Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hereford and OWLs

This is an outdated entry on my trip BACK to beautiful Hereford.
It happened sometime before Christmas.

A land, where the the grass is greener,
A land, where the people are jollier,

This jolly ol' bus driver drove me to work every day in summer.
And he still remembers me!!! *love love*
We had a long long long long chat on the bus, catching up with each other.
Normally, he would wear a buttoned shirt with a tie while driving the Big Blue.
For the occasion, he's dressed up as Santa, and every passenger gets a candy from his sack of joy. I got 2! But don't tell anyone =P

Feels great to come back to a this place. The people here are seriously, insanely LOVELY. I never felt a moments boredom at the bus stop. Because the locals will always chat me up. There is no such thing as discrimination here.

You gotta admit. His face is so funny! Like kena tumbuk. Haha.
If you don't look carefully, you'd think he's like a floating tree stump!
This freaky looking fella has incredibly soft feathers, and actually just a very slender body underneath the fluff. It stares at you while you stroke it.

This is an Owl we met at a mini petting zoo, called...

Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre
"Houses the finest display of owls in the UK." it claims.

"set in an idyllic rural environmen overlooking Bradnor Hill and Hergest Ridge"
Really, people should consider visiting this gorgeous place.
Forget Manchester, or Newcastle, or London.
Everyone's been there and done that. Boring.
It's time to Cuti-Cuti England. Because anywhere further is too expensive.
Damn you Paris, I have yet to get over you making me spend so much.

Another Owl.

Midget Owl, barely taller than my palm.

Flirty Owl, knows a Leng Lui when it sees one XD

Bossy Owl, haha, why am I simply characterizing the birds.
I am so mean.

Other amazing flying creatures on display.

Did I mention that ALL the animals here are super friendly!

So "teh". Reminds me of some girls =P

Big Fluffy Chicken!

Don't ask me how it managed to get his head out, but he did =P

A rushed entry with minimal effort, brought to you by the one who's cramming for her exams.
The Ling.

p/s: I found blood in my mucus last night, but I don't feel any pain. Hohoho...
p/p/s: I saw Harry Potter's Snowy White Owl, but my battery died so too bad for you.


WoOi WeN yAnG said...

Hie Hie !! Wow .. I didn't know you can check on stalkers via Nuffnang .. Yea, He's my idol dats why i put his pic there :)

Ermm I guess it's around RM50 for originals .. I'm not a guy that supports originals btw .. It's just too expansive :) Sorry

And yea, You're in Nottingham M'sia before rite ?? How was it ?? ( the environment, lecturers, food & lodging )

btw I found out about your blog after searching for Lee Hom in google & I end up in your blog .. Nice blog !! Keep blogging too !! It's fun to read your blog :)

Br|an said...

i seriously like the pictures..the animals are sooooo cute...