Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hectic semester

I just realised that I have tonnes of work due at the end of Neverending November!

20th : Critical Appraisal
24th :Immunopharmacology Poster
26th : Patient Medication Review

Oh how am I gonna cope with this, I'm bloody stressed out! It's good to know that my poster is 90% complete, critical appraisal 80% and PMR 60%. But I can't help looking back, wondering if I missed anything. GAH.

If I keep getting bored, I will resort to camwhoring and doodling!
Please observe my very swollen & dark eye circles! Is there any hope left for me?

Can't wait to get November over and done with, so I can sink into Delightful December =D.

To Suet Wah, Penny, and others taking SPM this upcoming week, ALL THE BEST! I know it might seem to be the scariest thing in the whole wide world at the moment, but it really isn't. Uni courseworks are worse!

It's just a few pieces of processed pulp fibre with words printed on it in cheap ink! It should be afraid of your intellectual diarrhoea instead!

Give it your best shot, every last drop of brain juice you've got. After all, you wasted 5 years in high school preparing for this. This is the moment to make all that homework count for something at least. Remember to drink water, and sleep to keep those brain cells happy =)

The horizon is near, and I'm sure you can smell the freedom already.

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