Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boots placement

OMG I'm so utterly flabbergasted! (cheh, already starting to use British slang...)

I can't believe that I was actually offered a placement with the Alliance Pharmacy and Boots Summer Placement Programme 2008! This is absolutely unexpected!

Thinking back, I submitted my application about 12 hours before the deadline, with the form getting through after a third round of submission. I thought it was a sign, that it was not meant to be, I was pretty upset at that time. The deadline was 7th November, and today is the 21st. Just 2 weeks later, the offer email popped up in my email to my delight. *squeals* Better still, Say Yuen is also one of the lucky few in our class to land an offer so we get to go together! *Double Squeals* I say this is the next best thing after my Biotech scholarship offer from Queensland U.

I'm not going to act, or try to hide my excitement, else I will be one of those fakers around... Just want to share some joy for a change, instead of sharing the pain =)

Apparently, I'm going to be working at Herefordshire, England for a minimum period of 8 weeks. This rural county on the West of England, somewhere towards the Welsh border is a scenic countryside which was home to some of England's finest poets. Stuff to expect there would be fruit orchards, dairy farming, vineyards, chapels, cottages, 16th century architecture, charming sceneries, poetry festivals, and music festivals. Yup, its pretty much a 'kampung', and the hourly rate is not as generous as London... but I will be earning more than Rm1.5 k per week, so I don't care. Everything in London is expensive anyway, plus how many tourist get to boast about going to the REAL English countryside, an Enid Blyton like setting? This is such a fairytale...

A good number of people have been quizzing me about my decision of not going to London. The next time someone ask me that, I have decided that I'm going to just answer, "Elementary, my dear Watson", because I'm too lazy to answer and I want to sound smart (but actually I'm not so smart) . That's Sherlock Holmes' famous quote for you literature noobs out there. To put it simply, adaptation takes time, and so does settling down at a foreign UFC (Unknown Fattening Country). In addition to that, London is reputable for its fast-paced, high quality, and expensive lifestyle. The majority of people there would either be really fussy, busy or plain bossy. Now, we wouldn't want any complaints from any meanie who decides to make our lives terrible now would we? Besides, if the pharmacy ain't going to be busy, it means more time for me to learn from my tutor! Anyway, I'll be working on trying to live solely on my paycheck, so somewhere with low living costs would definitely put me in the right direction =)

And let me just add, that I will be leaving in June'08 for this. That means shortly after my Sem2 exams in May, provided that I can pass them *SIGH* But before that, there's visa issues to settle, air ticket hunting and lotsa shoppingggg~~~ Another plus-sized problem to deal with now *sulk*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Broken Bed

Lately my baby Bernard has been working awfully hard, and so I decided to treat him to his favourite Lavender Oil Massage... He came to my room after dinner, and took a seat on my bed. Then... *PIIIIAAAAKKKKKK*

Yup, you guessed it, my bed broke. There goes my dream of Bernard picking me up on a great white stallion. I know I'll definitely feel guilty for life if the stallion was left with a broken back... I'm not particularly upset about it right now. Come on, not every guy can break a bed by sitting on it okay? Beware, if you bully me, I shall make my baby sit on you. It could be your back next, muahahahaha... I'm so mean, and I'm proud of my occasional mean streak!

The support of the plank-like thingies fell off, nails and all. That means the only real solution is to import my daddy all the way from Sungai Buloh to Semenyih, with his trusty Bosch and tools. So since we don't have anything of the sort, we had to resort to something else. Lynette has some pretty neat hammers, but the damage was pretty unforgiving...

In the end this is what we worked out... Should be able to stand till my Super Daddy comes to my rescue... provided that I keep Bernard away from it... Oh well, I can just hope that I can get some sleep tonight, despite the painful creak of my injured bed.

Despite my baby breaking my bed, and my baby sucking my socks into the vacuum cleaner... For all the weird things that you have done. I love you baby. I love the way you try to fix stuff for me, the way you always want to make everything better for me... I love you for who you are. And these are the times when I just adore you for you being, well, you =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well since the BERSIH topic is hot on everyones mouth right now, I figure I'd join in the fun in the debate and discussion just for fun, lol...

I'm not a major fan in politics, so maybe I can shed some light through a less biased perspective on the matter.

First and foremost, I think its a pretty stupid ordeal. No offense to supporters of either side. I mean, seriously, don't you all have better things to do?

Watching the news coverage on Al Jazeera, (hohoho, Malaysian Media not reporting the incident at all, I wonder...) I heard the words, "This is democracy, Malaysian Style", followed by the footage of the event, large trucks armed with water cannons (damn lame ok? Like playing waterguns in Sunway Lagoon) showering the sea of yellow, in a feeble attempt to disperse them. MALAYSIANS! You should be ASHAMED of yourselves! Embarrassing yourself on international TV? Tsk, tsk tsk, there's nothing proud about showing the world that we're fighting among ourselves!

