Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Visit 2009.

Apparently my parents couldn't let me go without nagging for over a year, they had to fly over just to nag me, conveniently lugging along 3 other rascals to turn my over upside down and more.

No, I'm lying. I enjoyed it. Nag me baby, nag me!

I finished my exams on the 28th, high-efficiency-summer-cleaned my room (The Mom is coming to inspect, so the room has gotta be SPECK-FREE) , and rushed down to London to meet the lot on the 30th! Conveniently, they have a free tour guide, or so they thought. In actual fact, I don't know London any more than they do. I'm no Londoner! Throw me in the streets of Nottingham, and maybe I can go around for abit. London? I faint at the sight of that horrible tube map that always seem to deceive you into taking lines that aren't actually working. Pfft!!!

Tube Station: Waterloo
The first attraction we tried, The London Eye, for a good view of the Big Ben on the historical day that it celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Lucky us had a clear blue, nearly cloudless sky that day.

The ones eating away at my dads bank account.

Mom, Myself, Dad, Sister.
No resemblance, na-daa.

Trying to act chio, so I don't look like I'm 5 years older than my sister.

Mom = Gorgeous
SuetWah = Radiant
Myself = Hopeless

Tube Station: Tower Hill
Next up, I visited The Tower of London, for the 3rd time. Believe me when I say I'm tired of the place. Nevertheless, the little ones still need to see it. So, oh well, how nice of me to beat with it again, hahaha.....

Everybody say Yeo!

Huge ass sundial with a larger story to tell.
I don't know why the English enjoys taking time to build this thing just to tell the time.

Next Stop: Baker Street for Madame Tussauds.

Daddy is more than happy to see J.Lo.
Who has the bigger bump?
My dad's lump on the front, or Lo's hump on the hind.

Real Productive Parents vs Unproductive Adoptive Parents

Ling, Margaret Thatcher, Sherene.

My sister works for The President of the United States.
Yeng mou.

Posing outside The Buckingham Palace for paparazzis.

Lunch at Wagamama.

Uncle Bear, whose home was infested by me and my family all week, telling us who Prince Michael really is, hehehehe...

We were also at Nottingham City Centre!
And I even wore my £24 Pink Uni Hoodie to boot!

Of course, we visited the famous Hooters of Nottingham.
A lil too happening for daddy, but he enjoyed it nonetheless =)

They also met my future housemate, professional "conman" Albert, my "half-brother" NgeeZheng, and my personal sweetheart Grace, all future successful pharmacists.

To be continued: Oxford.

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