Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Lake House

Ultimate dame-ness. These two words basically concludes my little outing with Ken and Seetho.

Lol, but actually they're quite sweet, to accompany me watch The Lake House, starring the lovely Sandra "Buttock" Bullock, as my dad would fondly call her.

Yeah, I know, it's a romantic flick, and should be watched with a significant other. Believe it or not, I gave it a fair amount of thought. But, nah... No names popped into mind. Kinda sad, huh? Had to settle with two big babies... *smiles*

I arrived at the KTM station late. Poor Seetho had to wait for me, consequently missing the train. Felt terribly guilty, which worsened, when I had to ask him for change to buy my ticket. How could they close the man-operated counters??!! I'm not gonna be stupid enough to buy a RM 1.50 ticket, with a RM 10 note, then carry an extra load of Rm 8.50 worth of COINS! How come they don't have machines which provide change in notes too? I'm positive the rest of the commuting citizens would be more than grateful to have them around. And for that good deed today, Seetho, I award you 1st of August's Mr. Nice Guy, teeheehee~ Oh look, I'm whining about KTM again. It totally sucks that I have no choice but to rely on them so so much, just to get around. They'd better have something in the 9th Malaysia Plan to rectify this dreadful situation, if not providing a more tolerable alternative. Or else, I'll... I'll...*thinks long and hard*... I'll run for Presidency myself! Vote The Ling!

There I was, being traditionally late. This proves I'm a true Malaysian to the core, lol. The good news is, Ken was late too. Technically speaking, I saved some waiting-for-Ken time. Which makes being late a good thing =D but only in this case. We (me and Seetho) then scouted for Ken, with our evil horns almost protruding, ready to do some damage to his haircut. *Evil Laugh*, lucky for Ken his salon was so freaking hard to locate, that by the time we found him, his cut was already done. So much for annoying his stylist to boil over so that he shaves Ken bald instead. His hair is so flat before styling. So flat that if he dyed his hair to skin colour, you wouldn't notice that this dude is not a hairless "bak zham kai" (steamed white chicken). I suggested that he perm his hair, not the auntie style lah, I don't think I will ever stop laughing if he did that. Apparently Chris thought it was a good idea that can be done. Oh, did I mention his stylist, Chris, is kinda cute? Very different from the gay-natured male stylists that I had imagined. Everybody start imagining Ken with curly hair!

Later on, we carried on to the main highlight of the day (for Ken only) which is lunch at Madam Kwan's! Psst, that's where Xian's working as a waitress. Now you all understand ya? It's pretty dear, eating there. Over RM 10 for nasi lemak! Geez, what a rip off. How come some people are willing to pay that kind of money when they can easily get one wrapped in banana leaf for just 80 cents? Perhaps Mdm Kwan's have pretty looking waitresses like Xian? (unlike Esquire Kitchen, ewww...) I'd rather buy an 80 cents nasi lemak from the market, and donate the remaining 920 cents to charity. At least the food tastes good, and the service is efficient. A rather satisfying experience on the whole. There is one thing I have to point out though. I don't like waiters grabbing stuff from my table while I'm still occupying it, even if we're not using it. Let alone without permission. Hmm....

Alright, Ken saw Xian, he's a happy boy who's 'complete' now. The cinema's the next destination, to 'complete' me this time. Knowing there would be ads prior to the movie, we tried not to be punctual, without missing the movie. In spite of our best efforts, we have underestimated GSC's interest in making bucks out of advertising.My personal preference says a looong string of ads are just, plain frustrating. Trailers and teasers, would be different, teeheehee~ Right, the movie. I guess it'll be a bore for those whose "thing" does not include romance. The climax came kinda late. Besides that, it wasn't a breeze to understand the story, rather confusing even, with the time difference and everything. I am assuming these because Ken kept asking me questions about the movie, with yawns in between. You know those scenes we always see on soaps, where the girl gets cold, then the guy will instictively remove his jacket for her? No, it did not happen in the movie. Heh heh, it happened in real life, to me. In a, less romantic kind of way, lol. Out of habit, I would always bring along a jacket with me to the movies. Feels better to be cozy and comfy in my seat while enjoying the movie, you see. It's a safe option too, if you intend to avoid the above mentioned scene with any dates, or semi-strangers. What really happened was I noticed Seetho wouldnt stop rubbing himself, obvious signs of chill. *Sigh* Since I didn't feel too chilly, I offered him my jacket (already warm because I was using it). See? Girl offering it to a guy. Wow, talk about gender equality! I think I've just created an essential stepping stone for the female population in Malaysia. All I have to do now is, toss that particular piece of garment into the laundry basket to wash off the layer of dead skin cells that Seetho shed throughout his usage. Now, where did I place that bottle of Dettol?

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