Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When a beauty marries a beast...

"The Wedding of the Year"...

...Between Malaysia's Malay Pop Darling, Siti Nurhaliza with an old, perverted goon, Datuk Khalid Muhammad Jiwa.

Sorta reminds me about "Beauty and the Beast". The difference is that the beast shall remain a beast forever, and will not turn into Prince Charming. Only God knows without the transformation, will there still be a "happily ever after". I was also reminded of something else. I think I have come across a literary piece from our miserable Secondary School syllabus, about a certain Sultan Muhammad Jiwa who loves eating veggy cooked with blood. Please forgive me if I had recalled wrongly. I had never liked Sastera in the first place, yucks! The groom and the character shared the same name, hehehe!

I stared in awe, watching the live telecast of the Bersanding ceremony on TV3 last night. It would be an understatement if I said it was glitzy and glamourous. An elaborate event, completed with extensive decorations, graced by ROYALTIES, top notch politicians, veteran and popular local AND foreign celebrities, Class-A musicians, award winning producers, leading designers, nosey journalists, last but not least, the more insignificant group, much neglected by the media, family members and "nobody" friends.

Look at this...

This is a DREAM wedding that girls would undoubtly die for. The once in a lifetime chance to feel like a Princess, even if its just for a day. Okay, so maybe it's no longer a once in a lifetime chance with divorce and subsequent marriages being all the rage right now. Still, it doesn't diminish the spirits of future newly weds to create an event as extravagant as possible.

On Siti...
At first, I thought she was out of her mind/ possessed/ threatened into accepting Datuk K's marriage proposal. It took me this long to realise, that she was smarter beyond expectations. Let's do a post mortem to see what's in it for her.

- Cash, money, jewellery, properties, etc. from a loaded hubby! $$KACHING$$
- An extension to her already long name: DATIN Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin
- A dream wedding reception
- A revival of her popularity with the help of excessive publicity
- Free jewelleries, designer gowns and shoes, all sponsored by opportunistic moneymakers.
- becomes a new role model for girls everywhere to go after men for materialistic purposes.

There are more, I can assure you that. These few reasons are more than enough to convince any girl to look past the flaws of her fiance. Even if he's as dreadful looking as this:

He must've been thinking: "Hurry up and get this darned, overpriced ceremony over with. I can't wait to taste that sexy fresh meat tonight."

Why else would he be sulking on his wedding day?

He should be glad he managed to nail a girl like Siti. 20 years his junior, has a stunning silhoutte besides being very popular too. It shall be the envy of all men! No wonder he's willing to divorce his first wife, stuff her mouth full with several title deeds of the properties he now USED to own, and stand not being on good terms with his own flesh and blood. I can only be forced to conclude that this man is disloyal, anciently-aged, greedy, ugly, perverted and very much LOADED.

Dammit, he's supposed to look at the cameras and smile, not having fantasies of his brand new wife by staring at her with a slanted smile. HUMSUP!

She's just happened to be a very popular singer. I still do not understand why she deserved to have guests such as royalties (2 SULTANS okay?) and famed politicians (Deputy PM Najib and ex-PM Mahathir) and other VVVVVIPs to attend her wedding.

On another matter, a chinese daily recently reported that 1/3 of people who are eligible (sounded as if people submitted application for it) to be taxed on their income, did not fulfil their obligations to feed the government's bank account. You should be able to identify the envelope containing information on taxing because it is aptly printed "URUSAN SERI PADUKA BAGINDA". We all know part of the money goes to feeding and clothing our highnesses, The Malay RoyaltieS. And since, people are not paying up, while funds are leaked in forms of wastage and bribery (no need to wonder why people aren't willing to allow their hard earned dough to be given up to the authorities for management in such a manner), its no surprise that they decided to attend the wedding. They get FREE FOOD! (Maybe there isn't enough tax money allocated by the government to feed them the way they deserve to?) All they have to do is show up, to receive the best seats with the most scrumptious meal, presented to them.

