Sunday, November 29, 2009


I know I really should be blogging, but I just can't bring myself to do it. My motivation-generating-cells are on strike at the moment you see. Anyway, a couple of things that kept me interested over the week:

I met Marc Oberon! The new FISM World Champion of Parlour Magic. I was star struck to say the least, to be able to see him perform live, and be in his presence. *squeals*

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Something that started a little strange to me, and then it just grew on me. The oddness is so refreshing, I find myself attracted to the novelty of her art.

Mariah Carey's Languishing (The Interlude) / I Want to Know What Love Is

Surprisingly light and a little raspy, Languishing set you in the mood, leading to Mariah's fabulous take on "I Want to Know What Love Is." LOVE!

Mariah Carey's H.A.T.E. U

Another one of my favourite from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel! I've fallen in love with the lyrics, and the simplicity of the melody. With a sprinkle of Mariah's phenomenal whistle register, it's perfect!

If you like what you're listening, check out Ribbon on Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel as well. Strip Mariah off her power notes, and you get a real proper singer. You don't get that a lot nowadays.

Other stuff:

America's Next Top Model is Nicole Fox. =( I was rooting for Laura.
Korean Soc's Countdown to Christmas @ Lizard Lounge on Friday Night.

I know right. Why do I only have pictures of Aaron and Shen. Don't ask me why. Don't know what happened. I'm sure I have more pictures somewhere but nevermind. There wasn't any good looking guys that I don't already know that night. Frankly I was disappointed, but the night wasn't exactly inexciting at all. So it's all good =P


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