Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lilian's 25th Birthday

Oh Li Lian!

You're my fellow Orange lover.
My fellow roommate/housemate for 2 whole years.

My pillar of support throughout my UNiM days, and even now.

Oh how I miss those days when we "同居-ed" together.

Only you...

Will pick out onions so delicately from your plate.
Loop Tanya Chua and Stefanie Sun a gazillion times and still love it.

Will organize your stuff more orderly than mine.
Can dymo label every single thing you can get your hands on.
Can pimp your laptop to be both Windows and Mac, inside AND outside.

Look damn "yeng" holding a vacuum cleaner, reaching into the corners of the ceiling.

Happy 25th Birthday!!!

*confetti falling everywhere*
(see I remember your favourite colour)

Today Li Lian turned a quarter of a century old. Heh heh.

With every cell of my heart, I wish you

Earn big money this coming CNY and at work as well.
Success and accomplishments in your new career.

Plenty of joy, and beautiful surprises.

More almost-free cameras =P
Health, Fitness and that you achieve your dream weight.

Blessings for your family, especially your mom.

Have a good one my darling. I love you. MUAX.

With Love From, Ling.

1 comment:

LiliaN said...

OMG!! Thank You so much for the wishes! I'm so touched that you dedicated a post to me. I hope the pic didn't scare/freak anyone out...I miss you too! Let me know when you get back, coz i'll come look for you with the new toy i bought for myself this birthday :)

Good luck in your exams girl! Take care till i see you again.