Not forgetting all the hype about the event, as well as sponsorships. Allow me to repeat, she is JUST A SINGER getting married. Chances are that we'll see her get married again/ divorced. I don't see Datin Seri Endon Mahmood (for noobs out there, she's our PM, Abdullah's deceased wife) getting as much publicity for so many days, or sponsored designer coffins. Pah! Life ain't fair.

Oh yeah, I'm soooo not buying that love at first sight mumbo jumbo.

Note: I classify this entry as merely baseless assumptions from someone who does not know any better. Interpretations of a similar situation may vary from one to another. Please do not take this seriously, and don't sue me!

Friday, August 25, 2006


Darn! It rained cats and dogs in Valencia. Don't get me wrong, I actually LOVE rainy days. Doesn't matter if I'm at home, or outside. Dancing in the rain and getting drenched IS fun... and some say sexy (I know I'm nowhere there), teeheehee~

It's only a bad thing when I'm at work. It means, less customers. That eventually translates into no company/ lonely + miserable day. In the end, I had to amuse myself the entire day. I finished a book, and several magazines. Heck, I was so darn desperate I read FHM (guys mag *gasp*), folded all the plastic bags, played kiddie blocks. There was absolutely no toilet visits. It would mean running through the rain to reach a blardy washroom. Repeat that on the way back. No way, I'm going to freeze to death in the shop! I allowed my bladder to exercise its elastic properties, till near breaking point. "Stop it already!" Then, as if my prayers were answered, it stopped. I fled to the loo, rushed through my "business", and sprinted back. Just in time before it started to rain again. Who says wishes don't come true? I witnessed a miracle! Heeheehee... Since my words worked, I decided to experiment again. I closed my eyes, and wished hard. "Beef-Pepperoni-Cheese-stuffed-Crust-with-Extra-Cheese-Pizza!"
Nothing happened. *sobs*

Too bad my "command" worked only for the first time. When it was time for me to cycle home, it showed no mercy. There was no signs of subsiding. Poor Bikey, it got abandoned by me, all alone on a moody weathered day. Sorry dear, had to rush home for my second job. I did come for you later on, didn't I? Promise you, I'll never leave your side EVER AGAIN.

On my car ride out to the shop to retrive my wheels, "Tanggal 31" was on air. I swear, that's the only song out there capable of bringing out that Merdeka Spirit. Others? Phooey! Not only did they sound tacky, it sounds 100% pathetic. The desperation to sing out the achievements we've churned out, when there is really nothing much to brag about. Sudirman's "Tanggal 31" captures the spirit of Merdeka PERFECTLY. I feel the enthusiasm, the pride, and the patriotism, all in one simple song, with minimal lyrics. The singer himself project his feelings through his voice. No stupid/ boring facts in a lifeless sing-a-long song, we so commonly hear on the telly. Sudirman ROX August 31st! Now, can someone tell me how to get that song outta my head?

From Kenny Sia's latest entry, I found something pretty amusing test. I thought you might want to check it out for a bit.

How UN-Malaysian am I ???

*drumroll please*

Congratulations ling, you are 53% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Eww... Guy Sebastian. That dude with burnt maggi mee for hair.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Valencia in the dark

Weirdness comes in many ways. In my case, it comes in the form of a liking. I am fond of walks at night. Especially when it's cool and breezy, a clear, starry night sky would be a bonus! The best part? The sound of crickets and other night creatures that come to life after the sun sets. I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally have a preference for darkness.

I took the oppurtunity to go do some exploring around the neighbourhood. Despite being a Valencia resident for nearly 9 months already, I did not know one road from another. (except for the ones leading to my house, heehee) And the road names are harder to memorise than the word "epidydimis".

Some shots of Valencia at night. Also trying to test my camera at night.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The view of the clubhouse from the golfcourse. Attempted several shots with its "Night Scenery" mode. Apparently, the end-results were rather poor. I suspect the mode caused a slow shutter response. With a less stable hand like mine, the shot ended up rather blurry. Even after the anti-shake function was activated. Hmmm...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The clubhouse from the Village Square. See the clock tower in both pictures? I thought that was a very tasteful touch added by Valencia Township & Developments. It doesn't chime like spooky grandfather clocks too =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is the road sign that visitors have to rely on. I'll admit that it isn't very helpful for first-time visitors. However, I will give it credit for its aesthetic value. It says:

NGP (North Golf Precinct)
Elitis Arca Belantara...

