Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year 2009 and My Resolutions

A load of "Mental Excretion"s + New Year Resolutions + My One True Love

Just when I have gotten used to writing 2008 on my dates, they decide to go change the year to make my life difficult again. Okay, that's not the scariest part of welcoming a New Year. It is the thought of going to have yet ANOTHER New Year, that makes me feel ancient. And I shall confess that I am terrified of growing up now. It took me 20 years to realize that time passes way too fast, and there's nothing you can do about it.

10 years ago on New Years Eve, I was looking forward for the dreaded Year End Holidays to end. So that my friends would come back from their hometowns and rejoin me in KL, in school.

10 years has past, and on THIS New Years Eve, I'm hoping that the clock will strike midnight, and stay there. So January 2009 will never come. Following that, my exams will never come XD That's wishful thinking for me.

How did I turn into this Age-phobic old lady? I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm 20, doing year 3 in Uni, graduating at 21 and going to work very very soon. I see the horizon of my student days, and it's not too far away *gulp*

Since the New Year is going to come and hit me on the head whether I like it or not, I might as well make the most of it. But I ain't planning to be sober when it comes.

New Year Resolutions

Reach my 45 kg target! And stay there!
(Weight as the permanent feature on my Resolutions List, why am I so hard to satisfy.)
Perhaps when I get frustrated, I should just swallow 3kg worth of food. Heh heh. 3 more kilos to put on. Shouldn't be too hard?

Be kinder to myself and my needs.
That means less self-restriction, and more self expression. I realized that I'm often being too hard on myself >.<>

The "Greater" Shopping List
-Acoustic Guitar
-Dior Addict Shine EDT
-Sony Ericsson XPERIA
-Cabin-sized trolley luggage
-Wang Lee Hom - Heart.Beat/ 王力宏 - 心.跳 (more about this below.)

Just some stuff I can live without, and really don't need. But want them really, really badly! As they are not necessities, I shall resort to put myself through a savings scheme. These are times when I hate being a female. Bah.

Take more photos, upload more photos, blog more.
Thanks to my dear PotaTeo's reminder, I shall be more diligent in uploading my pictures. I mean, my guy friends have more pictures than me on Facebook! HOW CAN?! Can't lose out to them *voluntarily succumbing to peer pressure* Actually, I realized I haven't been logging my life as much as I'd like to. The past 6 months of being in UK was in fact some of the more "happening" days of my life. And I'd like to laugh at these crazy Uni days 50 years from now.

Re-organizing priorities.
In short, Family, Friends and Studies come first. Others? Take a number and get in the queue.

Try not to fall down. AGAIN.
Can't blame the girl for trying too hard on this. I'm the most ungraceful thing you've ever seen.

Get my First Aid License
Yes, I'm working on it and I'm getting there. Despite my hectic schedule, I'm still determined to attend those night classes. Exams are in February, so wish me luck.

Alright, that's pretty much all I can think of right now. I could be making additions to the list all the way through before midnight in UK. To all my fellas....

Happy New Year 2009
Have a good 365 days, full of pleasant surprises =)


Also, I'm delighted to make a new announcement. I, have found my one true love, and I'm proud to introduce him to you. He saved me from my heartaches, and he's been so supportive by being there for me these few days while I've been studying.

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 - Heart Beat 心.跳 - 03 春雨里洗過的太陽

This is my favourite song of the album. His first single released for this album is a hit too!

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 - Heart Beat 心.跳 - 02 心跳

Tell me, who wouldn't fall head over heels for him.
Kimi darling, I want you to know that I still love you, but you're on holiday. In the mean time, I shall have an affair with LeeHom =P

Monday, December 29, 2008

I know what I did last christmas

I know what I did last Christmas. And I've been on Santa's Naughty List! Oops... XD

24th December 2008: Christmas Eve

Got this baby for my 20th birthday. Downed it all in a night with an old friend.
In the end I turned into an oversized Drunken Lobster that chattered uncontrollably until I unknowingly fell asleep. Poor fella had to send me back to my room at 4 in the morning.
What a way to start the festive season =)

25th December 2008: Christmas Day

EeHow The One who Karate-ed the Turkey, Daniel The Celebrated Chef,
and Julyan The Hungry.
Daniel created a Culinary Masterpiece with this "Extra Large" turkey on his virgin attempt. Hats off to him. The turkey was "God-like" and it was the best I've tasted this season. This turkey did not die in vain. It died proud and tasty, in my very happy tummy =P
There's no better way for a turkey to die. Seriously.

