Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PCS my ass

At the moment, I'm having a love-hate relationship with my work.

I love being put on the healthcare counter, catching people who takes the wrong medicines.
I enjoy being in dispensary, dispensing and going "AH, I know what this is!"
I like watching my pharmacist, and pre-reg's expression, when I manage to answer their questions,

(Oh, Nottingham, you are such a fine pharmacy school!)

The only thing I hate with a vengeance is...

having to fulfil my PCS quota, and doing FRPS.

PCS: Free Prescription Collection Service
FRPS: Free Repeat Prescription Collection Service.

These are some of Boot's evil strategies to retain and secure their customers, from the competitive clutches of Lloyds, Rowlands, Co-op and the like. These so called "Free" services, are meant to guarantee future businesses.

Don't get me wrong, these free services does come in handy to some people who really do need them. With these new initiatives, they can have a better life living with medication. However, there are also some which clearly do not need them, and also DO NOT WANT THEM.

Having a quota to fulfill, is sort of like forcing an employee to do something, for the sake of their job. I dislike having a quota to live up to everyday. What I hate even more, is having to shove these "services" to every single customer who is not on our program already.

You know, like a sales man, knocking on your door, trying to sell you some revolutionary product, because he has to fulfil his quota, else lose his job. The thought of it makes me feel constipated.

It is completely unethical, and unreasonable to me. The Pharmacist Code of Ethics No.1, clearly states, "make the care of your patients, your first concern", not your first business! I feel sorry for all the people that I met, for they had to listen to my lecture, and then figure out a way to decline my offer later on. It must've been more uncomfortable for them, than it is for me.

In my opinion, I would've been more supportive if it were left to my soon-to-be professional discretion, to promote the service to people who might need it. Instead of having to forcefeed everyone I meet, just so that I can fulfil my quota. Making my job or the business as my first concern is clearly in contradiction to the code of ethics.

If I stopped doing that, it would upset my tutor/ manager, as they are also under pressure from their superiors to push this service further. Eventually, it would also compromise my position as a candidate for employment upon graduation.

But then again, if this were kept on, I'm not sure if I wanted to work for an insufficiently ethical corporate organization who's more about making money out of the pharmacy, than running one for the people.

This is definitely pushing me to the brink of cutting off community pharmacy as a job prospect in my consideration. Tomorrow I will have to go out and face my quota again. My distaste for such practices, is making me struggle with my conscience, wondering if what I'm doing is the right thing to do...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer @ Summertown

Work is definitely taking its toll on me.

Wake up, work, eat, bathe, sleep. Wake up, work, eat, bathe sleep.

There ain't a lot of difference between me and the farm animal. Except of course, I get paid in cash, hahahahaha!

As a quick update, everyone at Boots Summertown are very lovely. Nathalie, my pharmacist is half French, and has all the qualities that I need and lack at the moment. There will be much to learn, hopefully I don't drive her up the wall too much. But then again, we are both vertically challenged, petite individuals, we do climb the dispensary walls everyday! Ahahaha... for the record, I'm the taller one. Ahem.

Manager Paul is appreciated for his sense of humour. Lively, and well loved by the customers, he dominates the WOW reports every single week. Even I like him. My healthcare counter partner-in-crime Alice of Africa is my only company, enduring the torturous looping of cheesy Kodak music from the Kodak photo machine. Dispensers Kate of Poland, and Marjan of Iran were victims of my blunders and questionings in the dispensary, its a wonder how they can put up with me every single day, with smiles, and much patience. Fellow shopfloor colleagues include funky Monica, and bubbly Sarah, together they're a ball of fun!

At the moment, working takes out all the energy in me, driving me constantly hungry, and tired. Other than eating and bathing, I cannot be bothered to do anything else. In fact, at one point, I was contemplating not to bathe even. Not to worry people, I'm way past that phase now.

Now I'm just trying to build on my experience, and also do all my projects/learning/tests while I'm on it. It drives me tired just thinking about it =( Week 3 is coming to haunt me now. Everyone wish me luck.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Visit 2009 Part 2

... Continuation

Sorry it had to be a long wait. Work was in the way. Work is in the way of everything, my sleep, my meals, my constipation. Like I said, everything. More about work later.

Wicked View @ Christ Church, Oxford.
Posing with daddy, sun getting in the eyes.

My butt is sitting on where they shot Harry Potter in the first movie, just before they were brought to the Sorting Hat!

The famous Dining Hall, where Hogwarts students have their first feast on arrival!
All going to be now taller than me =P

Suet Wah vs Suet Ling.
Lost kao kao to my sis in posing. I am short, and I can't pose, better suicide and die, rather than be a useless woman.