That's the road I live on. F**king long, ain't it? Told you I had a hard time memorising road names. It led to me dreading forms from the moment I realised I had to fill it with the new address. Also, what's with the "Belantara"? After briefly going through the form, one government servant once asked: "tempat yang kamu tinggal tu banyak pokok kah?"

Lookie who I found trying to cross the path at night!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Poor little thing. Must've been trying all day to get 3/4 across the pathway. Good news is, I have a sharp eye at night to not crush the little critter with my big feet. Gosh, I seriously hope I didn't blind it with my flash.

There's supposed to be another picture of a snake, rolled as flat as roti canai by some inconsiderate driver. On second thought, I decided to save everyone's appetite by keeping it to myself!

Peter Crouch

Since I started working at the florist, I have been addicted to it's supply of The Sun FREE newspapers. Basically, it's the only thing that keeps me company throughout the day. No wonder I've grown so attached to it that even on days when I'm not working, I must cycle my way there, just to get my copy. Seriously I'm so close to it I even read the classifieds, just to laugh at desperate people putting up ads to look for prospective partners, lol. As most of you already know, I'm a big fan of the sports section.

I present to you, The Sun's Sport Section on August 18th, 2006.

What do you see? CLICK TO ENLARGE.
I see a big red chicken flapping his feather-less wings with excitement when a 'button' between his legs is being pushed by a certain Monsieur Antzas. Just look at his face! A priceless expression, captured by a skillful photographer! A masterpiece, for sure!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Wednesday was definitely one of the most happening days this entire break. I should've blogged this yesterday, but damn... the hangover came to haunt me early, I think.

The promotional posters look promising.
Reviews say its good.
Friends recommended it.
And so, I went for it.

Rating: 8.5 + 0.5(because of Kate) = 9.0

When I was getting the tickets, it was so funny. I showed him my student ID for the special rates. (Gotta make full use of student privileges while we still can!) GSC Mid Valley doesn't check for the expiry date of your card, YAY! But since I'm getting for my friend too (don't wanna interrupt people dating, how considerate of me! =D) I needed another ID. I did what every girl would do. Open eyes BIG BIG, make it watery, act innocent, said friend's being late, and look as if I really mean it. He smiled, and said, "Alright, only for you." It worked! No wait, it works. All the time. Provided the one serving me is a guy. Females are generally too strict for their own good. Haha! Its one of the advantages that comes with the gender. Nyek nyek nyek...

What can I say? The story, the casting, the acting... they're all like pieces of a puzzle, fitting together perfectly to create one hell of a picture.

I love Adam Sandler because of the flab flap, and torturing the O'Doyle kid.
I love Kate Beckinsale because she's oh-so-pretty.
I love the kids because they came up with a pizza room.
I love the dogs for the duck fuck incident.
I love the rest of the casts for being so 'yong sui'. That's Ammer and Janine.

While building up the plot, I laughed so much I nearly teared. Near the ending, it became so dramatically sad, my tear tap was turned on to the maximum. It was crazy! (evidence of quality acting)Thank God I wasn't there with a date. Speaking of which...


So sorry you had to see me cry in the cinema, and you definitely deserved a better birthday. I would so much like to do something for you, noone makes my friend upset and gets away with it! But...sigh... Anyway, I do wish you all the best in everything that you do!

People are already 19, and I'm still 17...*grumbles* I wanna grow up!