Daniel took the dinner up a notch with his selection of red and white wines.
And there were also Guinness Draught, Tiramisu, Chocolates, Soft drinks, Potatoes, Stuffing Balls, Brussel Sprouts and Sausages to distract us from The Turkey.
This is Fine Dining at 51, Beeston Road for 12.

The drinks are not even opened yet and they are already drunk.
Swinging knives and bottles about.
Such dangerous people I'm mixing with, tsk tsk.

Simon (my lobster relative), Myself, EeHow, and ShinHau.
Where there is alcohol, there is a lobster in its presence.

After dinner we played Secret Santa, and Brian got my Dr.Who Bubble Bath.
Bath with it, and you'll have skin like Dr.Who's. LOL!
A bunch of twenty-somethings playing Secret Santa, sweat.
But to be honest it was really fun, because somehow we made the boys play the guitar and sing us some Christmasy tunes. Good times, good times =D

With all these booze and good food, I think I'm getting fatter for real this time!
Take a close look at me and tell me what you think.

Daniel, Daniel's guitar, Daniel's Room, and Myself.
Thank you so much. We had a great night. So next year's turkey on YOU again! =P

27th December 2008: Post-Boxing Day SALES

I shopped. Till I nearly dropped.
Shan't put any photos up because My Mom will kill me.

My God, did I miss Nasi Lemak.
We found the restaurant that the Nottingham Malaysian Society has been catering from.
Pretty Orchid is located at a hidden corner in the city centre, and serves Malaysian Food of course. Lunch goes for 5.50, for another 1.50 you can have an appetizer to go with it.

At the end of the day I had 4 bags, and they include 3 tops and a new pair of shoes.
The total undiscounted price cost around 70, and I spent less than half of that ^^
Thanks to the Year End SALES + the new VAT reduction and Student Discounts!
The theme of my shopping day was Workwear, for my new job in Oxford next summer =)

Among them, is The Most Gorgeous Workwear I have ever tried on.
I sort of knew it was meant for me. It's a size 6. The only one left.
Unfortunately it was not on sale, and I had to think twice if I could afford it.

Thanks to some kind souls, it was my Christmas prezzie!

Advice I got from the Cashier at Dorothy Perkins

"Don't complain honey, just let him buy it for you"

Sweat =.=

*Pictures were taken by Daniel and Brian. Lazy me got them straight off Facebook.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

A big shout out to ALL...

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! !

Try to keep yourself off Santa's Naughty List

Love your Liver

Feast and be merry

Spread the joy and love of the season

Join the Turkey Population Control

Shop till you drop and save UK from recession

Contribute to charity

May you and everyone have a blessed holiday

and a fairytale ending to the year.

With Love from, Suet Ling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I've been absent, and with good reason. From the 15th till the 21st, I have been diligently eluding the confines of Broadgate Park, exercising my freedom, and spending the last remaining dimes I earned during summer.

Alas, all is spent. And then some more.

Paris was awesome. 12 Malaysians exploring Paris, camping at the Luton Airport, camping at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, pretending to be Japanese, doing all that for 5 days was refreshing, to say the least. No, I'm not going to go through the details of the trip, simply because many others will be doing that already. Because everyone went to Paris this Christmas, sigh... You can piece up all the stories from the hundreds of pictures on my Facebook.

In short, we visited the famous must-see landmarks in Paris...

The Notre Dame Cathedral

"Japanese" terrorists at The Eiffle Tower.

The Versailles Palace.

Spent 50 Euros on Disneyland Paris, but it was worth every penny.

Visiting the Musee du Louvre and met the famous Ms.Mona Lisa.

And the they 5 of us missed our flight and got stranded in Paris.
Damn you EasyJet. Won't fly with you again!

