Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Stig Unmasked + Toilet


Just a quick note to brag about my latest effort. First thing I did after exams is to clean my toilet! I spent a good hour washing, scrubbing, disinfecting (yes I disinfected the whole thing, I AM THAT BIG OF A CLEAN FREAK) and finishing it off with some good ol' polishing!

What's the use of having a clean toilet and not bragging about it, heh heh. Sorry lah, you have to be my victim so that I can feel good. It's not like there will be anyone else who's gonna see or even use it you see. The result? A GLEAMING toilet that's so shiny and breathtakingly clean, you wouldn't even notice that BIG FAT STRESS ZIT glaring back at cha from my forehead.

"Is it THAT clean?" you ask.
I'm telling you I can't even smell my own shit after I officially used it in its new glorious state. All I get is a nose full of Clean-Disinfected-Toilet aroma. Ahhhhhhhh~~~


Dear Top Gear Fans,

The Legendary Stig has been unmasked by the British Media.



Just like the rest, I agree that the show's less fun when you know who The Stig is. Not because the one behind the mask is the problem, but simply because the mystery is what makes it exciting after all.

I may not be one of the loyal fans that follow and collect every single episode out there, but I did have my fair share of episodes when I still had access to British TV. A good dose of English humour that one, there's no way for you to hate the show. Unless you own one of the cars that they criticized to no end, which happened to be their best talent yet.

Signing off to sleep and recuperate, Ling.

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