Sunday, November 29, 2009


I know I really should be blogging, but I just can't bring myself to do it. My motivation-generating-cells are on strike at the moment you see. Anyway, a couple of things that kept me interested over the week:

I met Marc Oberon! The new FISM World Champion of Parlour Magic. I was star struck to say the least, to be able to see him perform live, and be in his presence. *squeals*

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Something that started a little strange to me, and then it just grew on me. The oddness is so refreshing, I find myself attracted to the novelty of her art.

Mariah Carey's Languishing (The Interlude) / I Want to Know What Love Is

Surprisingly light and a little raspy, Languishing set you in the mood, leading to Mariah's fabulous take on "I Want to Know What Love Is." LOVE!

Mariah Carey's H.A.T.E. U

Another one of my favourite from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel! I've fallen in love with the lyrics, and the simplicity of the melody. With a sprinkle of Mariah's phenomenal whistle register, it's perfect!

If you like what you're listening, check out Ribbon on Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel as well. Strip Mariah off her power notes, and you get a real proper singer. You don't get that a lot nowadays.

Other stuff:

America's Next Top Model is Nicole Fox. =( I was rooting for Laura.
Korean Soc's Countdown to Christmas @ Lizard Lounge on Friday Night.

I know right. Why do I only have pictures of Aaron and Shen. Don't ask me why. Don't know what happened. I'm sure I have more pictures somewhere but nevermind. There wasn't any good looking guys that I don't already know that night. Frankly I was disappointed, but the night wasn't exactly inexciting at all. So it's all good =P

Sunday, November 22, 2009

About my date

I simply cannot believe it. 31 comments + 5 'like's for me having a date.

Sorry to disappoint guys, it wasn't like a real date. I'm pretty sure that I won't be going on one for a long long time to come now. Time to embrace single-hood as my best friend!

And feed my heart to a whale.

The fact is, I'm so busy. So busy that I'm stressing, yeah, like for the gazillion-th time! I'm losing hair in the shower faster than I can grow them, and my arch nemesis Insomnia is back to haunt me for good! Been relying on alcohol for some shut eye a couple of days now. Any longer and I shall have to resort to desperate measures. Can't be bothered to date!

Boys out there will be very relieved to hear my official declaration to stop hunting. Yeah, you can all come out of your hiding places now.

Time to study! It's Week 10 now, and exams are set for January, my very last uni exams too. It's something I know I will not miss, but at the same time, it's my last chance to prove myself in written exams!

Screw you, bits of fibrous pulp with cheap ink. You, barely recycling bin worthy trash, has been making my life miserable long enough!

When this is over, I can feed my mind to a crocodile.

And just, think NOTHING.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hectic semester

I just realised that I have tonnes of work due at the end of Neverending November!

20th : Critical Appraisal
24th :Immunopharmacology Poster
26th : Patient Medication Review

Oh how am I gonna cope with this, I'm bloody stressed out! It's good to know that my poster is 90% complete, critical appraisal 80% and PMR 60%. But I can't help looking back, wondering if I missed anything. GAH.

If I keep getting bored, I will resort to camwhoring and doodling!
Please observe my very swollen & dark eye circles! Is there any hope left for me?

Can't wait to get November over and done with, so I can sink into Delightful December =D.

To Suet Wah, Penny, and others taking SPM this upcoming week, ALL THE BEST! I know it might seem to be the scariest thing in the whole wide world at the moment, but it really isn't. Uni courseworks are worse!

It's just a few pieces of processed pulp fibre with words printed on it in cheap ink! It should be afraid of your intellectual diarrhoea instead!

Give it your best shot, every last drop of brain juice you've got. After all, you wasted 5 years in high school preparing for this. This is the moment to make all that homework count for something at least. Remember to drink water, and sleep to keep those brain cells happy =)

The horizon is near, and I'm sure you can smell the freedom already.

Monday, November 09, 2009

A new way, a new day

This morning, I woke up from that dream again. And I thought to myself,

"Oh fuck it. I'm fed up with having to deal with this every single day. Enough is enough. I'm going back to bed. Whether I'm going to dream again, I don't care! "

There. That helped me got over my misery. Sure, I may still dream again tonight. But whatever. I'm interested to know how many ways I can dream of the same thing.

Warning on my door. Monster was inspired from a google image.

Oh, and it was crazy chilly this morning, I checked and it was 4'C !!! It can only mean one thing ---> CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! *confetti rain*

In case you haven't heard, shit (plural form) happened to me over the weekend. Other than having to wake up from this disturbing dream, I had to deal with a broken table lamp, a collapsed shelf, and a set of ridiculously scented bedding.

My apologies to my housemates who had to put up with this. I am as guilty as I am grateful, they helped me sail through this thunderstorm of PMS + bad luck! Love them all. Mr.&Mrs. Jason, Big Bird, Mon, Daniel, and Chicken =)

Much love from,


Thursday, November 05, 2009

2 weird dreams

It's a landmark low in emotional stability. Although I'm PMS-ing now, it's still strangely disturbing.

Succumbing to my usual afternoon nap, has led to 2 different Dreams.

Dreams that struck straight to my core, both playing my deepest desires and fears.

The strange thing is, there's no right or wrong to it.

You know how there are times where you have to be unkind to yourself in order to be kind? When you have want certain things so badly, that you are afraid of it?

And my biggest fear, is that I lose control of myself by giving into it.

It's still not wrong. But somehow I don't want it to happen. Both of them.