At night, I attended a birthday party of one my new neighbours. They had SO MUCH
of my favourite food there! Fried chicken, sushi, pizza, mashed potato, loads of dessert and junk food... Holy cow! Calories baby, come to me! I couldn't stop stuffing my self with all that good food in sight, until Mr.Hong handed me a glass of wine. It wasn't red, it wasn't white. It's somewhere in between, and I had no idea what it was called. (inexperienced drinker here) That glass totally sent me straight to heaven. Glass after glass I went. The flavour only gets better with every sip. As if on cue, I turned as red as beetroot, so red even a tomato would look pale in my presence. The fact is, I wasn't drunk, it's just the blood circulating. I could still keep up with the conversation, tossing in some good arguments every now and then. Alcohol in moderation does wonders to one, ie: improve blood circulation, great for the heart (it's true) among others. 12-18% for wine IS moderation, and I ain't giving up drinking (only for shandies, wines and champagnes) for anyone. But of course, those with excessive alcohol content such as brandy ain't exactly my thing either, besides being The Liver Killer. Even Jesus turns water into wine. Wine drinking is no sin, but a pleasure of living! Never did understand why people want to keep their distance with such a wonderful drink.

"Life is to be enjoyed!" Mr.Hong said. Absolutely true. I couldn't have said it better. Simple as it is, not everyone out there is willing to make this choice. Toss all your worries into a stinking old bin, get started with optimism already! If not, go hide in some worm-hole and stop making everyone else's life miserable, just because you attention-deprived moron chooses to dwell in that pathetic state. And when you start rejecting people's caring efforts, you're lower than a retard.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stars & Tau Foo Fah

Finally! I've got that wretched week behind my back. Words simply cannot describe the power of my anticipation for a brand new week. Common sense says that Sunday is the beginning of the week. To me, it has never been so. Being the traditionally narrow minded irritant that I am, I believe rewards/ relaxation/ fun, should come after work/ in the end. A firm believer in the chinese proverb:

Translation: encounter the bitter, before the sweet. rewards come after hard work.

The weird programming that I have in my brains, is that I can almost delete all the nasty memories of the past week after Sunday is over. That leaves me with a squeaky clean start every Monday. Sweet, huh?

So here's Monday.

Woke up at a comfortable earthly hour of 9am to accompany mom to the Jabatan 'Something-Something'(I never get those horribly long, complicated sounding names, which I don't even bother to remember just because I think memorising lyrics are worth the brain-o-bytes more) to take care of the mind boggling procedures involved with my late granpa's pension. With Lady Luck by our side today, we met some pretty decent government servants. Helpful, polite, no airs, and none of the I-can't-be-bothered-by-your-troubles-as-I'm-rushing-to-punch-my-card-at-5pm-sharp attitude. Even the guard at the carpark was a professional. He knew we smelled like lost folks the moment he laid eyes on us.(excuse: my sense of direction has yet to mature) Lol, the sweet ol' thing even directed us all the way out of the ventilator-deprived basement car park. These are sincerely nice people. They speak decent, simple English too! I pity them having to work under such miserable conditions, making minimal wage, when so called 'graduates' are making the big bucks in a pretty, air-conditioned office on a landmark high-rise, playing solitaire on the company pc. And these lot can barely string a sentence without a single grammatical error. The difference? A piece of biodegradable paper with the word 'siswazah', and also the number of zeros on their paycheck.

That done, we headed to Jusco Metro Prima for my pre-hostel shopping. *cough* The way I dress at home, is absolutely illegal beyond the boundaries of my home. No, I mean it. Seriously. *cough* You know, the departmental stores usually have these very fancy hangers that holds even the most complicated piece of garment in place? So happened that I met a naughty cashier.

I was like : Psst...kak, yang tu boleh bagi tak?
And she was like: Shhh! *placed it in the bag in one sneaky move*

There! I accidently 'nicked' a hanger. Oops, hahaahaa...

My bro's studying at SJK Kepong 2, and we were to deliver him his lunch before he continues into the afternoon COMPULSORY tuition session. Chinese primary schools. Ahh... those good ol' work-load-full days, when I didn't even have time to think of other stuff that can possibly upset me. Heeheehee... Life was good. *nods* We parked some distance away, under some flats, and walks a short distance to the school. Then I saw it. TAU FOO FAH. My favourite dessert! 豆腐花!

Malaysian Food Guide for Dummies, says:
Popular local chinese dessert. Consists of smooth and soft, white toufoo, served with diluted syrup.