SuetWah, SuetMun, SuetLing.
Young, younger, OLDEST =.="
I freaking look PREGNANT here!!!

Where I got my smile, and my height from, MuMMy!

Sama-sama camwhores. It's the genes. *Nods*

Candid on Uncle Bear and myself @ Selfridges!
I really wasn't concentrating on the bald patch on his head. Honest!

Suet Ling, Mom, Suet Wah @ Borough Market with Turkish Delight!
Stupid eyebags, 1 week after exams, but it ain't going away =(

SuetWah, SuetLing, SuetMun + Chunky Clinique Hunk @ Selfridges!
For the record, he asked if we wanted to take a picture with him!

Other randoms that I like:

Uncle Bear the Proper, Ling the "Cho Loh"
For some reason, I'm enjoying my awful randoms. They're ugly shots of me, but I like looking at them. So I'm force feeding them to you! I look like an alien with 3 fingers here =P

"Yes! MORE fish'n'chips for me to eat!"

Mannequins @ Selfridges imported from Malaysia!

Sombong Ling, SuetMun, SuetWah, and MuMMy! =)

-------End of Family Reunion Photo Gallery------

Back to more news about work.
I am so tired everyday I cannot afford to online after work! Rants on that coming very soon. Believe me, VERY SOON. I need to rant before I go insane.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Visit 2009.

Apparently my parents couldn't let me go without nagging for over a year, they had to fly over just to nag me, conveniently lugging along 3 other rascals to turn my over upside down and more.

No, I'm lying. I enjoyed it. Nag me baby, nag me!

I finished my exams on the 28th, high-efficiency-summer-cleaned my room (The Mom is coming to inspect, so the room has gotta be SPECK-FREE) , and rushed down to London to meet the lot on the 30th! Conveniently, they have a free tour guide, or so they thought. In actual fact, I don't know London any more than they do. I'm no Londoner! Throw me in the streets of Nottingham, and maybe I can go around for abit. London? I faint at the sight of that horrible tube map that always seem to deceive you into taking lines that aren't actually working. Pfft!!!

Tube Station: Waterloo
The first attraction we tried, The London Eye, for a good view of the Big Ben on the historical day that it celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Lucky us had a clear blue, nearly cloudless sky that day.

The ones eating away at my dads bank account.

Mom, Myself, Dad, Sister.
No resemblance, na-daa.

Trying to act chio, so I don't look like I'm 5 years older than my sister.

Mom = Gorgeous
SuetWah = Radiant
Myself = Hopeless

Tube Station: Tower Hill
Next up, I visited The Tower of London, for the 3rd time. Believe me when I say I'm tired of the place. Nevertheless, the little ones still need to see it. So, oh well, how nice of me to beat with it again, hahaha.....

Everybody say Yeo!

Huge ass sundial with a larger story to tell.
I don't know why the English enjoys taking time to build this thing just to tell the time.

Next Stop: Baker Street for Madame Tussauds.

Daddy is more than happy to see J.Lo.
Who has the bigger bump?
My dad's lump on the front, or Lo's hump on the hind.

Real Productive Parents vs Unproductive Adoptive Parents

Ling, Margaret Thatcher, Sherene.

My sister works for The President of the United States.
Yeng mou.

Posing outside The Buckingham Palace for paparazzis.

Lunch at Wagamama.

Uncle Bear, whose home was infested by me and my family all week, telling us who Prince Michael really is, hehehehe...

We were also at Nottingham City Centre!
And I even wore my £24 Pink Uni Hoodie to boot!

Of course, we visited the famous Hooters of Nottingham.
A lil too happening for daddy, but he enjoyed it nonetheless =)

They also met my future housemate, professional "conman" Albert, my "half-brother" NgeeZheng, and my personal sweetheart Grace, all future successful pharmacists.

To be continued: Oxford.

Friday, June 05, 2009

3rd Bloggiversary

It is the 3rd year anniversary of Ling-O-Logy, my blog. I can't bring myself to believe that I am not such a hangat-hangat tahi ayam kind of person!

I thought I was.

The last thing I was over zealously committed about didn't even make it past the 2 year mark. Perhaps objects ARE more reliable than men.

It all started right at the end of A Levels. I started with a blog, and no men. The man came and left. My solace became my blog.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion would be to love my blog rather than men! Yay me!


For the record, Post Tally: 252

Next up:
Family Reunion in LondonBro, Sis, Moi, Dad, Mum Sis, Sis

Post is coming AFTER I return from Sheffield. Too many things to do, too little time. And you'd think you have all the time in the world after exams. So much for post exam hibernation. It'll have to be postponed until further notice.