Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Visit 2009 Part 2

... Continuation

Sorry it had to be a long wait. Work was in the way. Work is in the way of everything, my sleep, my meals, my constipation. Like I said, everything. More about work later.

Wicked View @ Christ Church, Oxford.
Posing with daddy, sun getting in the eyes.

My butt is sitting on where they shot Harry Potter in the first movie, just before they were brought to the Sorting Hat!

The famous Dining Hall, where Hogwarts students have their first feast on arrival!
All going to be now taller than me =P

Suet Wah vs Suet Ling.
Lost kao kao to my sis in posing. I am short, and I can't pose, better suicide and die, rather than be a useless woman.

SuetWah, SuetMun, SuetLing.
Young, younger, OLDEST =.="
I freaking look PREGNANT here!!!

Where I got my smile, and my height from, MuMMy!

Sama-sama camwhores. It's the genes. *Nods*

Candid on Uncle Bear and myself @ Selfridges!
I really wasn't concentrating on the bald patch on his head. Honest!

Suet Ling, Mom, Suet Wah @ Borough Market with Turkish Delight!
Stupid eyebags, 1 week after exams, but it ain't going away =(

SuetWah, SuetLing, SuetMun + Chunky Clinique Hunk @ Selfridges!
For the record, he asked if we wanted to take a picture with him!

Other randoms that I like:

Uncle Bear the Proper, Ling the "Cho Loh"
For some reason, I'm enjoying my awful randoms. They're ugly shots of me, but I like looking at them. So I'm force feeding them to you! I look like an alien with 3 fingers here =P

"Yes! MORE fish'n'chips for me to eat!"

Mannequins @ Selfridges imported from Malaysia!

Sombong Ling, SuetMun, SuetWah, and MuMMy! =)

-------End of Family Reunion Photo Gallery------

Back to more news about work.
I am so tired everyday I cannot afford to online after work! Rants on that coming very soon. Believe me, VERY SOON. I need to rant before I go insane.

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