Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Asian

I've turned into one of the ang mohs. Gah. At 23'C, England is having its hottest moments this year. I mean, it's 23'C, haha, that's nothing compared to Malaysia's 32'C eh? But OMG I was sweating like a cow at 23'C, at the same time, staying out of the shades to absorb the skin warming UV rays. SUN!!! What a rare phenomenon. When I got home, I thought, SHIT. That was so un-malaysian. I almost feel embarassed with myself.
So anyway, work is getting too routine and mundane for my liking now. And the customers are literally driving me up the wall. I've been asked if I was Japanese or Chinese so many times I lost count because I don't have enough fingers on my hands. It's so often I devised the most stupid way of answering their stupid question.
"Hai. Watashiwa Chinese desu."
That'll confuse them for sure, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
(Lilian must feel so proud of me now, LOL)
One gutsy guy even went to the extent of saying, I bet they don't wait this long in a queue in China huh? Sweat. I look like I'm from China meh? And why are they so fascinated by my size? Cooing about how tiny I am. I'm not tiny and your boobs are way too big for you.
Every other customer calls me lovey, darling, sweetheart, and then I get a lovely, great, wonderful, splendid for every customer I serve. It's all very flattering and weird at first. By now, I feel so numb to them. I don't even know if I will respond when Fluffy calls me honey. Sigh. Don't they realise that they are unconciously using such beautiful words without actually meaning them. It's either that or my services are totally irresistable. The latter seem unlikely so I guess I'll go with the first one.
Summer seems to be over now, the weather forecasted for the next few days will be lots of rain. I can almost feel my flu making a rebound now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

its the library again

I've now learnt to exploit the libraries around here. There's one in every town, and they give free memberships and free internet access. Cool. Stupid place tipu me don't know how many pounds already :( If only I had known there was a library closer than that cafe.

Anyway, talking about Sugar, he brought along his Hong Kong colleague, Ah Wan to dinner. Let's just call him Cloud. Cloud is 32 and looks 23, hahaha, and also cook very very nice Hakka food. The day after dinner, we were invited to lunch at their little take out restaurant. This time I don't have to pay la. And boy oh boy they served us loads of FRAGRANT WHITE RICE!!!!!!!! AHhhhhh.... I MISS RICE. I'm eating so much potatoes now until my ass has grown to a size 10, while my body is still a miserable size 4. Enough of digressing, Cloud cooks the most amazing Black Beans and Fatty Pork. It's fucking nice, I tell you. In addition to that, next Tuesday he's making us Tong Sui....! How cool is that? All thanks to SayYuen who spent A LOT of time entertaining him on the phone. Haha... What were you thinking? I'm very loyal to Fluffy =) And I miss his love so much...

Got a bus to catch now... Will find time to blog. If anyone still reads. I think everyone like abandoned here already because I can't update as long and as often anymore. Sadness. By the way, I think I'm watching Top Gear more often than my bf now. Haha, latest episodes okay? jealous much?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I met a Sugar daddy here. He bought me dinner at Wetherspoon Pub, Salmon Fillet with Watercress Sauce, mind you, and bought me a 20 pound calling card to call back home.

If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, I'm thinking your thinking is wrong.
(confused yet? I get this everyday from the customers -.-")

He's a Malaysian uncle working at a Chinese take out restaurant, treats us liek daughters, and believe me, the chinese here really help each other, and give us food discount when we buy chinese food, haha. Oh, and his name is really Sugar. He's been here so long he is already a PR here, and his kids have all graduate university, thanks to ang mohs who like to eat chinese food haha. So yea, got Malaysian jaga us now. And the other Hong Kong people running the restaurant are nice to us too.

I feel at home in that little take out shop :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

cold day

Hi ya! This is The Ling reporting LIVE from the Hereford Library, where I can get 30 minutes of internet for FREEE... muahahaha. It's my off day and I'm lovin' it.

Sad and miserable the weather is today. The sky is covered by nasty grey clouds, making it cold, I'd say about 18'C maybe? Damn you English weather. You drenched me in rain again last night, leaving me shivering as your mercy.

And because of the weather, I'm so f*cking FAT right now... Ahhhhh.... like my arms are going flabby like a dead chicken wing, then my belly is... is... a spare tyre now!!! *CRY* Now I'm turning into one of those fat english women. SIGH...

Work is good. I met this old pharmacist called Jim yesterday, he's awesome!!! Even though he has a hearing aid, he's so wise... Reminds me of Mr.Wong a lot! =) He went through my Boots workbook with me, and taught me a lot... Stuff that Heather cannot be able to teach me. In case you're wondering, Heather is the permanent pharmacist at my store, which happens to be Registered Pharmacist of the Year or something. I'm so lucky. She's fantastic, the way she works, and makes a good tutor, makes me very stressed whenever she's around. I respect what she's doing for me right now, but she's new at this, there are some little tricks that only an old ginger like Jim can do. Muahahaha. Evilness. Hayley, Becky, Jane, Allison, Bill and Symon are among the colleagues that I have right now and they're uber nice to me. The customers though, are a different story. Stupid betul, no wonder they're on medication. But then again, there are no medication for stupidity. Muahahahaha.

Monday, July 14, 2008

the english cold.

It's official. I've caught "The English Cold". And its bloody horrible. Can't smell a thing, can't eat anything because if damn difficult to breathe between my food. Gasping for breath after each ulp, I feel like a goldfish. On a brighter note, I've just treated myself to some good old retail therapy.

New Office Slacks in Black >> 12 pounds
(from the kids department, hohoho)

Blue REAL SUEDE Boots >> 5 pounds

BARGAIN OR WHAT?! Anyway, it IS impossible for me to buy bras from the adult section. Says there available up to F cup. I mean, what the hell is an F cup?? Should be bigger than a watermelon lo, like that person should just topple over her boobs. Sheesh.

Just got my payslip for the past 2 weeks actually, for 4xx pounds, but they f*king taxed 97 pounds. WTF. that's 25%. I feel poor now. Sadness. But luckily can claim back. Tillnext time.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Right now, this will be a quickie.... my new UK number is....07765681412, country code is +44. Anyone who's in uk please call me anytime =)

I'm currently using a Vodafone pay-as-you-go type card. Don't bother with the contracts thing until we've reached nottingham. Can't do anything without a permanent address.

Can you believe it? I just bought the vodafone and Hamilton went on to win the British GP!!! OMFG, WHY..... *CRY* Ferrari is never good with rain!

p/s: I'm watching HOUSE, GREY's anatomy, CSI, and F1 and Winbledon from the TV here, isn't it awesome!!!

love, Suet Ling.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


To everyone,

I'm safe and sound, working in Boots Ledbury now, paying 2 POUNDS for 30 mins of internet now. It sucks, I know. Sigh... You can call me at my Malaysian number, costs a bomb I know. It charges the caller, and ME, wtf.

MOMMY if you're reading this, plese check your email!!! And also reload for me every time you call. Or better still, change me to Celcom Postpaid ASAP ok. Thanks.

Fluffy, I love you and miss you dearly. How much you ask? Stingy me is spending 2 pounds just to let you know how much I love YOU. You'd better be a good boy or I'll shower you with ice water when you get here. It's unbearable i tell you.

By the way, I'm fattening up just nicely... Did I say it's freaking cold in the morning?

Love, Suet Ling.