Wednesday, July 02, 2008


To everyone,

I'm safe and sound, working in Boots Ledbury now, paying 2 POUNDS for 30 mins of internet now. It sucks, I know. Sigh... You can call me at my Malaysian number, costs a bomb I know. It charges the caller, and ME, wtf.

MOMMY if you're reading this, plese check your email!!! And also reload for me every time you call. Or better still, change me to Celcom Postpaid ASAP ok. Thanks.

Fluffy, I love you and miss you dearly. How much you ask? Stingy me is spending 2 pounds just to let you know how much I love YOU. You'd better be a good boy or I'll shower you with ice water when you get here. It's unbearable i tell you.

By the way, I'm fattening up just nicely... Did I say it's freaking cold in the morning?

Love, Suet Ling.

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