Sunday, December 14, 2008

X-Factor 2008

All Hail the New Queen of X-Factor... Alexandra Burke.

To be honest, it wasn't a surprise to me. From the moment I saw her at the auditions, I just knew she would make it to the final at least. Sweet, pretty, humble and all that. Boring, typical, personality. Right, the type that paparazzi loves to hate.

Not loving her cover song though. Boring. For her ultimate vocal prowess, check out her version / duet with La Diva Beyonce --- Listen.

Also, allow me to introduce my favourite contestant, who just got eliminated from semi-finals. Diana Vickers! This quirky little girl looks absolutely stunning on stage, sounds even more amazing on the speakers.

Check out all the other videos on YouTube!

That's one last post from me. Wondering why?

"I'm going to Paris tomorr-wow!!! No, actually, in a few hours"

*Cute Pose 1*

*Cute Pose 2*


Sounds familiar? This ought to refresh your memory...

Am I the only one who noticed that eyebrow twitch that's so annoying? Michael thinks she's pretty =P But all I see is plastic surgery, lol.

Oh, oh, and check out XiaXue's parody of it as well! ROFLMAO...

Hats off to XiaXue for over-doing it. I almost feel like doing it myself. Depends on my mood, lol.

Aiya, I know there's like too many YouTube videos in one post. I almost fell asleep many more times while studying these few nights. Sigh. One 2 minute YouTube video for 15 minutes worth of alertness. A small price to pay?

*grab my bag and run off to Paris*

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Faith said...

yes la...she is pretty becos of her plastic surgery ok????
but at least the surgery is a success rite? haha!!