Friday, January 30, 2009

Yr 3 Sem 2 Wk 1 + CNY

I'm BACKKKK!!! Honestly I've been meaning to blog for the past few days, but then the post-exam-laziness got the better of me. I'm sorry I have zero willpower left, in fact, I'm in willpower debt because I have a determination overdraft from my brain bank over the exam period. My freshly laundered bedding is just too sexy for me to resist! How can a girl resist such seduction from the biggest temptress ever! My bed lah dodo!

Hopefully everyone has had, or even still having, a fantastic CNY celebration. If you have gained a few kilos from the yummy CNY goodie treats, or lost a lot in gambling Chor Dai Dee, or is dead bored because you have plenty of holidays with nothing to do, PLEASE don't complain to me. I don't want to know. Don't make me throw those hard, smelly brussel sprouts from the back of my fridge at you. I'm SERIOUSLY warning you ah!

No CNY mood. AT ALL. On the Reunion night, I joined a small gathering of Malaysian Chinese. There was so much veggie 菜 at that dinner I have this very good feeling I'm gonna gain some fortune 财 this year. However, we totally forgot to buy fish 鱼! How to 年年有余 like that! In the end we there was too much veggie anyway, so we did have major leftovers to symbolise the .

(年年有余 literally means "Every Year Got Leftovers". In other words, it implies that you have more than what you need. Just like your bank account, isn't it nice to have a balance instead of an overdraft? In this case, this proverb is referring to having ample clothes, food, money and all that. Get it?)

I know I have some banana readers. Heh heh. Just in case you're interested.

Despite being out there and all, I tried my best to practice all those CNY traditions and superstitions. The boys downloaded all the "Dong Qiang"s they can find and was blasting them all the way! Call it a desperate attempt to create "The Mood", but it made me feel better! No sweeping or cleaning on the First Day, no cursing (this was awfully hard, made me realise that I had quite a foul mouth), I was even a vegetarian for 24 hours to gather some good karma! And then, the School of Pharmacy just had to shower us in "Suay-ness" by making me turn up for a COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE lecture at 9AM in the QUEENS MEDICAL CENTRE. I pretty much spent my CNY morning in the hospital =.=" How pathetic is that? To make things worse, classes ran from 9am till 4pm T__T What for? To introduce us to deadly modules like...

Diseases and Goals of Treatment : 30 deadly credits!!! STRESS!!!
Toxicology : to remind us how toxic the module is
Professional Skills 3 - Law & Dispensing: where the passing mark is 60%
Sterile Production : another lab module *dread*

If you don't already know I have been unbelievably suay the past year. In fact, I even went through the effort of selecting my personal Top 4 for your amusement.

-Lost all my notes and books because of DHL
-Burnt my kitchen, and set off a fire alarm single handedly
-Missed my flight in Paris
-Lost my calculator

... and other little suay things. Is there someone cursing me? T__T

It's okay. I believe in karma. What goes around, will come back around to bite you in the arse, THREE-FOLD!

*To be continued*

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY song

Happy Chinese New Year you guys!

Have a prosperous year ahead, full of Ox-xy vitality, Ox-like determination, and Ox-traordinary happiness! Eat and gamble wisely people.

Warmest regards, Ling xoxo

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Stig Unmasked + Toilet


Just a quick note to brag about my latest effort. First thing I did after exams is to clean my toilet! I spent a good hour washing, scrubbing, disinfecting (yes I disinfected the whole thing, I AM THAT BIG OF A CLEAN FREAK) and finishing it off with some good ol' polishing!

What's the use of having a clean toilet and not bragging about it, heh heh. Sorry lah, you have to be my victim so that I can feel good. It's not like there will be anyone else who's gonna see or even use it you see. The result? A GLEAMING toilet that's so shiny and breathtakingly clean, you wouldn't even notice that BIG FAT STRESS ZIT glaring back at cha from my forehead.

"Is it THAT clean?" you ask.
I'm telling you I can't even smell my own shit after I officially used it in its new glorious state. All I get is a nose full of Clean-Disinfected-Toilet aroma. Ahhhhhhhh~~~


Dear Top Gear Fans,

The Legendary Stig has been unmasked by the British Media.



