Monday, July 14, 2008

the english cold.

It's official. I've caught "The English Cold". And its bloody horrible. Can't smell a thing, can't eat anything because if damn difficult to breathe between my food. Gasping for breath after each ulp, I feel like a goldfish. On a brighter note, I've just treated myself to some good old retail therapy.

New Office Slacks in Black >> 12 pounds
(from the kids department, hohoho)

Blue REAL SUEDE Boots >> 5 pounds

BARGAIN OR WHAT?! Anyway, it IS impossible for me to buy bras from the adult section. Says there available up to F cup. I mean, what the hell is an F cup?? Should be bigger than a watermelon lo, like that person should just topple over her boobs. Sheesh.

Just got my payslip for the past 2 weeks actually, for 4xx pounds, but they f*king taxed 97 pounds. WTF. that's 25%. I feel poor now. Sadness. But luckily can claim back. Tillnext time.

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