Haven't eaten it in AGES. Mom doesn't buy it because she has developed an allergy towards toufoo products after her 4th pregnancy. But then, she said I probably loved it because she had loads of Tau Foo Fah while I was still floating in her womb. Some aunties said, it's because little me wants to eat it even before I was born. Lol, is there such a possibility? Doesn't matter. It's cheap, tasty, and healthy. Today's Tau Foo Fah tasted very sweet. I'm pretty sure it's not the sugar. *winkz* I totally did not expect 2 young dudes to sell Tau Foo Fah. One looked like he was in his early twenties, and the other, late teens, somewhere my age, I guess. The resemblance revealed that they are brothers. Both tall, maybe 1.78m, or taller, VERY courteous, and has dazzling smiles. I had my attention on the younger dude. While the elder one was preparing my Tau Foo Fah further away, we happened to be standing nearer to the younger dude. I glanced at some of the buns they had to offer. He started introducing some of the buns. I looked at him as he talked. Eye contact. Exchange of smiles. I shy away, and I think he did too. Along came a little boy, looking at the buns. I heard him asked the boy what he wanted in a funny way. Looking down at the little boy, I see a hungry look that wanted everything but knew he could not, very determined the make the best decision with his limited budget. The boy was kinda round (chubby lah) with big round glasses, sliding half-way down his nose. It was just hard to not chuckle. He looked at me when I did that, just when I looked up. Our eyes locked for a moment, then the smiles came again. Omigosh, I'm telling you it happened to me! It's not that I wanna 'yam' every guy I can get my hands (or rather, in this case, eyes) on. But, lol, just for fun, no harm done. Teeheehee~ We went on to hand over my bro's lunch, and he HAD to spill it. Drat! Luckily we had another spare packet of chicken rice in the car. While getting this second meal for my bro, my mom walked past the stall again. Those dudes were such charmers! They smiled and said something to my mom, which later left my mom grinning away. I thought, even aunties cannot escape their grasp. Lol. I stood beside the car, waiting for mom. Guess what? I noticed that younger dude turned to the direction where my mom walked from. He was looking at me! Immediately, I hid in the car. That's probably when we found out that the right rear tyre's punctured. Double Drat. I stared in disbelief when my mom sent me to ask the Tau Foo Fah dudes to help change the tyres. Thank god, one member of The Auntie Gang came to my rescue! She took us to a nearby mechanic to patch up that very nasty hole.

Okaaay. This entry seems abit too long huh? I need to sleep too, have got a shopping date with mom tomorrow. I shall end this quickly. The rest was the day was like...

Went to pick my sisters from SMK BUD2, shopped at One Utama, cursed those shops with 'S' sized items that are still too big for me. Tomorrow may go eat Tau Foo Fah again. Teeheehee... That's it. Heh Heh. Thank you. The End. Auf Wiedersehn.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Confessions of an Anxious Teen

I've waited more than 2 months. T-Gen says it'll be out by 12.00pm. Barely an hour to 12, the psychological effect itself was too overwhelming, to the extent that I doubted if my poor heart could take the heartrate. Walking into the grounds, every step was almost followed by an imaginary drumroll. Then, it's as if I'm a pin, being knocked down by a humungous bowling ball.

"Results will be released after 3.00pm "

I couldn't help but mutter a string of swear words under my breath. After some enquiry, it was known that our "beloved" Cambridge A Levels (CAL) directors are up and about doing their own business. To their delight and our dismay, the entire last semester's A2 population were put on hold, just because of 2 overgrown nutcases. I bet they must be sniggering somewhere, popping groundnuts into their mouths, watching the college being flooded by anxious students, laughing at the reactions of those who saw that ugly piece of paper, hastily stuck to the CAL office's door. They should be grateful that my large dose of anxiety had overcomed both anger and frustration. Or else, they'd be getting themselves a new door.

3 hours. That's pretty short when you're having fun. An eternity, when you want it to pass as quickly Father Time permits. Helplessly, we waited. Revisited good ol' Cafe Cabanna too. I can tell the aunty there misses the boy so much, unless of course, she's one of those touchy-feely type of person. Since Leong and Ming didn't mind being touched, who am I to say anything about it, eh? Lol, she's a sweet lady, still gave us student discounts! Although, technically speaking, we are not. No matter how much talking we fitted in between bites, our lunch lasted a mere hour. The remaining time was spent in Asia Club, inhaling deadly fumes, stinking my shirt and hair in the process.

