Monday, November 09, 2009

A new way, a new day

This morning, I woke up from that dream again. And I thought to myself,

"Oh fuck it. I'm fed up with having to deal with this every single day. Enough is enough. I'm going back to bed. Whether I'm going to dream again, I don't care! "

There. That helped me got over my misery. Sure, I may still dream again tonight. But whatever. I'm interested to know how many ways I can dream of the same thing.

Warning on my door. Monster was inspired from a google image.

Oh, and it was crazy chilly this morning, I checked and it was 4'C !!! It can only mean one thing ---> CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! *confetti rain*

In case you haven't heard, shit (plural form) happened to me over the weekend. Other than having to wake up from this disturbing dream, I had to deal with a broken table lamp, a collapsed shelf, and a set of ridiculously scented bedding.

My apologies to my housemates who had to put up with this. I am as guilty as I am grateful, they helped me sail through this thunderstorm of PMS + bad luck! Love them all. Mr.&Mrs. Jason, Big Bird, Mon, Daniel, and Chicken =)

Much love from,



sllim said...

hey twin. nice monster drawing!

ivan gan said...

hey, love your drawing. Didn't know u could draw so well. Monsters, monsters... Just bite them in your dreams =) hope u get better soon. Take care.