Tuesday, June 08, 2010

3 weeks in - Malaysia

It has almost been 3 weeks, and already I'm changing.

When I first landed, I was already yearning to go back. To my housemates, my friends, my degree, my uni, anxious to kick start my UK career. Now that every bit of me has adjusted, and embraced home, and I'm actually feeling a little reluctant to return so soon.

I flew in with hopes. Some hopes were smashed into pulp while I wasn't paying attention, but that stemmed new hopes. Life changed. With the burden of the degree off my shoulders, I found myself rediscovering life. For myself.

I once found the best thing that has ever happened to me in UK. Now, I've found that I have the best thing(s) I could ever want, and they have been with me all along.

Priorities were rearranged, plans were reshuffled... wherever life takes me, I am ready.

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