Funny how I never thought about jostling and pushing everyone else, just to get to that miserable piece of slip. I could sniff the anxiousness in the air from a mile away. Sure enough, I wasn't ready. With IT in a trembling right hand, I can hardly make get my eyesballs to turn and look at it. Ming helped me see. Then, I saw. That's it. I went through so much, just for the millisecond my eye sends that speific impulse to my brain.

It wasn't spectacular, my results never were. I didn't expect it to either. In addition, my trials were downright horrible. What I saw was much better. Good enough to land me in my university of choice. However, my second scholarship eluded me by just that little bit. This is a better way of saying I've just thrown away RM 16,000. And oh, the guiltiness, the disappointment, and that lump in my throat. I would like to think that compared to the less fortunate, I should be more than satisfied with my current position. All I saw was the other part of the population, whose results made mine pale by far in comparison. It made me wonder WHY? Had I not done enough? What was it that I lacked?

Surprisingly, my parents didn't feel as bad. My dad even offered to buy me that phone I'm currently saving so hard for. Both are encouraging, and supportive. Gee, I wanted to hug them tight, cry, and say "I love you". But that'll be embarassing lah, heh heh. I know I have the best-est (the superlative of good, being superlated another level) parents in the world! I shall go to Nottingham, and study very very hard. A new goal is set. Master of Pharmacy, First Class Honours. Even if it means being boyfriend-less well into my 21st year. Yes, whatever it takes.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Meet Mr. GumNut

First things first, let me make something very clear. This post will be quite nonsensical. There's no point to it, and I do not intend it to be so. The sole purpose is that I think it deserves a place in the archives. Yes, it's that simple.

Remember those nursery rhymes that we used to hum before we met Avril Lavigne or Usher? Try to recall a specific one that goes...

Kookabura sits on the old gum tree...

Funny how I never, EVER, questioned anything about the old gum tree in that song. And I thought asking too much was my specialty back then. Hmmm... Forget that, for the mean time. The limelight belongs to the gum tree today.

Ahem, I proudly present to you, a branch of the gum tree. Courtesy of Purple Butterfly. (Read: the place where I work as a florist.)

GUMNUTS! That's what they're called. Those little blue thingies hanging on the branches. I could hardly believe it's a plant.

!!Recall Alert!!

*poke poke*
"Are these REAL plants?"
"Yes dear, those are Gumnuts. Smell them, they have a strong scent."
*more poke + sniffing*
*one nut fell off, I shove it into my pocket, and acted innocent*

Turns out that these are imported from Australia. In fact, there are so rare to find in Malaysia (because people don't order them), they cost a bomb! That skinny little stalk you see there in the photo, it costs RM 20!

When my bosses (man-boss & lady-boss) left, I took out that naughty little nut. On it, I performed some experiments of my own.

1. "scratch & sniff" test (inspired by JJ & Rudy).
Conclusion: hard surface, does not respond to scratching. Faint scent detected. Too faint to be identified.

2. Classic Poke Test
Conclusion: blade managed to overcome the hardness of the surface. Almost instantly, I sensed a strong minty smell, something like eucalyptus.

Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love it. I don't really understand why she gave me that stalk. But she said, after drying it, I can use it as potpourri. She also suggested that I place them in the cupboard or anywhere I like. Soon, I might be able to walk around smelling like a Gumnut! Teeheehee~

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Lake House

Ultimate dame-ness. These two words basically concludes my little outing with Ken and Seetho.

Lol, but actually they're quite sweet, to accompany me watch The Lake House, starring the lovely Sandra "Buttock" Bullock, as my dad would fondly call her.

