Friday, August 04, 2006

Meet Mr. GumNut

First things first, let me make something very clear. This post will be quite nonsensical. There's no point to it, and I do not intend it to be so. The sole purpose is that I think it deserves a place in the archives. Yes, it's that simple.

Remember those nursery rhymes that we used to hum before we met Avril Lavigne or Usher? Try to recall a specific one that goes...

Kookabura sits on the old gum tree...

Funny how I never, EVER, questioned anything about the old gum tree in that song. And I thought asking too much was my specialty back then. Hmmm... Forget that, for the mean time. The limelight belongs to the gum tree today.

Ahem, I proudly present to you, a branch of the gum tree. Courtesy of Purple Butterfly. (Read: the place where I work as a florist.)

GUMNUTS! That's what they're called. Those little blue thingies hanging on the branches. I could hardly believe it's a plant.

!!Recall Alert!!

*poke poke*
"Are these REAL plants?"
"Yes dear, those are Gumnuts. Smell them, they have a strong scent."
*more poke + sniffing*
*one nut fell off, I shove it into my pocket, and acted innocent*

Turns out that these are imported from Australia. In fact, there are so rare to find in Malaysia (because people don't order them), they cost a bomb! That skinny little stalk you see there in the photo, it costs RM 20!

When my bosses (man-boss & lady-boss) left, I took out that naughty little nut. On it, I performed some experiments of my own.

1. "scratch & sniff" test (inspired by JJ & Rudy).
Conclusion: hard surface, does not respond to scratching. Faint scent detected. Too faint to be identified.

2. Classic Poke Test
Conclusion: blade managed to overcome the hardness of the surface. Almost instantly, I sensed a strong minty smell, something like eucalyptus.

Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love it. I don't really understand why she gave me that stalk. But she said, after drying it, I can use it as potpourri. She also suggested that I place them in the cupboard or anywhere I like. Soon, I might be able to walk around smelling like a Gumnut! Teeheehee~

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