Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to bring to Paris

This is a general announcement.

To be honest I don't know why I'm announcing this to everybody. Probably don't want to lose out to some people, lol. I hear people going to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany ever so often it's starting to bug me that the only place I seem to be going is the toilet.

But anyway....

I'm going to Paris!!! *Play La Vie En Rose*

Think The Eiffle Tower, The Louvre Museum, Champs Elysee, Louis Vuitton, Mimes, Sidewalk cafes, and Dali-esque street caricaturists!

I'll be leaving Nottingham by bus on Sunday evening to Luton Airport, followed by a sleepover at the airport! Might as well make it a full scale pyjama party huh? For all you know we might make it onto YouTube and be famous celebrities ever after! Lol, wishful thinking! Yeah we will leave the UK in the morning, and land in beautiful Paris shortly after! Am I excited or am I too excited?! *Girly scream*

My Packing List is as follows, for my tripmates reference and convenience:

Passports + bus and flight tickets
Time to dig out your passports, blow off the thick layer of dust on its surface, and get another stained page on your book! You know we can't go anywhere without any of these. Can everyone triple check with everyone before departure for safety! We don't want anyone of us making The Star headlines: Malaysian detained at Paris Airport!

Toothbrush + Toothpaste
You'll be amazed to know that I forget this on 50% of my trips, it's on the top of my list now.
One room can probably bring 1 tube of toothpaste and share among yourselves.

Travel sized Shampoo + Shower Creme + Facial Cleanser
Ahah! A perfect chance to indulge in some of the luxurious toiletries I got for my birthday...
Again, this can be shared to save luggage space. What's the worst that can happen?
Okay, maybe it'll be scary if all the boys smell like Simon. You know he tends to attracts gay attention for some weird reason. Let's hope its not because of his smell.

Bodycare: Lipbalm, Body Lotion, Face Moisturiser, Hair wax/gel (guys) etc.
Hey we're gonna take plenty of pictures, can't blame a girl for wanting to look pretty =D

Towel & Hairdryer
You boys, please remember to bring your own towel. I'm definitely not sharing! Girls, can we work out something with the hair dryer?

Disposable underwears can be considered if you think underwears are a waste of luggage space. Anyway 5 day old underwears should be skunk smelly! Just throw 'em away! No sharing amongst yourselves for this one. If you are, I don't want to know. Ewww...

Clothes & Socks
Please bring enough. It's winter there anyway so I doubt that we're actually gonna sweat. Perhaps clothes can be reworn over and over again.

Glasses, Contact Lenses and Saline
Only applies to contact lens users. Looking for someone to bring one bottle of saline because I don't have a travel sized one!

Handphones, Cameras WITH Memory cards AND Chargers
Please, please and a gazillion please bring them with you! The iPhone-ers can share chargers no problem! How many Sony Ericsson users are there? Can we work out a compromise? Contact me!

Cash and Credit Cards
As previously discussed, please have about 300 pounds worth of Euros on standby. Solo debit cards (means NatWest Step Account users) are not accepted in France. Just in case, please bring your credit cards along as well.

Miscellanous : Swiss Army Knife, Fork and Spoons, Tissues, Water bottle.
These are optional but good to have! If you 've got some extra space to spare in your bags.

Antiseptic Cream, Pain killers, Band-Aids, Antihistamines, Sanitary Pads, Tissues, Condoms (guys)
I've learnt that accidents always happen when you don't want them to. Maybe one of us are allergic to foie gras, truffles, or escargot! Antihistamines are a must bring so no one goes into an anaphylactic shock! There's always someone who's allergic to this, or allergic to that. Guys, I heard French women are hot, know what to bring. Heh heh.

READ THIS: French for Travelers
Since our lot seemed to have more interest in German than French, we'll just have to pick up some basic French overnight. A little bit only la, NO EXCUSE, MUST READ! I've done the work by looking it up for you. Click here. For pick up lines, DIY ok. I'm not a Non-Profit Charitable Organization. And no, just Je t'aime is not enough. French women can't speak English, but they are not stupid hor. Hehehehe, just kidding! =)

And last but not least, Books/Notes for Revision!
Don't hentam me for saying this ok. Don't say I didn't remind you that exams are in January!

Right, now did I miss anything out? Hope everything fits in one handcarrier :S

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