To put it simply, the lady at the check-in counter closed on us! Hello, the person in front of us still managed to check in. So we had to spent another 50-something Euros on a new flight ticket, another more pounds on a new bus ticket. Bah!

Basically, I'm beyond broke now.
No, Boxing Day shopping for me! T___T
My Christmas Wish List shall have to wait then...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

X-Factor 2008

All Hail the New Queen of X-Factor... Alexandra Burke.

To be honest, it wasn't a surprise to me. From the moment I saw her at the auditions, I just knew she would make it to the final at least. Sweet, pretty, humble and all that. Boring, typical, personality. Right, the type that paparazzi loves to hate.

Not loving her cover song though. Boring. For her ultimate vocal prowess, check out her version / duet with La Diva Beyonce --- Listen.

Also, allow me to introduce my favourite contestant, who just got eliminated from semi-finals. Diana Vickers! This quirky little girl looks absolutely stunning on stage, sounds even more amazing on the speakers.

Check out all the other videos on YouTube!

That's one last post from me. Wondering why?

"I'm going to Paris tomorr-wow!!! No, actually, in a few hours"

*Cute Pose 1*

*Cute Pose 2*


Sounds familiar? This ought to refresh your memory...

Am I the only one who noticed that eyebrow twitch that's so annoying? Michael thinks she's pretty =P But all I see is plastic surgery, lol.

Oh, oh, and check out XiaXue's parody of it as well! ROFLMAO...

Hats off to XiaXue for over-doing it. I almost feel like doing it myself. Depends on my mood, lol.

Aiya, I know there's like too many YouTube videos in one post. I almost fell asleep many more times while studying these few nights. Sigh. One 2 minute YouTube video for 15 minutes worth of alertness. A small price to pay?

*grab my bag and run off to Paris*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to bring to Paris

This is a general announcement.

To be honest I don't know why I'm announcing this to everybody. Probably don't want to lose out to some people, lol. I hear people going to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany ever so often it's starting to bug me that the only place I seem to be going is the toilet.

But anyway....

I'm going to Paris!!! *Play La Vie En Rose*

Think The Eiffle Tower, The Louvre Museum, Champs Elysee, Louis Vuitton, Mimes, Sidewalk cafes, and Dali-esque street caricaturists!

I'll be leaving Nottingham by bus on Sunday evening to Luton Airport, followed by a sleepover at the airport! Might as well make it a full scale pyjama party huh? For all you know we might make it onto YouTube and be famous celebrities ever after! Lol, wishful thinking! Yeah we will leave the UK in the morning, and land in beautiful Paris shortly after! Am I excited or am I too excited?! *Girly scream*

My Packing List is as follows, for my tripmates reference and convenience:

Passports + bus and flight tickets
Time to dig out your passports, blow off the thick layer of dust on its surface, and get another stained page on your book! You know we can't go anywhere without any of these. Can everyone triple check with everyone before departure for safety! We don't want anyone of us making The Star headlines: Malaysian detained at Paris Airport!

Toothbrush + Toothpaste
You'll be amazed to know that I forget this on 50% of my trips, it's on the top of my list now.
One room can probably bring 1 tube of toothpaste and share among yourselves.

Travel sized Shampoo + Shower Creme + Facial Cleanser
Ahah! A perfect chance to indulge in some of the luxurious toiletries I got for my birthday...
Again, this can be shared to save luggage space. What's the worst that can happen?
Okay, maybe it'll be scary if all the boys smell like Simon. You know he tends to attracts gay attention for some weird reason. Let's hope its not because of his smell.

Bodycare: Lipbalm, Body Lotion, Face Moisturiser, Hair wax/gel (guys) etc.
Hey we're gonna take plenty of pictures, can't blame a girl for wanting to look pretty =D

Towel & Hairdryer
You boys, please remember to bring your own towel. I'm definitely not sharing! Girls, can we work out something with the hair dryer?

Disposable underwears can be considered if you think underwears are a waste of luggage space. Anyway 5 day old underwears should be skunk smelly! Just throw 'em away! No sharing amongst yourselves for this one. If you are, I don't want to know. Ewww...

Clothes & Socks
Please bring enough. It's winter there anyway so I doubt that we're actually gonna sweat. Perhaps clothes can be reworn over and over again.

