Friday, January 30, 2009

Yr 3 Sem 2 Wk 1 + CNY

I'm BACKKKK!!! Honestly I've been meaning to blog for the past few days, but then the post-exam-laziness got the better of me. I'm sorry I have zero willpower left, in fact, I'm in willpower debt because I have a determination overdraft from my brain bank over the exam period. My freshly laundered bedding is just too sexy for me to resist! How can a girl resist such seduction from the biggest temptress ever! My bed lah dodo!

Hopefully everyone has had, or even still having, a fantastic CNY celebration. If you have gained a few kilos from the yummy CNY goodie treats, or lost a lot in gambling Chor Dai Dee, or is dead bored because you have plenty of holidays with nothing to do, PLEASE don't complain to me. I don't want to know. Don't make me throw those hard, smelly brussel sprouts from the back of my fridge at you. I'm SERIOUSLY warning you ah!

No CNY mood. AT ALL. On the Reunion night, I joined a small gathering of Malaysian Chinese. There was so much veggie 菜 at that dinner I have this very good feeling I'm gonna gain some fortune 财 this year. However, we totally forgot to buy fish 鱼! How to 年年有余 like that! In the end we there was too much veggie anyway, so we did have major leftovers to symbolise the .

(年年有余 literally means "Every Year Got Leftovers". In other words, it implies that you have more than what you need. Just like your bank account, isn't it nice to have a balance instead of an overdraft? In this case, this proverb is referring to having ample clothes, food, money and all that. Get it?)

I know I have some banana readers. Heh heh. Just in case you're interested.

Despite being out there and all, I tried my best to practice all those CNY traditions and superstitions. The boys downloaded all the "Dong Qiang"s they can find and was blasting them all the way! Call it a desperate attempt to create "The Mood", but it made me feel better! No sweeping or cleaning on the First Day, no cursing (this was awfully hard, made me realise that I had quite a foul mouth), I was even a vegetarian for 24 hours to gather some good karma! And then, the School of Pharmacy just had to shower us in "Suay-ness" by making me turn up for a COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE lecture at 9AM in the QUEENS MEDICAL CENTRE. I pretty much spent my CNY morning in the hospital =.=" How pathetic is that? To make things worse, classes ran from 9am till 4pm T__T What for? To introduce us to deadly modules like...

Diseases and Goals of Treatment : 30 deadly credits!!! STRESS!!!
Toxicology : to remind us how toxic the module is
Professional Skills 3 - Law & Dispensing: where the passing mark is 60%
Sterile Production : another lab module *dread*

If you don't already know I have been unbelievably suay the past year. In fact, I even went through the effort of selecting my personal Top 4 for your amusement.

-Lost all my notes and books because of DHL
-Burnt my kitchen, and set off a fire alarm single handedly
-Missed my flight in Paris
-Lost my calculator

... and other little suay things. Is there someone cursing me? T__T

It's okay. I believe in karma. What goes around, will come back around to bite you in the arse, THREE-FOLD!

*To be continued*

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