Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today I'm proud to announce that the following post was inspired by someone. I'm sure that person would be proud to know that =)

You know it's pretty funny that some people have the wrong opinion about my blog.

I started this right after my A Levels, and to my own surprise, I was able to commit and persevere to this date. Yeah, so it's not Pulitzer material, it's not great, I don't have 5 digit visitors per day like Kenny Sia, or catchy ads loitering around my blog. And most importantly, I'm perfectly happy with the way it is, and I cannot ask for anything better.

For starters, I'm not blogging for commercial purposes, like alot of them do now. Those who wants be part of the newfound road to fame and fortune, I'm not one of them. Creating a sexy image, bimbo image, for attention? Not me either, I'm a plain jane and I'm not ashamed of it.

Let me correct the people who thought wrongly of me. I think alot. Crappy stuff, whinny stuff, emotional stuff. Before this, I had it all locked up inside me with no vent. Having this new black hole where there's endless capacity for me to throw everything inside, is the most amazing thing that I've ever done for myself. This is the outlet that I've always needed. And the best part is, I can finish my dumb stories in anyway I like, without anyone snapping at me or making comments prematurely. There are also times when I'd like to spread my sometimes quirky ideas, but with good intentions. This is the platform for me. Really.

So some people disagree, or they think my ideas suck. You know what? I can't be bothered. These ideas are entirely mine. This blog is mine. Heck even the coding for this template is mine. In this simple website I have dedicated my energy, committed to it, taking it as a responsibility. Instead of throwing a few lines, and abandon it when I get tired of it. I'm not that kind of person. Even if no one cares to appreciate this to that level, I'm cool with it, as long as I can hold my head up high as a proud owner of this blog. But I do get offended when people judge me wrongly, or when they tell me what I shouldn't write about. Hello? Whose blog is this again? I talk about my thoughts, not others, not yours. I'll be happy to know when other people agree, I would also like to know when other people disagree. However, just because I write about stuff that people disagree about, doesn't mean they do not deserve to be displayed.

I believe this blog is entirely, me. It reflects the true me. And I choose to share it with the world. Now, who has the right over my intellectual property? I would really like to know.


Adeline Crystal Chen said...

thanks alot..
but it aint my decision.
its his...

Ken said...

so who's the inspiration?