Think about it. The water is better off sold to Singapore, cheating in more of their currency. At least they're paying for the water, and people who are out there enjoying free showers don't. Wasting precious water like that, shame on you, think about the children in Africa who barely have clean water. The number of police recruited to do silly stuff like playing water with the citizens, forming road blocks and being human barriers are absolutely ridiculous! I mean, WE ARE THE TAXPAYERS, and we're paying them every hour to do silly stuff like that? Oh man... they're better off patrolling the streets of ChowKit catching China prostitutes (yes, it's personal and I hate them so much) and illegal DVD vendors. But don't do that too often lah, where else am I gonna get my supply from. If I were you, I'd hold a free Siti Nurhaliza concert nearby, since you're willing to spend the money anyway. I'm pretty damn sure that would be more effective than playing water games and road blocks. And damn, if the people want to gather and waste their time, let them do it, why do you care? Perhaps you have something to hide, I don't know. Either way, this is overreacting.

Not forgetting the huge load of people who ditched work, home, and family to walk there for a free shower, really free hor? Don't you have work to do, or kids who needs fetching, prayers to perform? (from morning till 4.30 pm, I think the Muslims are required to pray like 2 or 3 times?) I don't see how that is noble to turn up in yellow showing support by ditching all your other responsibilities behind? What about the shops that closed for the day, fearing the worse? It's not fair for them to sacrifice their income for your needs. Register this in your brains, while you were squeezing through the horrible traffic, sweating under the hot sun, and being tortured by water cannons , chemicals, the leaders you are fighting are enjoying a GLAMOROUS JOB, happily being interviewed by Al Jazeera like a celebrity, and meeting The King. In the meantime, your innocent compatriots get arrested for no plausible reason. Did your hero politician see the police to rescue you? No... I don't think so, haven't heard of it, correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, I think it seems that the 30,000 to 40,000 turn out was being used! What good is the politician when he ends up creating a lot of mess that you have to pick up after, in the name of justice for all? It doesn't make any sense to me. You don't even know if you're fighting for the right thing!

This paragraph applies for supporters of both sides. Sure, you know about one party's flaw. But what makes you so sure, that the other is not just manipulating you into neglecting the fact that they may be the worse off than your current target?

Have you forgotten about the people who need to get to work, get somewhere in time urgently? These road blocks could be ruining lives! Ambulances are not on strike, as well as the fresh organ delivery service! I dare not even starting counting the number of people who could die during the congestion for the SELFISH purposes of the government and the people. Your stupid strike is NOTHING, compared to the lives at stake. Malaysians are so shallow and inconsiderate, these are times when I'm embarrassed to be one.

Don't give me he said what, or who is better. ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS. They are in fact power hungry creatures who will do anything, and I mean anything to get what they want. People you've got to STOP BEING MANIPULATED BY POLITICIANS to achieve THEIR GOALS. In fact, we should be the ones manipulating the politicians into doing what WE want them to do, or what they PROMISED to deliver.

At the end of the day, you will ask, so this election discrepancy issue, how do we solve it? Well, you got the memorandum to the Agong didn't cha? I'm pretty sure there are other ways to get it to The King, without recruiting such a large number of people, as long as you know the right procedure, and The Network. People these days just don't seem to ask nicely for something... You're not much better off pressuring The King to do something you know? I don't understand why you all have to wear yellow, shouting "Daulat Tuanku", when The King have to make you go through all this before he decides to receive it. He could be enjoying the real life drama in the comfy palace. If he really wanted to do something for your side, he would've heard about the rally that was about to happen, and could've announced to receive it the MORE PEACEFUL way, without the people.

I'm not taking sides, and I feel that I'm seeing the clearer picture here. Both sides on the BERSIH issue are declared VERY GUILTY on my blog. The End.

* This entry is not be taken seriously. Food for thoughts, complimentary of The Ling.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Welcome to my very first edition of , Word of the Day. Inspired by all that is around me, especially the stuff I think about when I'm too bored waiting for that piece of shit to fall into the toilet bowl.

Word of the Day: Hypocrite

Wikipedia says:
"A hypocrite commits hypocrisy."
is the act of condemning another person for an act of which the critic is also guilty."

The Ling explains:
"Hypocrites are 50% of the people around us, whether you notice it or not. They often come conveniently in a package which consists of self centered-ness, cockiness, and a good deal of acting skills. These obnoxious people often talk too much for their own good, thinks they're all that, expecting the world to revolve around them. More often than not, they are actually the ones with the most flaws, and yet, they think of themselves as perfection brought to life. In actual fact, they are the perfect example to "empty barrels make the most noise". Normal habits include breaking promises, difficulty in being punctual, and a most admirable talent in creating an impressive amount of excuses that almost sound believable. Somehow, they make themselves sound so righteous, and they deserve exceptions. The professional hypocrite is capable of creating an impression that they are not a hypocrite at all, and hence is able to perform the crime in broad daylight without getting caught.

How to deal with Hypocrites:

If you're feeling nice,
Smile and laugh it off. That way you don't have to lie. If you lie, and agree despite the truth, that makes you no better than the hypocrite him/herself.

If you're feeling sarcastic,
Casually remind them with an excellent example of the criminal in action, and tell them what a great joke it was, that you nearly thought that the person was really a "hypocrite".

If you have a crush on that person,
You will think that person has no flaws, and you'll probably not realize that he/she is being a hypocrite at all. Just stare and drool since he/she is talking to you. Agreeing under crush-influence is excusable to a certain extent.

If you really hate that person so much you get constipation just thinking about that person,
Record that piece of conversation, and play it out loud (or repeatedly) the next time the crime is committed by the hypocrite."

Thank you for supporting my first edition of Word of the Day.