Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Broken Bed

Lately my baby Bernard has been working awfully hard, and so I decided to treat him to his favourite Lavender Oil Massage... He came to my room after dinner, and took a seat on my bed. Then... *PIIIIAAAAKKKKKK*

Yup, you guessed it, my bed broke. There goes my dream of Bernard picking me up on a great white stallion. I know I'll definitely feel guilty for life if the stallion was left with a broken back... I'm not particularly upset about it right now. Come on, not every guy can break a bed by sitting on it okay? Beware, if you bully me, I shall make my baby sit on you. It could be your back next, muahahahaha... I'm so mean, and I'm proud of my occasional mean streak!

The support of the plank-like thingies fell off, nails and all. That means the only real solution is to import my daddy all the way from Sungai Buloh to Semenyih, with his trusty Bosch and tools. So since we don't have anything of the sort, we had to resort to something else. Lynette has some pretty neat hammers, but the damage was pretty unforgiving...

In the end this is what we worked out... Should be able to stand till my Super Daddy comes to my rescue... provided that I keep Bernard away from it... Oh well, I can just hope that I can get some sleep tonight, despite the painful creak of my injured bed.

Despite my baby breaking my bed, and my baby sucking my socks into the vacuum cleaner... For all the weird things that you have done. I love you baby. I love the way you try to fix stuff for me, the way you always want to make everything better for me... I love you for who you are. And these are the times when I just adore you for you being, well, you =)

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