Thursday, August 17, 2006


Wednesday was definitely one of the most happening days this entire break. I should've blogged this yesterday, but damn... the hangover came to haunt me early, I think.

The promotional posters look promising.
Reviews say its good.
Friends recommended it.
And so, I went for it.

Rating: 8.5 + 0.5(because of Kate) = 9.0

When I was getting the tickets, it was so funny. I showed him my student ID for the special rates. (Gotta make full use of student privileges while we still can!) GSC Mid Valley doesn't check for the expiry date of your card, YAY! But since I'm getting for my friend too (don't wanna interrupt people dating, how considerate of me! =D) I needed another ID. I did what every girl would do. Open eyes BIG BIG, make it watery, act innocent, said friend's being late, and look as if I really mean it. He smiled, and said, "Alright, only for you." It worked! No wait, it works. All the time. Provided the one serving me is a guy. Females are generally too strict for their own good. Haha! Its one of the advantages that comes with the gender. Nyek nyek nyek...

What can I say? The story, the casting, the acting... they're all like pieces of a puzzle, fitting together perfectly to create one hell of a picture.

I love Adam Sandler because of the flab flap, and torturing the O'Doyle kid.
I love Kate Beckinsale because she's oh-so-pretty.
I love the kids because they came up with a pizza room.
I love the dogs for the duck fuck incident.
I love the rest of the casts for being so 'yong sui'. That's Ammer and Janine.

While building up the plot, I laughed so much I nearly teared. Near the ending, it became so dramatically sad, my tear tap was turned on to the maximum. It was crazy! (evidence of quality acting)Thank God I wasn't there with a date. Speaking of which...


So sorry you had to see me cry in the cinema, and you definitely deserved a better birthday. I would so much like to do something for you, noone makes my friend upset and gets away with it! But...sigh... Anyway, I do wish you all the best in everything that you do!

People are already 19, and I'm still 17...*grumbles* I wanna grow up!

At night, I attended a birthday party of one my new neighbours. They had SO MUCH
of my favourite food there! Fried chicken, sushi, pizza, mashed potato, loads of dessert and junk food... Holy cow! Calories baby, come to me! I couldn't stop stuffing my self with all that good food in sight, until Mr.Hong handed me a glass of wine. It wasn't red, it wasn't white. It's somewhere in between, and I had no idea what it was called. (inexperienced drinker here) That glass totally sent me straight to heaven. Glass after glass I went. The flavour only gets better with every sip. As if on cue, I turned as red as beetroot, so red even a tomato would look pale in my presence. The fact is, I wasn't drunk, it's just the blood circulating. I could still keep up with the conversation, tossing in some good arguments every now and then. Alcohol in moderation does wonders to one, ie: improve blood circulation, great for the heart (it's true) among others. 12-18% for wine IS moderation, and I ain't giving up drinking (only for shandies, wines and champagnes) for anyone. But of course, those with excessive alcohol content such as brandy ain't exactly my thing either, besides being The Liver Killer. Even Jesus turns water into wine. Wine drinking is no sin, but a pleasure of living! Never did understand why people want to keep their distance with such a wonderful drink.

"Life is to be enjoyed!" Mr.Hong said. Absolutely true. I couldn't have said it better. Simple as it is, not everyone out there is willing to make this choice. Toss all your worries into a stinking old bin, get started with optimism already! If not, go hide in some worm-hole and stop making everyone else's life miserable, just because you attention-deprived moron chooses to dwell in that pathetic state. And when you start rejecting people's caring efforts, you're lower than a retard.

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