Just like the rest, I agree that the show's less fun when you know who The Stig is. Not because the one behind the mask is the problem, but simply because the mystery is what makes it exciting after all.

I may not be one of the loyal fans that follow and collect every single episode out there, but I did have my fair share of episodes when I still had access to British TV. A good dose of English humour that one, there's no way for you to hate the show. Unless you own one of the cars that they criticized to no end, which happened to be their best talent yet.

Signing off to sleep and recuperate, Ling.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Obama

Well in case you didn't know, President Elect Barack Hussein Obama is now President Obama... or, or, or, let me do it Disney's "Cory's in the House" style,

The President of The United States of America
Heh heh heh.

One man. Big title. Grand day. World History. Hopes. Faith. Emotions. Determination. Responsibility. Justice. Equality. Reality.

Missed it because of something important?
I've done the work for you. Thank you, I know you love me.

Missed it because you dont care?
I'm gonna spoonfeed you anyway, because you HAVE to see it.

And partly because I'm a brand new fan of Obama's presidential aura! =) It is so great that it totally knocked out the Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, I think. No, that's not really it. Reports say that he was knocked out by a seizure, and will be discharged from the hospital overnight. It is also said that he has battled brain cancer in the not so distant past. He probably has Gliadel somewhere in there, heh heh.

Click me to watch the Full Video of the Inauguration Speech
I think it's a good piece of wisdom and maturity that everyone should be exposed to. Especially some. It's public speaking at its best, I say.

So far, I love only his presidential aura. We have seen that this man can promise, he knows what Americans need. But can he deliver? It's too soon to say he can. But hopes and prayers are with him, to help see him through this tough time.

I hope people remember that he is still a man in a new job. He needs time to pick things up, first to correct the mistakes of the past, before he can bring the nation forward. It must be scary to have millions of people have such high hopes for you.

Despite my doubts and realistic thoughts. I have a good feeling about this =)

p/s: First Lady Obama looked absolutely stunning in her dress for the Inauguration Balls! Look up videos of The First Couple's First Dance in various Inauguration Balls, if you'd like to see the President doing a booty bump!

Monday, January 19, 2009

4 year old McD cheeseburger

Have you seen a 4 year old McDonalds Cheeseburger?
Have you seen an obese person walking around with a cheeseburger claiming that she used to be obese?

Now you have.

Personally, I think it's kind of fake. Comparing oil-fried food with fresh ones, she really is an idiot. Salt and oil prevents microbacterial growth, duh. She may not have cling wrapped it, but she might have formaldehyde or chloroform hidden somewhere in her house.

Really, I think this lady's just looking for someone and something to blame for her previous (and probably current) obese state. To be honest, I think she was(is) fat because she lacked self restraint, cannot resist temptation and most obviously, is short on critical thinking. Oh, and did I mention only exercising her mouth but not the rest of her body.

It's the comments that I find really amusing :)

"MsMisfits (1 hour ago)
Hahahaha one of the last lines she said was funny. What the fuck is she doing at McDonalds at 10pm when theyre sweeping the floor?? Fucking oinker."

"KunalIsGreat (7 hours ago)
If the fry lasts longer, wouldn't the kid last longer?"

Hahahahahahaha... Last one's a good one.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A miracle

I asked for a MIRACLE that night.

Because I needed one for Molecular Pharmacology. It's not that I didn't study, because by the look of my face I have been dating pharmacy notes for too long a time. I bet I can audition for a Witch role now effortlessly. That girl in the mirror keeps frightening me in the wee hours of the morning, I want to destroy all reflective surfaces. It's definitely not that I'm stupid, I do comprehend these terrifying sounding jargons. I really do. But when I looked at those Past Year Questions, I thought...


What do they want me to write? I'm supposed to churn out 25 marks worth of an answer with only 2 or 3 lines of question guiding me. I feel more lost than Little Red Riding Hood in the forest.


Out of the blue, all the students in the venue were given an extra 15 minutes to complete their papers. The less fortunate side of the story was that a fellow classmate had an epilepsy episode midway through the papers. It was a miracle at his expense. But then again, I guess the paper was too much for him to handle too. Hmmm... The entire Year 3 MPharm students have him to thank for 15 minutes worth of marks, and bladder retention, and buttocks deflation.

