Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer @ Summertown

Work is definitely taking its toll on me.

Wake up, work, eat, bathe, sleep. Wake up, work, eat, bathe sleep.

There ain't a lot of difference between me and the farm animal. Except of course, I get paid in cash, hahahahaha!

As a quick update, everyone at Boots Summertown are very lovely. Nathalie, my pharmacist is half French, and has all the qualities that I need and lack at the moment. There will be much to learn, hopefully I don't drive her up the wall too much. But then again, we are both vertically challenged, petite individuals, we do climb the dispensary walls everyday! Ahahaha... for the record, I'm the taller one. Ahem.

Manager Paul is appreciated for his sense of humour. Lively, and well loved by the customers, he dominates the WOW reports every single week. Even I like him. My healthcare counter partner-in-crime Alice of Africa is my only company, enduring the torturous looping of cheesy Kodak music from the Kodak photo machine. Dispensers Kate of Poland, and Marjan of Iran were victims of my blunders and questionings in the dispensary, its a wonder how they can put up with me every single day, with smiles, and much patience. Fellow shopfloor colleagues include funky Monica, and bubbly Sarah, together they're a ball of fun!

At the moment, working takes out all the energy in me, driving me constantly hungry, and tired. Other than eating and bathing, I cannot be bothered to do anything else. In fact, at one point, I was contemplating not to bathe even. Not to worry people, I'm way past that phase now.

Now I'm just trying to build on my experience, and also do all my projects/learning/tests while I'm on it. It drives me tired just thinking about it =( Week 3 is coming to haunt me now. Everyone wish me luck.

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