Friday, July 25, 2008

its the library again

I've now learnt to exploit the libraries around here. There's one in every town, and they give free memberships and free internet access. Cool. Stupid place tipu me don't know how many pounds already :( If only I had known there was a library closer than that cafe.

Anyway, talking about Sugar, he brought along his Hong Kong colleague, Ah Wan to dinner. Let's just call him Cloud. Cloud is 32 and looks 23, hahaha, and also cook very very nice Hakka food. The day after dinner, we were invited to lunch at their little take out restaurant. This time I don't have to pay la. And boy oh boy they served us loads of FRAGRANT WHITE RICE!!!!!!!! AHhhhhh.... I MISS RICE. I'm eating so much potatoes now until my ass has grown to a size 10, while my body is still a miserable size 4. Enough of digressing, Cloud cooks the most amazing Black Beans and Fatty Pork. It's fucking nice, I tell you. In addition to that, next Tuesday he's making us Tong Sui....! How cool is that? All thanks to SayYuen who spent A LOT of time entertaining him on the phone. Haha... What were you thinking? I'm very loyal to Fluffy =) And I miss his love so much...

Got a bus to catch now... Will find time to blog. If anyone still reads. I think everyone like abandoned here already because I can't update as long and as often anymore. Sadness. By the way, I think I'm watching Top Gear more often than my bf now. Haha, latest episodes okay? jealous much?

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