My First Thoughts:
"Brilliant! More time for more crap to make my examiner miserable. That's for setting stupid questions like these! "

5 seconds later:
"Maybe the extension wasn't such a great idea. My bladder is bursting with 3 hours accumulation of rejected ammonia. "

Would everyone get 30 minutes of extension if a fellow student had an exploding bladder? I wonder. I'd pay someone who was failing anyway to be our scapegoat. Hey, everyone would pay him. We were so desperate the night before, I remember contemplating whether or not giving our lecturer a blowjob would be worth it for a PASS.

Just kidding you guys. Chill.

Enough of that, have you heard that DIANA VICKERS OF X-FACTOR 2008 FAME will be performing at ISIS NOTTINGHAM ON 24TH JANUARY!!!


Okay, enough of insanity. A few videos to keep you entertained. I swear I've been hounding YouTube for entertainment so much in the past month there not a video that you know and I haven't watched.

Diana Vickers performing

Simon Cowell gets OWNED by Old Lady Edna

Medicinal Chemistry getting the better of me now. I gotta pull myself together if I want to get through this one. I know for a fact that miracles are hard to come by, and even harder to wish for. After this, I would be able to at least, breathe finally do some chores. My room is such a pig sty at the moment. Don't come knock on my door.

p/s: The victim was hospitalised and later discharged on the same day. He's fine. And because of him, everyone's exam is in a better state than it should be. The fate of his half-completed examination remains unknown.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the battle begins

A few weeks ago, I was running from crazy French drivers on the streets on Paris. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go head to head with a few sheets of paper that threatens to kill my future.

Yes, my fellow compatriots. The battle begins, TOMORROW!!!
(At least, for me. Some lucky engineers get to start the day after, hmph!)

Since the semester ended, not a day has gone by without a minimal extent of nerding. Frankly, I don't think all that nerding did anything to help me pass my papers. Nothing seems to stick in my head at all. Guess my results will have to surrender to a higher power then.

Nerding 24/7 is stupid. There is no way, that I can sit down and nerd continuously for more than 2 hours. I gotta get up and do something, somehow. Shit, eat, bathe, sleep, anything! Most of all, I've been YouTube-ing.

For those on the brink of insanity, take a break, have a kitkat and do anyone of the activities below to rest your mind.

-Eat a banana/chocolate: quick healthy carbs for your brain to burn, and keeps you happy.
-Watch a YouTube video: I suggest LeeHom, Panacea81 make up, X-Factor Live Shows.
-Blog a useless and pointless entry: You're reading one now.
-Bathe: refresh and relax your body and mind. Warm water feels good anyway.
-Vacuum your room: because you know you haven't done it in awhile.
-Do stretch exercises: How long have you been slouching over your desk now?
-Read my blog: because my blog, no matter how boring, requires less mental energy than your notes. And you will feel better about yourself after knowing that I'm in a worse off position than you are.

Okay, now what are you still doing here? Your 5 minutes worth are up! Go back to your books!

To those on holiday or not having exams, don't rub it in. This time of the year, I bite. You've been warned.

Exams last till 23rd January to end just before Chinese New Year! Wee...! Can't wait to get started on my Post-Exams To-Do List! Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lilian's 25th Birthday

Oh Li Lian!

You're my fellow Orange lover.
My fellow roommate/housemate for 2 whole years.

My pillar of support throughout my UNiM days, and even now.

Oh how I miss those days when we "同居-ed" together.

Only you...

Will pick out onions so delicately from your plate.
Loop Tanya Chua and Stefanie Sun a gazillion times and still love it.

Will organize your stuff more orderly than mine.
Can dymo label every single thing you can get your hands on.
Can pimp your laptop to be both Windows and Mac, inside AND outside.

Look damn "yeng" holding a vacuum cleaner, reaching into the corners of the ceiling.

Happy 25th Birthday!!!

*confetti falling everywhere*
(see I remember your favourite colour)

Today Li Lian turned a quarter of a century old. Heh heh.

With every cell of my heart, I wish you

Earn big money this coming CNY and at work as well.
Success and accomplishments in your new career.

Plenty of joy, and beautiful surprises.

More almost-free cameras =P
Health, Fitness and that you achieve your dream weight.