Yeah, I know, it's a romantic flick, and should be watched with a significant other. Believe it or not, I gave it a fair amount of thought. But, nah... No names popped into mind. Kinda sad, huh? Had to settle with two big babies... *smiles*

I arrived at the KTM station late. Poor Seetho had to wait for me, consequently missing the train. Felt terribly guilty, which worsened, when I had to ask him for change to buy my ticket. How could they close the man-operated counters??!! I'm not gonna be stupid enough to buy a RM 1.50 ticket, with a RM 10 note, then carry an extra load of Rm 8.50 worth of COINS! How come they don't have machines which provide change in notes too? I'm positive the rest of the commuting citizens would be more than grateful to have them around. And for that good deed today, Seetho, I award you 1st of August's Mr. Nice Guy, teeheehee~ Oh look, I'm whining about KTM again. It totally sucks that I have no choice but to rely on them so so much, just to get around. They'd better have something in the 9th Malaysia Plan to rectify this dreadful situation, if not providing a more tolerable alternative. Or else, I'll... I'll...*thinks long and hard*... I'll run for Presidency myself! Vote The Ling!

There I was, being traditionally late. This proves I'm a true Malaysian to the core, lol. The good news is, Ken was late too. Technically speaking, I saved some waiting-for-Ken time. Which makes being late a good thing =D but only in this case. We (me and Seetho) then scouted for Ken, with our evil horns almost protruding, ready to do some damage to his haircut. *Evil Laugh*, lucky for Ken his salon was so freaking hard to locate, that by the time we found him, his cut was already done. So much for annoying his stylist to boil over so that he shaves Ken bald instead. His hair is so flat before styling. So flat that if he dyed his hair to skin colour, you wouldn't notice that this dude is not a hairless "bak zham kai" (steamed white chicken). I suggested that he perm his hair, not the auntie style lah, I don't think I will ever stop laughing if he did that. Apparently Chris thought it was a good idea that can be done. Oh, did I mention his stylist, Chris, is kinda cute? Very different from the gay-natured male stylists that I had imagined. Everybody start imagining Ken with curly hair!

Later on, we carried on to the main highlight of the day (for Ken only) which is lunch at Madam Kwan's! Psst, that's where Xian's working as a waitress. Now you all understand ya? It's pretty dear, eating there. Over RM 10 for nasi lemak! Geez, what a rip off. How come some people are willing to pay that kind of money when they can easily get one wrapped in banana leaf for just 80 cents? Perhaps Mdm Kwan's have pretty looking waitresses like Xian? (unlike Esquire Kitchen, ewww...) I'd rather buy an 80 cents nasi lemak from the market, and donate the remaining 920 cents to charity. At least the food tastes good, and the service is efficient. A rather satisfying experience on the whole. There is one thing I have to point out though. I don't like waiters grabbing stuff from my table while I'm still occupying it, even if we're not using it. Let alone without permission. Hmm....

Alright, Ken saw Xian, he's a happy boy who's 'complete' now. The cinema's the next destination, to 'complete' me this time. Knowing there would be ads prior to the movie, we tried not to be punctual, without missing the movie. In spite of our best efforts, we have underestimated GSC's interest in making bucks out of advertising.My personal preference says a looong string of ads are just, plain frustrating. Trailers and teasers, would be different, teeheehee~ Right, the movie. I guess it'll be a bore for those whose "thing" does not include romance. The climax came kinda late. Besides that, it wasn't a breeze to understand the story, rather confusing even, with the time difference and everything. I am assuming these because Ken kept asking me questions about the movie, with yawns in between. You know those scenes we always see on soaps, where the girl gets cold, then the guy will instictively remove his jacket for her? No, it did not happen in the movie. Heh heh, it happened in real life, to me. In a, less romantic kind of way, lol. Out of habit, I would always bring along a jacket with me to the movies. Feels better to be cozy and comfy in my seat while enjoying the movie, you see. It's a safe option too, if you intend to avoid the above mentioned scene with any dates, or semi-strangers. What really happened was I noticed Seetho wouldnt stop rubbing himself, obvious signs of chill. *Sigh* Since I didn't feel too chilly, I offered him my jacket (already warm because I was using it). See? Girl offering it to a guy. Wow, talk about gender equality! I think I've just created an essential stepping stone for the female population in Malaysia. All I have to do now is, toss that particular piece of garment into the laundry basket to wash off the layer of dead skin cells that Seetho shed throughout his usage. Now, where did I place that bottle of Dettol?