Glasses, Contact Lenses and Saline
Only applies to contact lens users. Looking for someone to bring one bottle of saline because I don't have a travel sized one!

Handphones, Cameras WITH Memory cards AND Chargers
Please, please and a gazillion please bring them with you! The iPhone-ers can share chargers no problem! How many Sony Ericsson users are there? Can we work out a compromise? Contact me!

Cash and Credit Cards
As previously discussed, please have about 300 pounds worth of Euros on standby. Solo debit cards (means NatWest Step Account users) are not accepted in France. Just in case, please bring your credit cards along as well.

Miscellanous : Swiss Army Knife, Fork and Spoons, Tissues, Water bottle.
These are optional but good to have! If you 've got some extra space to spare in your bags.

Antiseptic Cream, Pain killers, Band-Aids, Antihistamines, Sanitary Pads, Tissues, Condoms (guys)
I've learnt that accidents always happen when you don't want them to. Maybe one of us are allergic to foie gras, truffles, or escargot! Antihistamines are a must bring so no one goes into an anaphylactic shock! There's always someone who's allergic to this, or allergic to that. Guys, I heard French women are hot, know what to bring. Heh heh.

READ THIS: French for Travelers
Since our lot seemed to have more interest in German than French, we'll just have to pick up some basic French overnight. A little bit only la, NO EXCUSE, MUST READ! I've done the work by looking it up for you. Click here. For pick up lines, DIY ok. I'm not a Non-Profit Charitable Organization. And no, just Je t'aime is not enough. French women can't speak English, but they are not stupid hor. Hehehehe, just kidding! =)

And last but not least, Books/Notes for Revision!
Don't hentam me for saying this ok. Don't say I didn't remind you that exams are in January!

Right, now did I miss anything out? Hope everything fits in one handcarrier :S

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

200th post blog-o-versary

It's a bird...
It's a plane...

It's Ling-O-Logy's 200th post blog-o-versary...!!!
*throwing confetti everywhere*

Today has been good. By "good", I nearly always mean " productive". I woke up bright and early at 8am, and slowly made myself some decent breakfast! Semi-naked. Muahahaha. We had good sun on this lovely Tuesday morning, so I got rid of the curtains and let me poor pale skin absorb some rays. To say the least, I have been very sun deprived to the extent to evolving into a vampire like appearance. Just in case you're wondering I don't live on the ground floor, and I was alone at that time. Only some birds saw me making breakfast like Britney in Womanizer.

Following that I hopped into the shower for a long and hot one, then lovingly blow dried my hair. I picked out something nice from my closet, and grabbed some chocolate on my way out. Chocolate courtesy of a cutie, and that saved me from 2-decades-of-life-crisis =) With that I just know it's going to be a good day. Got out in the lovely cloudless weather, and managed to get plenty of my errands done, stopping just to get myself another chocolate bar to keep my mood going. Can I say I'm developing an addiction to chocolate as does people to coffee now? I need a cup of hot chocolate every morning now just to get myself going! I have sold my soul to Chocolates.

As something special for this special post on this special day... I'm gonna post some crumbs of my life. In other words, stuff I wanted to blog about, but am too lazy to do it because of assignments/ dinners/ head-hunted/ shopping/ burnt my kitchen/ period pain/ headache/ hangover and a gazillion of other excuses.

EeHow's legendary 21st birthday at Hooters.

Girls Gang also @ Hooters! As customers not as waitresses ok.
Both of mine still can't make up half a hooter. Lol.
Jiao (CHN), Myself, YitLing, WeiYe (CHN), SayYuen, Cassie (CHN).
By the way, China Chicks are like so hot.

Traditional Toilet Shot in the bar toilet after 2 shots of Vodka.
Myself, YitLing, Sara, Rachael, PuiLing.

Another pic of me drinking with some new found friends at The Living Room =)
IngChang, YitLing, Elwin (Bru), Daniel, Myself and Archi (Phil)
All others are Malaysians unless stated.

Condom, Tampons, and Gum vending machine in a bar toilet.

