped lift the depression. So now, it's no longer depression, it's been promoted to confusion. Well, better than nothing huh. Everyone else please stay happy...