Monday, January 12, 2009

the battle begins

A few weeks ago, I was running from crazy French drivers on the streets on Paris. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go head to head with a few sheets of paper that threatens to kill my future.

Yes, my fellow compatriots. The battle begins, TOMORROW!!!
(At least, for me. Some lucky engineers get to start the day after, hmph!)

Since the semester ended, not a day has gone by without a minimal extent of nerding. Frankly, I don't think all that nerding did anything to help me pass my papers. Nothing seems to stick in my head at all. Guess my results will have to surrender to a higher power then.

Nerding 24/7 is stupid. There is no way, that I can sit down and nerd continuously for more than 2 hours. I gotta get up and do something, somehow. Shit, eat, bathe, sleep, anything! Most of all, I've been YouTube-ing.

For those on the brink of insanity, take a break, have a kitkat and do anyone of the activities below to rest your mind.

-Eat a banana/chocolate: quick healthy carbs for your brain to burn, and keeps you happy.
-Watch a YouTube video: I suggest LeeHom, Panacea81 make up, X-Factor Live Shows.
-Blog a useless and pointless entry: You're reading one now.
-Bathe: refresh and relax your body and mind. Warm water feels good anyway.
-Vacuum your room: because you know you haven't done it in awhile.
-Do stretch exercises: How long have you been slouching over your desk now?
-Read my blog: because my blog, no matter how boring, requires less mental energy than your notes. And you will feel better about yourself after knowing that I'm in a worse off position than you are.

Okay, now what are you still doing here? Your 5 minutes worth are up! Go back to your books!

To those on holiday or not having exams, don't rub it in. This time of the year, I bite. You've been warned.

Exams last till 23rd January to end just before Chinese New Year! Wee...! Can't wait to get started on my Post-Exams To-Do List! Wish me luck!

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Br|an said...

HAHAHA..nice one la suet ling..but ey...we engineers oso suffering ok?!we have 5 papers!!!