Blessings for your family, especially your mom.

Have a good one my darling. I love you. MUAX.

With Love From, Ling.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hereford and OWLs

This is an outdated entry on my trip BACK to beautiful Hereford.
It happened sometime before Christmas.

A land, where the the grass is greener,
A land, where the people are jollier,

This jolly ol' bus driver drove me to work every day in summer.
And he still remembers me!!! *love love*
We had a long long long long chat on the bus, catching up with each other.
Normally, he would wear a buttoned shirt with a tie while driving the Big Blue.
For the occasion, he's dressed up as Santa, and every passenger gets a candy from his sack of joy. I got 2! But don't tell anyone =P

Feels great to come back to a this place. The people here are seriously, insanely LOVELY. I never felt a moments boredom at the bus stop. Because the locals will always chat me up. There is no such thing as discrimination here.

You gotta admit. His face is so funny! Like kena tumbuk. Haha.
If you don't look carefully, you'd think he's like a floating tree stump!
This freaky looking fella has incredibly soft feathers, and actually just a very slender body underneath the fluff. It stares at you while you stroke it.

This is an Owl we met at a mini petting zoo, called...

Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre
"Houses the finest display of owls in the UK." it claims.

"set in an idyllic rural environmen overlooking Bradnor Hill and Hergest Ridge"
Really, people should consider visiting this gorgeous place.
Forget Manchester, or Newcastle, or London.
Everyone's been there and done that. Boring.
It's time to Cuti-Cuti England. Because anywhere further is too expensive.
Damn you Paris, I have yet to get over you making me spend so much.

Another Owl.

Midget Owl, barely taller than my palm.

Flirty Owl, knows a Leng Lui when it sees one XD

Bossy Owl, haha, why am I simply characterizing the birds.
I am so mean.

Other amazing flying creatures on display.

Did I mention that ALL the animals here are super friendly!

So "teh". Reminds me of some girls =P

Big Fluffy Chicken!

Don't ask me how it managed to get his head out, but he did =P

A rushed entry with minimal effort, brought to you by the one who's cramming for her exams.
The Ling.

p/s: I found blood in my mucus last night, but I don't feel any pain. Hohoho...
p/p/s: I saw Harry Potter's Snowy White Owl, but my battery died so too bad for you.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Autumn 2008 Exams

Now that the celebrations are safely out of the way, everyone's diving headfirst, back into their revision materials.

I am scared. So scared. This is my nightmare:

13rd January Molecular Pharmacology
16th January Medicinal Chemistry
20th January Advanced Drug Delivery 1
23rd January Nutrition in Health & Disease

This time, I'm going to have to go through this alone. And I wonder how am I supposed to summon the strength I need to pull through this. I can't be strong, just because someone tells me to. It's insane.

A new environment.
That blasted English weather! Subzero temperatures, and sun-less days did nothing to keep me away from my warm bed. These gloomy days have only made my depression worse.

A new academic environment.
That thick French accent, pile loads of lecture material and taunting statistics of past years performances "scare the crap outta me", Achmed style. Lecturing styles are definitely worlds apart, although both campuses are in fact only half a day of traveling away. I don't know whether its my "Exam Cold Feet" again, or I really am clueless about everything and anything.

A new illness.
As I am typing this, I am also simultaneously wrapping more "mucus-filled wantons" to add to my ever piling collection in the bin. Yesterday I was feverish with a bad throat. Thank goodness it went away. I shall never step out when it's -4'C EVER AGAIN. Getting sick before exams. Just great huh.

More Pressure.
I'm in Year 3 now, meaning this year contributes a total of 40% to my final degree. Pressure much? Not to mention having secured a Boots Summer Placement at wonderful Oxford, means that I cannot bear to chance any resits, or I'll have to miss my placement. And this placement also happens to mean my job after graduation, upon successful completion of the programme.

Although I do know that I have, like, half a job offer already, and I don't need a First Class to get hired, I just can't help changing this positive situation into more and more pressure! I lost count of how many times I broke down over the past few days, for the right and wrong reasons. SIGH.

Gah, life sucks. Why am I in Pharmacy? Why am I not some super genius? Why did they invent exams? Why did he let me go through this all by myself?

I wanna go home! T__T