Thursday, July 17, 2008

cold day

Hi ya! This is The Ling reporting LIVE from the Hereford Library, where I can get 30 minutes of internet for FREEE... muahahaha. It's my off day and I'm lovin' it.

Sad and miserable the weather is today. The sky is covered by nasty grey clouds, making it cold, I'd say about 18'C maybe? Damn you English weather. You drenched me in rain again last night, leaving me shivering as your mercy.

And because of the weather, I'm so f*cking FAT right now... Ahhhhh.... like my arms are going flabby like a dead chicken wing, then my belly is... is... a spare tyre now!!! *CRY* Now I'm turning into one of those fat english women. SIGH...

Work is good. I met this old pharmacist called Jim yesterday, he's awesome!!! Even though he has a hearing aid, he's so wise... Reminds me of Mr.Wong a lot! =) He went through my Boots workbook with me, and taught me a lot... Stuff that Heather cannot be able to teach me. In case you're wondering, Heather is the permanent pharmacist at my store, which happens to be Registered Pharmacist of the Year or something. I'm so lucky. She's fantastic, the way she works, and makes a good tutor, makes me very stressed whenever she's around. I respect what she's doing for me right now, but she's new at this, there are some little tricks that only an old ginger like Jim can do. Muahahaha. Evilness. Hayley, Becky, Jane, Allison, Bill and Symon are among the colleagues that I have right now and they're uber nice to me. The customers though, are a different story. Stupid betul, no wonder they're on medication. But then again, there are no medication for stupidity. Muahahahaha.

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