The super awesome Bak Kut Teh I made on my birthday.
It's actually much browner, but the vapour keeps clouding my lens =(
Anyway you should be glad you can't smell it, that's because you can't eat it =P

Have you ever tried looking up in the sky for a change?
Venue: Broadgate Park.

The little bit of sun we get nowadays.
Venue: School of Pharmacy.

Winter Day Out @ Old Market Square
Gary (HK), SayYuen, Myself, ChinHong, SiuSien, PekSan.

Acting like we're all below 20 on my 20th birthday surprise!
Michael (HK), Myself, SayYuen, Gary(HK).

Something awesome I made for DeeSin's birthday party. Tastes more special that it looks, with secret ingredients and secret recipe and secret method =P

Yeah, now you know how lazy I am. Lol.
Bah, got my Computing report to finish up, can't be bothered with anything else.
*Scratch out my bloodshot eye balls to stick them onto the screen*

Yes this stupid blob is my report.
Tata for now. Mummy check your email please. Thank you.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Turning 20


To everyone, for the wishes, the cake and presents, and for being part of my 2 decades worth of life!

I love you all so much! Thank you for letting me turn 20. You guys had 20 years to kill me, but you didn't, which is really, really sweet. I want to thank my mom and dad for giving birth to me, my siblings whom I always bully, my teachers for having mercy when I forgot my homework, bla bla, so on, so on... Cheh, like the speech after receiving an Oscar award =P

Wow. The Big TWO-O! I'm so freaking old now T__T Needs getting used to really. Like yesterday, I went to Pitcher & Piano, which is a bar.

The Bouncer was like, how old are you?
I'm like, ninet.... No wait, I'm TWENTY!!! *huge kiddy grin*

Muahahaha, first moment of actually feeling happy to say I'm 20. By the way, not that I don't appreciate the wishes, but I'm actually 2o this year, rather than 21. I have no idea why there are quite a number of my friends out there making that mistake. Hmmm... Don't tell me I look THAT OLD! Okay maybe I do, considering I did receive a bottle of anti-wrinkle cream just recently.

Forget the "What I've done/achieve on my way to turning 20". Boring.

I'm gonna make a list of "What I want to do now that I'm 20"!!!

- Insist that I'm really 18 instead of 20, when prompted.
- Start making people call me Jie Jie, for a change.
- Get drunk, like really drunk. Puke. Hangover. The whole package.
- Earn more money, spend more money $$$
- Fill some pages on my crisp new passport. The cleanliness of the pages is starting to bug me.
- Give up trying to grow taller. Undivided focus on getting fatter from now.

And this is how I look like when I am 20.

That's All Folks!
*Play: Looney Toons tune*

Monday, December 01, 2008


Right now, it's all about the weather. Uh huh. You ask about the weather, you wear according to the weather, you go out in the weather, and of course you wonder "weather" it will rain/snow today. *hoho, pun-puns =)*

Some purple scribbles for my own amusement!
This is what I live with everyday. Today I lived with 0'C in the morning, and 2'C in the afternoon as shown on the top right corner. Sub zero temperatures are becoming the norm here, I no longer think my fridge is cold anymore. Haha. These are times when you buy fresh milk, and leave them on the windowsill to keep chilled.

Those who missed the little snowfall about a week ago, fret not! You will have your chance of seeing "heavy snow" on Thursday!! But beware, the wind will be excruciating at 23 mph. Time to wrap up like a kebab people!

To my parents who's been wondering why I've been whining all about the weather ALL THE TIME, now you know why. Sob sob. I want my mummy... And I want to be able to wear my skirts again!!!

But then while I was out last weekend, I saw several (means quite a lot) british girls walking around in short skirts, WITHOUT stockings or leggings. Just bare, shaved, legs. Not to mention a number of them still strutting down the street, with half their breasts hanging out, just enough to warm the blood of passing men. Hahaha, how convenient and considerate indeed. I wonder if that would count as a good deed? An easy way out of Santa's naughty list perhaps? Lol...

Anyway, everything is Christmas-fied, and the atmosphere in Nottingham is nothing less than Christmasy! I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!! And I miss that Christmas Tree at home. Sigh... I don't get to put the star on it this year.