Monday, August 21, 2006

Valencia in the dark

Weirdness comes in many ways. In my case, it comes in the form of a liking. I am fond of walks at night. Especially when it's cool and breezy, a clear, starry night sky would be a bonus! The best part? The sound of crickets and other night creatures that come to life after the sun sets. I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally have a preference for darkness.

I took the oppurtunity to go do some exploring around the neighbourhood. Despite being a Valencia resident for nearly 9 months already, I did not know one road from another. (except for the ones leading to my house, heehee) And the road names are harder to memorise than the word "epidydimis".

Some shots of Valencia at night. Also trying to test my camera at night.

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The view of the clubhouse from the golfcourse. Attempted several shots with its "Night Scenery" mode. Apparently, the end-results were rather poor. I suspect the mode caused a slow shutter response. With a less stable hand like mine, the shot ended up rather blurry. Even after the anti-shake function was activated. Hmmm...

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The clubhouse from the Village Square. See the clock tower in both pictures? I thought that was a very tasteful touch added by Valencia Township & Developments. It doesn't chime like spooky grandfather clocks too =)

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This is the road sign that visitors have to rely on. I'll admit that it isn't very helpful for first-time visitors. However, I will give it credit for its aesthetic value. It says:

NGP (North Golf Precinct)
Elitis Arca Belantara...

That's the road I live on. F**king long, ain't it? Told you I had a hard time memorising road names. It led to me dreading forms from the moment I realised I had to fill it with the new address. Also, what's with the "Belantara"? After briefly going through the form, one government servant once asked: "tempat yang kamu tinggal tu banyak pokok kah?"

Lookie who I found trying to cross the path at night!
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Poor little thing. Must've been trying all day to get 3/4 across the pathway. Good news is, I have a sharp eye at night to not crush the little critter with my big feet. Gosh, I seriously hope I didn't blind it with my flash.

There's supposed to be another picture of a snake, rolled as flat as roti canai by some inconsiderate driver. On second thought, I decided to save everyone's appetite by keeping it to myself!

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