Monday, June 14, 2010

Shu Uemura & Zouk KL

Impressed by the flawless finish of the makeup by done by Shu Uemura makeup artists for my mom on the occasion of my grandfather's grand birthday bash @ Hilton, my mom and I returned for more of their products. From her massive purchases, she earned a small bottle of Shu Uemura's UV under base mousse, which went to me of course!

It's earned a place at the front line of my makeup routine. Nowadays....(single and old) I go out of with at least a hint of eyeliner. Such a vain pot. Not for pasar malams of course, waste of money, I'm not stupid. Now I have my UV base on too.

I use it as a skincare product for it's UV protection with SPF 30++, but it comes with a bonus of minimal coverage, and evens out the complexion with a dewy glow akin to the glow on Koreans or Japanese girls. Now that I've found their secret, I'm not letting it go. It is so awesome that I don't need my mineral foundation anymore, plus it doesn't even feel like its there.

Proof of effectiveness? I challenged it to a night of clubbing at Zouk, where it had to endure sweat, sebum production, and long hours. The result was more than impressive. My face had a gentle glow all night, without appearing shiny or oily. You can tell from how the light bounces off my face and compare that to the others. The best part is that it smoothed my skin tone without too much coverage, to allow any blush to come through. This gave the impression that I didn't have on too much makeup. Evidence...

I'm so lovin' it. A skincare product that doubles as a light makeup is my prayer answered. Been using it for 2 weeks now, and no breakouts from it. Lovely.

P/s: Absolutely hate it that Zouk KL allows smoking indoors. Guess it saves them from having to buy smoke machines.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Stalkers of my Facebook would realise that I was at Skytrex just last weekend. Seriously, activities like these should feature more on young adults/kids to-do-list. Rather than karaoke or clubbing. Look what an unfortunately disaster I've become.

Screaming amongst the treetops...

"*u*k! Why are my legs so short?!", driving the rare species of our precious Malaysian rainforest closer to extinction. How are animals supposed to get aroused and breed, while listening to my whines?

Many exotic bugs died laughing, watching me cling onto trees for dear life, because I decided to chicken the moment I reach the platform.
(I had a serious conversation with my guts after the trip for not chickening earlier, utterly rubbish timing.)

Evidence of me conquering my preset pharmacist mindset.

For most of the time, my OCD with safety, marinated with anxiety, topped with a generous helping of paranoia was my mental diet. I conveniently blame it on 4 years of pharmacy education.

Always being reminded to act only with 100% confidence of safety, it was important to ensure that we did not have any part in compromising anyone's quality and (quantity?) of life, and also to maintain the continuity of our fragile career without lawsuits or professional disownment.

With career prospects this scary, paranoia became my best friend, because I would not let anything fishy slip through the cracks of my fingers, until I get down to the bottom of it.

That explains why I was double checking, and triple checking my harness at Skytrex, must've came across like a retard to new people I met, most of whom were auditors. There goes my first impression, flushed right down the toilet bowl - Pharmacists are psychos. Occupational hazard, much?

Like the pharmacist software installed deep within our puny little brains, information was processed as such:

What? Hello, my harness. Pleasure to meet you for the very FIRST time. I have no idea how safe you are.

How? Use the harness as per advise I just learnt from 'The Instructor'. The lecture was about 15 minutes. And I'm not even sure if he's passed his SPM even, so does he even know what he's talking about?

Actions taken? Zero previous attempts on my side. Several safe attempts from the other. That's reassuring, somewhat. But the we were trained not to take people's word for granted.

Medications? Not on any. Was not even hungover. That's good :) But I'm not sure about The Instructor. He was speaking, slowwwwwwwwwwwly.

The consequences? That's an EXTREMELY long fall, naturally that should be what's expected of the EXTREME circuit. Duh. But 1 fall is all it takes *gulp* And I will not die a peaceful death until I know my results in mid-June. Oh, how sad is my life.

My final decision? With a little reassurance, I afforded a little faith, and let go for the flight of my life. And it was exhilirating to say the least. A small price of faith, for generous returns of courage and accomplishment.

Lesson of the day?
Leave the paranoia to the patients. Override the defaulted settings MPharm has hardwired onto me, when outside of work. It may be as challenging as overcoming instincts, but I need to have faith, and take risks. Because...

"人生有多少个十年, 最重要的是活得痛快!"

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

3 weeks in - Malaysia

It has almost been 3 weeks, and already I'm changing.

When I first landed, I was already yearning to go back. To my housemates, my friends, my degree, my uni, anxious to kick start my UK career. Now that every bit of me has adjusted, and embraced home, and I'm actually feeling a little reluctant to return so soon.

I flew in with hopes. Some hopes were smashed into pulp while I wasn't paying attention, but that stemmed new hopes. Life changed. With the burden of the degree off my shoulders, I found myself rediscovering life. For myself.

I once found the best thing that has ever happened to me in UK. Now, I've found that I have the best thing(s) I could ever want, and they have been with me all along.

Priorities were rearranged, plans were reshuffled... wherever life takes me, I am ready.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Water Expansion

Here's something I wanted to post up since Friday, but really didn't have the time to do it.

This random thing popped up while I was swimming, and wondering about water expansion under the influence of heat.

Does water expand with increased heat? I think it does.
But how do you measure purely water expansion, without the influence of evaporation, and pressure, i.e. atmospheric or from any kind of container.

Pardon the lack of scientific knowledge. I just had to ask.

Perhaps I have other things to think about, but at the moment, I'm enjoying the ability to reconnect with randomness, as I draw my thoughts away from The Blackhole.