Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boots placement

OMG I'm so utterly flabbergasted! (cheh, already starting to use British slang...)

I can't believe that I was actually offered a placement with the Alliance Pharmacy and Boots Summer Placement Programme 2008! This is absolutely unexpected!

Thinking back, I submitted my application about 12 hours before the deadline, with the form getting through after a third round of submission. I thought it was a sign, that it was not meant to be, I was pretty upset at that time. The deadline was 7th November, and today is the 21st. Just 2 weeks later, the offer email popped up in my email to my delight. *squeals* Better still, Say Yuen is also one of the lucky few in our class to land an offer so we get to go together! *Double Squeals* I say this is the next best thing after my Biotech scholarship offer from Queensland U.

I'm not going to act, or try to hide my excitement, else I will be one of those fakers around... Just want to share some joy for a change, instead of sharing the pain =)

Apparently, I'm going to be working at Herefordshire, England for a minimum period of 8 weeks. This rural county on the West of England, somewhere towards the Welsh border is a scenic countryside which was home to some of England's finest poets. Stuff to expect there would be fruit orchards, dairy farming, vineyards, chapels, cottages, 16th century architecture, charming sceneries, poetry festivals, and music festivals. Yup, its pretty much a 'kampung', and the hourly rate is not as generous as London... but I will be earning more than Rm1.5 k per week, so I don't care. Everything in London is expensive anyway, plus how many tourist get to boast about going to the REAL English countryside, an Enid Blyton like setting? This is such a fairytale...

A good number of people have been quizzing me about my decision of not going to London. The next time someone ask me that, I have decided that I'm going to just answer, "Elementary, my dear Watson", because I'm too lazy to answer and I want to sound smart (but actually I'm not so smart) . That's Sherlock Holmes' famous quote for you literature noobs out there. To put it simply, adaptation takes time, and so does settling down at a foreign UFC (Unknown Fattening Country). In addition to that, London is reputable for its fast-paced, high quality, and expensive lifestyle. The majority of people there would either be really fussy, busy or plain bossy. Now, we wouldn't want any complaints from any meanie who decides to make our lives terrible now would we? Besides, if the pharmacy ain't going to be busy, it means more time for me to learn from my tutor! Anyway, I'll be working on trying to live solely on my paycheck, so somewhere with low living costs would definitely put me in the right direction =)

And let me just add, that I will be leaving in June'08 for this. That means shortly after my Sem2 exams in May, provided that I can pass them *SIGH* But before that, there's visa issues to settle, air ticket hunting and lotsa shoppingggg~~~ Another plus-sized problem to deal with now *sulk*

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